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Charming This story is charming and a lot of fun too Little people living in a big English house Sadly they are discovered I enjoy how the story is told Two woman are knitting a quilt together and the older begins to tell a tale that her brother told her The brother was part of the story This is the beginning and the end Mary only gives us a hint of what really happened at the end It makes for a sly story This book brought me much joy I will be readingof this series The story is from the 50s and I think it can still be enjoyed by everyone today It is timeless. Day 17 of my Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge asks me to list the shortest book I ve read, so here it is I almost went with the Hobbit, but then I remembered The Borrowers This is a book about a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards of a normal human home, surviving by pilfering stuff from the giants who inhabit it I d guess they are a few inches tall, so that s pretty short.Certainly they weren t looking for the shortest book I have read in terms of number of pages, right Because that is an asinine question I haven t read this book in, oh, 20 years, but it used to be a favorite I always liked the idea of getting a totally new point of view on what would otherwise be very normal surroundings, and Mary Norton who wisely spun this into a series, not that I read any of the sequels thinks of a lot of creative uses for the household detritus the family of Borrowers uses to furnish their home bottlecaps become serving trays, scrap paper becomes wallpaper They are the original freegans Unless you count hobos I think these details are what appealed to me as a child, as the story is otherwise what you would expect the Borrowers live in fear of humans until one plucky girl is accidentally seen by a sad young boy, who doesn t turn out to be so bad.Maybe it was because I was a small person, but I always liked stories of tiny creatures in very big places A Cricket in Times Square, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, pretty much any cartoon with chipmunks in it though here I am thinking Chip n Dalethan Alvin and the Plus I just figured out that Rescue Rangers basically lifted its production design from this book.Anyway, that it The shortest book I have read What a stupid freaking question Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 17 Shortest book you have read. Borrower s don t steal Except from human beings, said the boy.Arrietty burst out laughing she laughed so much that she had to hide her face in the primrose Oh dear, she gasped with tears in her eyes, you are funny She stared upward at his puzzled face Human beans are for Borrowers like bread s for butter There are little people who live beneath the kitchen floor, inside the walls, behind cupboards and clocks they call themselves the Borrowers , because everything they need they borrow from us human beans Arrietty is one of them, she lives with her mom and dad and no one else she doesn t know anyone her age and so she s often bored and dreams of seeing the world One day, her dad brings her along while going for an errand, and that s when she meets a boy, a human boy, with whom she starts a very odd friendship.If you, like me, are an adult who enjoys reading children books, loves studio Ghibli and grew up reading fairytales, you should give this book a try The atmosphere and the feeling of it it s just like the tales I used to read when I was child those big illustrated books about elves, fairies and gnomes that live in our gardens Such a classic, loving, wholesome read Made me want to watch the anime again I ve had this book on my shelves for a few years, but I only got around to reading it after watching Studio Ghibli s gorgeous adaptation, The Secret World Of Arietty I wasn t sure what to expect, but what I got was a tougher,tender novel than its premise little people who live underfoot and steal everything they need from human beings necessarily suggested This is a meticulous, honest book that doesn t condescend to its intended audience The characters are all flawed, believable, even endearing with one exception The miniature world of the borrowers is described in creative, convincing detail The borrowers are very small people their little hidey holes are scaled down to their own size and its only when Arietty goes on an expedition into the outside world with her father that she realises how small they really are Swiftly he ran as a mouse runs, or a blown dry leaf and suddenly she saw him as small But she told herself, He isn t small, he s half a head taller than mother. Arietty s first encounter with the little boy who has come to stay in the house is brilliant it s both a meeting between two children and between creatures from worlds that are alien to each other Her mother s reaction when the boy pries open the roof of their tiny house is another piece of fine writing Homily screamed then But this time it was a real scream, loud and shrill and hearty she seemed almost to settle down in her scream, while her eyes stared up, half interested, into empty lighted space This is a well written, imaginative and moving novel by any standards Writing for young readers and I imagine that this book s natural audience would be between Arietty s age 14 and the human boy s 10 doesn t have to be a matter of writing down, and this is a good example of how to get it right. Since I was very young, I have been enad with miniatures Bugs Life, Tinkerbell, dollhouses anything tiny has always tickled my fancy and the idea of something like, say, a leaf being used as a hammock is altogether magical to me This method of shrinking our known world makes the most ordinary surroundings and implements truly magical.And while the characters and dialogue are so British to the point of being occasionally stilted with the dialogue can even be a tad incomprehensible at times, the adventures this little family goes through are something that anyone can appreciate and their yearning for a home is a classic theme that is completely relatable A delicately written and imaginative little adventure that is not to be missed. More than just loving the story in this book I liked the idea of it You had people that were smaller than a child being intelligent and resourceful and they were taken seriously What child wouldn t love that Plus little people who make furniture out of buttons and thimbles it s just too cute. , The Borrowers , , , When I was in third grade, I was at the library with my dad and little sister My dad asked me if I had a book to report on for summer reading, since we were there and everything The question blindsided me, so I said, Yes I had not read the Borrowers, which I had checked out the week before But I took the book and walked over to the library lady who was shelving books I told her I wanted to report on this book I read for summer reading Now in those days, library summer reading was based on WHOLE books Not just minutes one read or any such things And there were no stickers None that I recall.Anyway, the library lady started to ask me to tell her about the book So I started to tell her things I could figure out from the front cover of the Borrowers It became readily apparent that I did not read this book, so the library lady, looked up from her papers, since in those days, children s librarians did not make eye contact with children and mostly just SHHHushed everyone, loudly and rudely Can you tell me ANYTHING that is NOT on the front cover she asked.I stared at her Come back when you have actually READ this book, she said, then looked down in the most viciously dismissive way possible.I never did go back that summer Nor did I ever read the Borrowers, that is, until yesterday I read it, Ann Douglas, you cranky old library lady And I can tell you all sorts of things that happened in it But I am not going to You want to know why Stickers No Stickers, no Summary PFFFFFFFFFT. Book 30 100 of 2015 Beneath The Kitchen Floor Is The World Of The Borrowers Pod And Homily Clock And Their Daughter, Arrietty In Their Tiny Home, Matchboxes Double As Roomy Dressers And Postage Stamps Hang On The Walls Like Paintings Whatever The Clocks Need They Simply Borrow From The Human Beans Who Live Above Them It S A Comfortable Life, But Boring If You Re A Kid Only Pod Is Allowed To Venture Into The House Above, Because The Danger Of Being Seen By A Human Is Too Great Borrowers Who Are Seen By Humans Are Never Seen Again Yet Arrietty Won T Listen There Is A Human Boy Up There, And Arrietty Is Desperate For A Friend