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This Book Was My Introduction To Robert Kiyosaki And One That I Ve Read Several Times Over Here S Why Robert Kiyosaki Doesn T Say He S Never Been INVOLVED With Networking, He Has What He Says Is He Didn T Make His Fortune From Network Marketing There S A Big Difference Remember That When Reading Other Reviews Robert Explains To The Reader How His Opinion Of Networking Changed Pg When, In The Early S, A Well Respected And Financially Successful Friend Told Robert He Was Involved In Network Marketing With Roberts Past Disinterest In Networking, Robert Didn T Understand Why A Man Who Just Completed Over A Billion Dollars In Commercial Real Estate Transaction Would Be Involved In Network Marketing

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    This book is all about networks Think about it Goodreads is a form of networking, FB, Twitter, etc are forms of networking The Business School can be summed up like this the rich build networks everyone else is trained to look for work.

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    This book is about Network Marketing.1 Join a good network marketing company.2 Go through with their Educational programs.3 Learn from person who is already successful in the system4 Network Marketing is a 5 Years Plan to become successful, the is vary from person to person.5 Build a good team.and may from Robert Kiyosaki.Network Marketing can be a successful formula to become a very rich

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    After finishing Kiyosaki s Rich Dad Poor Dad I was thrilled to discover this book, which is his professional opinion and take on the network marketing industry I own a health and wellness consulting business, and partner with a company called Nikken, the world s largest research and development company of safe, highly effective natural health products and I have come to realize that Nikken has very good reasons for organizing this company with a networking structure Nikken is one of the quickest growing companies in this country, where we have a tremendous need for affordable, safe healthcare Kiyosaki is affirming, and his insights into the financial advantages of the network marketing industry are than helpful to me and importantly will help me serve others better Please take a look at my website if you are interested in learning how to build an additional stream of quite substantial income, and feel free to contact me for information I currently match my paycheck from my 40 hr week job running this business about 10 hours a week in my spare time I do it because Nikken s products literally saved my health and helped me recover physically and financially from a situation that the doctors and traditional healthcare providers were telling me i would just have to live with and manage for the rest of my life, and I would recommend them regardless of whether they paid me or not People are seeking solutions outside of the pillbox, and I feel a great moral obligation to share the story of how my fiancee and I turned our health around and provide hope to those who are urgently seeking Thanks Kiyosaki for helping me better understand the financial and industry structure of my business

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    I got this book recommended by a close friend as I am starting my journey into network marketing business Honestly, I found this book to be average read based There were few things which I liked in this book, like1 Generate income from your assets and not your time2 Be with people who want to you pull you up and not with people who want to pull you down.3 The cashflow quadrant and attributes of people residing in each quadrant.Things which made me vote it as an average 1 This book talks about this amazing opportunity called network marketing but doesn t provide any conceptual knowledge It is mostly about this amazing thing called network and how it makes people wealthy without getting you started on baby steps.2 Lot of content is influenced by RDPD which makes this one a spin off book to pitch network marketing.3 I don t like author cross selling their other products in the main content It looks cheap.Overall, I won t say skip it as it has few words of wisdom in it but I won t recommend it either.

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    Talks about network marketing and it s use and benefits

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    A couple of days ago two of my friends from different NM companies introduced me to the idea of Network marketing One of them was from Ebiz, the other from Sarso The Sarso guy was much open and informative, while the Ebiz guy was hardly revealing anything, but simply was giving their sales pitch to get me interested to attend their meeting.Meanwhile, I started researching about Multilevel marketing aka Network Marketing and stumbled upon this book While this book paints highly optimistic visions about NMs, using Rich Dad s motivational lines, it lacks stats to justify the claims Mr Kiyosaki should have referenced the pitfalls of MLM, atleast briefly.After finishing this book I started digging the internet to know about Amway, world s leading NM company.Sadly, It didn t turn out to be much positive as it was with Ebiz and Sarso It certainly will be a learning venture, joining NM programme, if not a profit making one which justifies the title of the book.No offence intended to my friends.

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    I have to honestly say that I found this book enlightening, to say the least.This book mainly talks about network marketing, any why it may or may not be for you It talks about the power of utilizing networks i.e Metcalf s Law Kiyosaki also mentions other ways one could get rich and compares them to network marketing.As someone who has tried network marketing in the past and failed , it gives me new appreciation for this kind of business A lot of factors are needed when doing this kind of business which Kiyosaki notes down as 11 Values which are common to most MLM Multi Level Marketing companies I wish I had read this book many, many years ago before I first tried my hand at network marketing.I would recommend this book to those who were burned by past network marketing ventures, those who want to try out their hand in entrepreneurship and those who are wanting out of the rat race.

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    Robert Kiyosaki has always advocated people to be financially free In this book he shows one way of how by joining a part time network marketing business.This book gives the true spirit of Network Marketing It is a must read for newcomers in this industry It will help the newcomers to get out of the wrong concept people has about this industry It will also help them to maintain a posture while talking to people and manage rejections efficiently The ability to sell is the number one skill in business If you cannot sell, don t bother thinking about becoming a business owner.

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    After Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I read a long time back, I was thrilled to get this book to read One of the best books written on financial well being The contents may look to be only for network marketing professionals, but dig a little bit deeper and the book starts to make sense for anyone who wants to be financially independent One caution though, please have an open mind before you lay your hand on this book This would be a life changing experience I would highly recommend this book Read it, reread it and enjoy the insight you get from this gem.

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    EVERY person either looking into or currently involved in Direct Sales deserves the know the contents of this changed the direction of my life and career by helping me get it as pertains to owning my own time and being my own boss I now work for profits not wagesthank you Mr Kiyosaki I LOVE helping people but was buring myself out working for wagesnow I am free to give and free to go