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Best Tim Euston novel A real whodunit More violence,suspense, and still plenty of history I m looking forward to the next one in the series. Tim Euston Is Chosen As Ensign In A Newly Forming Regiment, But His Remarkable Good Fortune Is Called Excessive Good Fortune When Those Who Envy Him Try To Get Him Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder It Was June , The Beginning Of The Third Year Of The American War For Independence, In Morristown, New Jersey Lieutenant Hugh Hampton Met The Lovely Wife Of A Local Merchant At The Door To A Small Barn Behind A Vacant House Shortly Afterward, Tim Euston AgeCame Into The Barn With His Violin To Practice A Tune Requested By The Wife Of Colonel Olney A Historical Character Lieutenant John Hawke Arrived Minutes Later And Found The Body In An Adjoining Shed With A Suspicious Tone He Asked A Few Questions And Sent Tim To Get Olney, The Commander Of The Continental Army Regiment That Had Been Left There To Protect The Town From The Tory Allies Of The British Captain Malcolm Poole, The Immediate Superior To Both Hawke And Hampton, Came Along With Olney They Found No Direct Evidence But Teased Tim, Saying He Was The Prime Suspect Hawke Told Private John Passey That Tim Had Come From New York A Few Days Before With A Friend, His Mother, His Little Sister And Some Highly Valuable Military Equipment They Had Taken From The British Tim Had Impressed Captain Poole With His Knowledge Of Military Training, Law And Strategy He Had Gained This From Watching Soldiers At Drill And By Studying Officers Manuals In A Moment Of Drunken Enthusiasm Poole Named Tim The New Ensign In The Company He Commanded, By Passing Older And Better Qualified Local Men Many Were Surprised And Angry To Hear Of This, And None Than Hawke By Charming The Colonel S Wife And Taking Advantage Of A Foolish Captain, Tim Euston From Faraway Boston, Had Thrust Himself Into Prominence In New Jersey For All Anyone Knew Tim Was An Enemy Spy In John Hawke, Tim Had An Enemy Who Could Malign His Reputation And Persuade Olney To Have Him Tried For Murder Tim And His Friend Dan Had Come To Join Up As Privates But It Has Been Tim S Fondest Dream To Some Day Be An Officer In The Army Commanded By George Washington Poole Was In One Of Eighteen Additional Regiments Where Captains Had Been Given The Privilege Of Choosing Lieutenants And Ensigns, But His Choice Was Subject To The General S Approval Historical Fact What Should Tim Do Decline This Remarkable Opportunity Out Of Fear Of Those Who Envied Him That Was Unthinkable But One Way Tim Could Prove Himself Was To Take Great Risks While Accompanying The Squads Who Went After Tory Snipers The Other Way Was By Discovering The Identity Of The Murderer Of Hugh Hampton To Make Things Worse, Tim And His Sister Sadie Began To Learn Things About The Man Who Had Invited Them To Stay In His Home His Business Was Booming And He Was Buying Land With Silver Coins He Might Have Been Trading With The Enemy, Along With The Murder Victim Has Tim S Remarkable Good Fortune Turned Out To Be So Excessive That It Has Grown From Good To Bad Can Anything, Short Of Exposing The Real Killer, Save Him From Disgrace And A Hangman S Noose The same great characters as in the first two books Tim grows as a real character in this novel This is a detective story, so the plot is driven by the search for the killer The result is that the description of colonial life which is one of the major strengths of the first two novels takes second place here.Still a good read, though The battles of Trenton and Princeton, and the campaign to drive the British out of New Jersey, have revived hope in the drive for independence Young men throughout the land are eager to fight for freedom Some so eager that they worry about which regiment they should choose, or whether they should go to sea, for fear they might miss out in the action This odd little predicament faces the intrepid due, Tim Euston and Dan Eliot, and that is the primary plot in Tim s Excessive Good Fortune It s these additional issues that Thorleifson is interested in War and murder are a backdrop I thought I wasn t interested in war and crime But the books in this series keep me reading, and keep me thinking. An excellent way to learn the social history of the revolutionary era Thorleifson s facts seem accurate, his language is fluent, his characters are believable, and I overall get the sense that he knows his stuff Tim Euston wants a career in an army that s still in it s young and awkward phase He shows enough promise to be selected over older andexperienced men as an ensign in a newly forming regiment, but then finds himself in hot water through no fault of his own, when he s found at the scene of a murder Now he has to do something heroic to get himself out of it The book ends with the first five chapters of the next in the series, and I intend to read it when it s out. Tim s Excessive Good Fortune details how our hero, Tim Euston, along with Dan Eliot and Tim s sister Sadie land in a hornet s nest of suspicion, treason, envy and enemy snipers Tim shows his talents and bravery and for his thanks he s suspected of crimes that could cost him his life A must read for any Revolutionary War buffs Probably one of the best three in the Tim Euston series Lots of suspense and intrigue, and lots of good history Keep at it Roddy Thorleifson For every boy that dies in battle there s a girl who will never have a husband Once somebody points that out to you can never think of war the same way The same goes for Thorleifson s novels, and especially this one Tim s Excessive Good Fortune is a murder mystery with a few extras I knew about the fear, but I hadn t given much thought to the envy and jealousy that it stirs up He truly illuminates history It s war from another viewpoint Tim and his teenage friends do not so much come of age, than they gain a higher level of confusion The American Revolution is usually portrayed as good vs evil, using cardboard mockups of heroes and their stalwart women folk The historical accuracy is impressive This book is about war in the real world There aren t any disturbing passages, but it ll disturb you none the less. I ve read the first three in the series and they get better with each one Tim and his sister Sadie are in trouble again, this time in revolutionary territory in New Jersey This isof a traditional whodunit mystery with the murder on page two, the solution in the last chapter, and hints all the way through I was fascinated to learn of the politics involved in the establishing of new regiments and the promotion of officers Hooray for Roddy Thorleifson. In book 3 of the Tim Euston series, the author gives us a birds eye view of the life of a soldier and of Tim s dream of rising through the ranks while he attempts to salvage his reputation by solving a murder case Once again we get a clear depiction of the dangers of war and life in these perilous times A must read for young history and military fans alike.