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From The Iconic And Bestselling Author Of The Mummy And The Vampire Chronicles, A Mesmerizing, Glamorous New Tale Of Ancient Feuds And Modern PassionsRamses The Great, Former Pharaoh Of Egypt, Is Reawakened By The Elixir Of Life In Edwardian England Now Immortal With His Bride To Be, He Is Swept Up In A Fierce And Deadly Battle Of Wills And Psyches Against The Once Great Queen Cleopatra Ramses Has Reawakened Cleopatra With The Same Perilous Elixir Whose Unworldly Force Brings The Dead Back To Life But As These Ancient Rulers Defy One Another In Their Quest To Understand The Powers Of The Strange Elixir, They Are Haunted By A Mysterious Presence Even Older And Powerful Than They, A Figure Drawn Forth From The Mists Of History Who Possesses Spectacular Magical Potions And Tonics Eight Millennia Old This Is A Figure Who Ruled Over An Ancient Kingdom Stretching From The Once Fertile Earth Of The Sahara To The Far Corners Of The World, A Queen With A Supreme Knowledge Of The Deepest Origins Of The Elixir Of Life She May Be The Only One Who Can Make Known To Ramses And Cleopatra The Key To Their Immortality And The Secrets Of The Miraculous, Unknowable, Endless Expanse Of The Universe

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    3.5 starsRamses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt became an immortal after drinking the elixir of life He is engaged and living in Edwardian England with his finance Julie Julie has changed recently, and no one seems to know why her eyes are now bright blue Ramses and his immortal finance are not the only immortals Cleopatra was resurrected when Ramses gave her the elixir, but something is not quite right with her She is having issues with her memory and a romance writer who has been having visions her entire life is suddenly experiencing what Cleopatra experiences There are a couple ancient characters in this bookone which was my favorite the ancient Queen who has the garden, the elixir, potions and last but not least a pet cat This book was difficult to get into The Author s took a lot of time to build their story and I found myself losing interest and turning to other books to read This book did not pick up for me until over halfway through then things started to get interesting That is when the book earned its 3.5 stars from me There is a lot going on in this book present lovers, past lovers, queens, Pharaohs, back stabbing, attempts to find the elixir, those with the elixir, conflict death, revenge, etc Anne Rice and her son Christopher wrote this book together I wish the beginning would have had action or something because the last part of the book delivered There is a hump that one needs to get over in reading this book the slow beginning Thank you to Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group Anchor and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.See of my reviews at www.openbookpost.com

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    When I was about fourteen or so, I discovered Anne Rice While most Riceophiles started their journeys with Interview with the Vampire, I happened upon the only Rice book in the school library, which just so happened to be The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned. I absolute loved it, and couldn t wait for the next installment.Which never, ever arrived.This was the bane of my young life, then the prickly annoyance of my twenties, and eventually settled into a mild disgruntlement and occasional fits of but why, Anne You wrote seventy bajillion vampires novels about every damn vampire in existence, why is there no Mummy sequel Only a few weeks ago, I was complaining about this very thing to someone at work, and I worked myself up into a tizzy all over again So you can imagine my pleasant surprise and my subsequent muttering about synchronicity and brain worms and tinfoil hats when only a day or two later an actual sequel written by Rice in partnership with her son, Christopher became available for review and I got hold of a copy.Obviously I had to review it immediately IMMEDIATELY.Except, it had been so long since I d read the first book that I couldn t remember much about it So I tracked down a copy and did a swift reread For scientific accuracy My findings can be summarized thusly There are so many interesting and well written Anne Rice books This is a bodice ripper Hmmm The female protagonist is drip who cries all the time Oh well, it s fun anyway I was interested to see where the Rices would go with the story, considering both are known for lushly gothic writing and the first book is rather British and reserved in tone I m happy to report that this is high quality Rice Julie, while still a little underwritten, is at least a little interesting and independent and isn t weeping all the time Less focus is spent on Ramses Ramsey in Cavour of the much tantalizing if a bit mad Cleopatra, and the mysterious immortal queen, Bektaten.The action set on the cusp of what would become known as The Great War sweeps from Cairo to London to Monte Carlo and the United States, and it really is a rather ripping yarn It s definitely an Anne Rice story with the exquisite descriptions of outfits and meals and the current emotional state of everyone in the room , but it has the feel of an old school matinee movie from the 1930s or so Friends, strangers, lovers and enemies alike find themselves drawn together by forces beyond their control, leading to an inevitable confrontation at the engagement party for Ramsey and his beloved Julie It s a mark of how engaging the writing is that I was truly invested in the outcome The Passion of Cleopatra is pretty unputdownable.So, all in all a strong return for Ramses, and a potentially addict new series Hold thumbs that book 3 arrives before my 60th birthday.Provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Read reviews like this at my blog

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    Slow start, with a complicated plot and many so characters to follow It was intriguing enough to keep me invested in reading but I was thinking it just an okay read And then right around 60% the fruition of the build up came together and BOOM, I was completely and utterly hooked.I received this ARC copy of Ramses the Damned The Passion of Cleopatra from Anchor This is my honest and voluntary review Ramses the Damned The Passion of Cleopatra is set for publication November 21, 2017.My Rating 4 starsWritten by Anne RicePaperback 416 pagesPublisher Anchor Publication Date November 21, 2017Language EnglishISBN 10 1101970324ISBN 13 978 1101970324Genre Fantasy, Horror, Scifi Noble for

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    Years ago I loved Anne Rice s book The Mummy Ramses the Damned The story of a famed Egyptian Pharoah returning to life was chilling, yet totally engaging It didn t hurt that the now immortal pharoah was incredibly sexy too When I saw that this new book was coming out.bringing back Ramses and adding in Cleopatra.I was on board immediately Oh yeah No question.just gimme the book and I m reading it Even though I initially read The Mummy years ago when it first came out, I was easily able to jump into this new story There was enough background and history given in the first sections of the book to remind me what happened in the first story The basics Ramses is preparing to marry his fiance, but makes the poor decision to revive the mummy of Cleopatra first Cleopatra struggles with the changes in the world and how she will fit into it.and, wellthings don t go well I m not going to say much because..no spoilers from me Read the book If you haven t read The Mummyyou can choose to go back and read that initial book first.or just jump in with this new one There is plenty of background and explanation given to explain what happened to Ramses in the first novel It s a great book.I highly recommend it to all fans of the creepy cool stories Anne Rice writes This new novel is a collaboration with her son, Christopher Not sure if there will be to this story down the road..I just hope it doesn t take quite so long this time I was completely stoked when I saw this book was coming out When you read a book in 1989 and still remember how good it was in 2017that s a good book Keep em coming, Anne Christopher Great story And the cover art is fantastic I did not realize Christopher Rice was a bestselling author I enjoyed this book and I m going to check out some of his thrillers For info on his books,check out his website out Anne s website as well I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Knopf Doubleday via NetGalley All opinions are entirely my own.

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    Woah I can t believe I got approved for this I ve been enjoying her reboot of the vampire chronicles pretty well, so looking forward to a part two from another old book of hers Thank you Netgalley and publisher for providing a digital copy to read and review

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    I did not like the beginning at all, the writing had a very old fashioned, stilted feel at first and I thought I had make a huge mistake to pick up Rice again after such a long time But once Ramses popped up, the story moved smoothly for me.The alternating POVs of the various main characters made it lively and added a nice tension to the story The brief recaps of the previous book s plot were nicely done and fitted in well It took me a bit to like the story, but especially the unfolding tale of Sibyl made me want to continue Some nice little twists in an overall predictable plot Enough suspense and mystery to make me fear for some of the characters briefly.Unfortunately, once the main plot hade been resolved, the last third of the book became a rambling discourse of the meaning of life, souls, heaven and hell that I could have done without I was also not entirely satisfied with the way the various storylines were resolved The happy for now ending of the main couple was to be expected, but Sibyl s story petered out pretty listlessly Lots of potential for at least three books That I am unlikely to pick up I received this free e copy from the publisher author via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review, thank you

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    I have read Anne Rice s books, both series, for years Let me just say that this book is disappointing on many levels The writing style, and writing itself is vastly different to Mrs Rice s It is rushed in tone Gone are her beautiful, languid, descriptive sentences and conjured scenes Replaced now with short vapid sentences, far too many characters, ridiculous dialogue scenes Unfortunately, it just feels and reads differently to any other Anne Rice book.

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    See my full review and much on my blog KissinBlueKaren THE PASSION OF CLEOPATRA picks up a few months after THE MUMMY I have to admit I didn t re read THE MUMMY before reading this book and I feel like maybe that was a mistake Perhaps a re read of both books would give me a better perspective Honestly, I don t think it matters because the authors have done a great job of explaining, without great detail, how we got to this point in the story I would recommend reading the first book at some point before picking this book up though.Ramses is with his now immortal lover, Julie They are to be married and their happiness in love is where the story starts The have a little turmoil dealing with Julie s ex fianc , but he actually turns out to be their one of their biggest supporters and even throws an engagment party for them It actually ends up being a good thing for everyone The only real problem is that Ramses has made this terrible mistake with trying to revive Cleopatra in her mummified state Now they all have a reason to fear her wrath It turns out she is not the only thing Ramses and Julie really need to fear.This story introduces us to a happier Ramses He is still Ramses the Damned , but now he is not alone Also, he is going by the name Reginald Ramsey and finding a good place in society I loved to see Ramses finally content and actually living in the world and not just witnessing time passing Well, almost content Ramses is haunted by what he did to Cleopatra even though he does not love her any Cleopatra doesn t really show up until later in the story, but she is constantly on their minds Then along with Cleopatra we are introduced to something much older than Ramses and someone not immortal who plays a vital role in this story.Cleopatra struggles with her new role in this time and the gaps in her memory Is life worth living if we can t remember our past That is the question Cleopatra brings to this story She wants everything back, but she can t even remember what she is missing.I don t want to spoil anything, so I will just leave it at that.Anne Rice has teamed up with her son, Christopher Rice to finally complete this story I can t even say that it is truly complete because, like all Anne Rice books, there could be I didn t even know that Christopher Rice was a writer If his books are all like this, you can bet I will be reading whatever he pens This book was so in the classic Anne Rice style that I love.The time period that this story takes place is not modern, so it read like historical fiction The story ends as the great WW is starting and although I felt like I was experiencing it for myself, I worried about what would happen to all these lovely characters during war time This isn t something I ever remember reading about in an Anne Rice book so it really took me by surprise.I would highly recommend this to fans of THE MUMMY I would also recommend this series to people whom might enjoy reading about immortals that do not have to take life to live forever I hope these two pen books about Ramses because there were a few loose ends and so much that I wish we would have explored I would love to read of Ramses adventures.

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    If I could name a moment in time that I began reading paranormal, it would be The Mummy by Anne Rice My husband insisted I read the book I only did for him I think I said it was a Christmas present to him, that s how much I didn t think I d like the genre It turns out, I loved that book so much, giving him a win For 25 years, I tried the best I could to follow Anne, waiting for any word on a continuation of the story When social media became a thing, I waited for her to join she was the first author I followed for the sole purpose of making sure to hear about any possible sequel I never gave up hope, I loved The Mummy that much.An important side note, my husband and I argued over one section in The Mummy It s been an ongoing debate for 25 years I m not going to spoil either one of the books by giving any of the details away other than the answer to our argument was cleared up and I win Yay Ramses is outstanding A great continuation to a great original Even so, it s like Christmas early, the story really feels like it could continue I hope 25 years doesn t pass for the next possible installment I had read somewhere that the writing between the stories feels different I haven t read much Christopher Rice, I thought he might be the influence not bad, just different , but I found this story to be very much in that same Anne Rice voice that I ve grown to love Nothing felt different in POV shifts, in storytelling, in plot development twists or in dialogue They captured everything perfectly to me and than that, I can say Ramses may have a depth that sometimes comes when writing partners really click with one another Also, the story flows in one voice, there s no identifiable shift, you can t tell two people wrote Ramses it s very well done.I encourage anyone who loves Anne Rice to give this book a try I can t imagine you d be disappointed except when you read the last page and know that the book is over If I could eat these stories, I would, just so they would be closer to my heart I love Ramses He s my new Book Boyfriend I love Cleopatra she s really good at being the right amount of yeah, I don t want to spoil the story Just read You ll see.Thank you for writing this book.

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    My mom bought it for me for Christmas, I m soo grateful