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Shy introverted Imogene Abney has always been fascinated by the elite world of prep schools having secretly longed to attend one since she was a girl in Buffalo New York So shortly after her college graduation when she’s offered a teaching position at the Vandenberg School for Boys an all boys prep school in Westchester New York she immediately accepts despite having little teaching experience—and very little experience with boys When Imogene meets handsome popular Adam Kipling a few weeks into her tenure there a student who exudes charm and status and ease she's immediately drawn to him Who is this boy who flirts with her without fear of being caught? Who is this boy who seems immune to consequences and worry a boy for whom the world will always provide?As an obsessive illicit affair begins between them Imogene is so lost in the haze of first love that she's unable to recognize the danger she's in The danger of losing her job The danger of losing herself in the wrong person The danger of being caught doing something possibly illegal and so indecent Exploring issues of class sex and gender this smart sexy debut by Corinne Sullivan shatters the black and white nature of victimhood taking a close look at blame and moral ambiguity

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    Imogene has in her head that prep schools are the end all of all be all She wishes that she had been one of the elite but now she has the chance to teach at one She begins her job but the whole time you are getting to know hershe has severe insecurities and you just know something ain't right Then one night she goes on a walk and meets one of the fourth year students She is so flattered by him and let's be honest He is a little weasel He keeps showing up and texting her and she is ever so flattered Then begins the affair Now you would think that this story would be about a whack job predator wouldn't you? Teacher seducing the student thingbut it's not Imogene is too off the charts for it to be that She is completely on her own realm That realm is totally her own The whole time I was reading this book I couldn't figure her out One minute I would sorta feel sorry for her and then the next I wanted to smack the shit out of herI even thought maybe she was the product of a bad life and wanted her to have some redeeming character I kept thinking surely there had to be some reason that she is like this Then I'd want to see her smacked once again So all I can say about this book is don't go into it expecting anything Just read it and shake your headand say Bless her heart Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review