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Lily thought growing up in a hippie commune meant her life was odd But that’s nothing compared to learning she’s a descendant of the McKay clan a renown Irish witching family Or that she’s one of three witches fated to save humanity from an ancient devious magical race A race guilty of starting countless witch hunts and committing hundreds of murders in history—all because they were searching for the fated three
Lily’s knee jerk reaction is to run screaming back to what is known and easy but once she gets her first taste of magic everything changes Nothing has ever felt real or rightShe’s hooked
Despite the promise of danger Lily throws herself into her magical education in hopes of holding off the barbaric magical race threatening to destroy the world as she knows itBecause the McKay witches have the upper hand for now but something tells Lily that won’t last long
Prophecy of Three is a paranormal fantasy with engaging characters seamlessly woven mythology and heart pounding moments of action that will keep you turning the page It is perfect for fans of the TV show Charmed and The All Souls Trilogy

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    Lily's 21st birthday would be the day that her life as she knew it ceases to exist Following the call from her birth family her journey begins in the only place she's known as home a commune somewhere in Portland Oregon and she travels across a country and an ocean all the way to Ireland to find the one she came from There she discovers the truth about her relatives her truenature and her witch powers Not to mention the destiny she's been born to fulfillThe story was gripping right from the start; with her elegant yet concise writing McLeo has masterfully created an enchanting fantastic world in which the story unfolds Every little detail is perfectly planned and illustrated encompassing all senses in our journey through her book I could easily see the forests with the big oak trees I could smell the lavender and the ginger I could feel Sara's warmth I could taste the bitter potions and I could hear the waves Eve awoken I felt close to the characters well roundedly as their personalities have been weaved Despite naturally having their flaws they're nevertheless amiable and relatable and complimented each other gracefully There's no unnecessary drama here nothing over the top and unrealistic Everything seems to be flowing so smoothly and nothing is forced You can't help but feel that you've known these girls all along that feeling you have when you meet a person you're bound to become very close withAt the same time the action balances well with the dialogue the mixture of past and present real and fantastic new and old puts you through a roller coaster of emotions ranging from tranuility and peacefulness to shock revulsion and terrorEven at its darkest points and there are uite a few I couldn't put this book down I looked forward every day to return home pick it up and immerse in it This is an absolutely exhilarating reading I can't recommend enough I can't wait for the next one

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    WOW I was so not expecting this This book took me to a whole other reality and it was such an amazing surprise Supernatural books used to be a genre that I loved growing up but as I got older I guess I got pickier or maybe jaded with all the fantasy novels that appeared So many books in this genre start to seem so similar to each other that I have to admit turned me off to the whole thing But then books like Prophecy of Three fall on my lap and I just can’t get enough I start to uestion why I shied away from this genre in the first place It’s just that good And the prose My god the prose was so beautifully written that I felt I was right there I felt everything in awe of every little display of magic Ashley McLeo has definitely knocked this out of the park and I can’t wait to continue to read about these strong and powerful women

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    An exceptional book and unexpected poetic writing I enjoyed how all the characters were distinct and the author is gifted with using all five senses when she writes I will be awaiting the seuel

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    Yup this is my book I really enjoyed writing such complicated intriguing and badass witches Having a book set in contemporary Ireland helps too Let's just say it's a place I don't mind daydreaming about I also enjoyed learning about and incorporating a bit of Irish culture and myth Learning about different cultures is a past time for me and I plan on continuing to incorporate that into my novels Anyhow I've read Prophecy of Three countless times and still love it I sincerely hope you do too

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    This is the first book I have read by this author so I really had no idea what to expect from this book but I am so so glad that i picked up this book to read I am not uite sure what I expected when I started this book but it way surpassed my expectations and I loved it than I thought I wouldThis storyline is one of those stories that you will always remember Being Scottish and loving all things Celtic as well as being Pagan this storyline sang to me and just resonated with me and the things I love and have a passion for I was so Impressed with the talent that this author has to be able to describe details with such vivid clarity while reading this you can “see” the scenery and you can imagine yourself there Having been to Ireland and falling in love with it I can attest to how the details of this book are so genuine and realistic The storyline to this book is do addictive and unpredictable you can't stop turning the pages and this is down to how this story has been written as a reader you just can't wait to find out what happens next I think another element of this book that I related to was the fact i am adopted so it was really interesting reading how all the characters adjusted to their birth family bring back togetherI loved how different all the characters are they may be related and have certain aspects in common but they are all uniue I loved Bridgit she has such will of strength having thinking of the best thing for her daughter's not what her heart wanted There is something so calming about her character she has a feeling of an old soul that I could read about forever I loved how different the triplets are and I don't think that is just the way that they were raised Sara is also a lively character to read about she is so much like her mother in the way she seems calm most of the time and the voice of reason Evelyn is a hard character to get to know as she is do guarded all of the time it would be nice to get to know her better and to see what's beneath her protective shellI adored this book and I am so glad that i found this author I am most definitely going to read her other books and I think readers need to read this book they will not regret it This book is defi are my worth a 5 rating

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    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for writing a reviewThere is A LOT going on in this book and I really enjoyed it This book has a number of things I enjoy and a few that wouldn't normally grab me but everything came together so well and I found myself completely drawn in to the story and excited to see how it was all going to play outThe story is driven by a uniue and interesting combination of history myth culture fantasy and a smidgen of religious history but it is all in service of the author's creative entertaining well written and well conceived plot If you pay attention you will get an education on all these categories but even if you don't care about any of them there is an exciting suspenseful and character driven plot to draw in a readerSpeaking of characters if you like your books peopled with strong women as I do then this book is a jackpot full of them Honesty compels me to say that of the three main characters in this series Lily the main focus of this book probably isn't going to be my very favourite I like her and I sympathize with her situation but she's a bit on the easily led and taken advantage of side in the beginning Still Lily absolutely pulls it together when the moment calls for it and in the end she's a terrific character that is it very easy to like and root forI also really liked the pacing in this book The ebbs and flows of the story take you right from an explanation or a fleshing out of the why things are happening the way they are to a no holds barred exciting rush of action and drama And in all of that there is also a subtle development of the characters and an explanation of who they are becoming based on who they've been before and what they are going through now There is a lot of growth for these characters throughout the book and it's fun to go along on their journey to a completely new place based on all the new experiences they are havingThis was a great start to what should be a really exciting trilogy I am looking forward to book 2

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    The Prophesy of Three ReviewI loved loved loved this book 3 strangers are brought together after 21 years only to learn that they are sisters; not only that but that they are witches What a lot for the girls to take in Even being strangers sibling rivalry still rears it’s ugly head I love how the sisters work on developing their powers as they grow together and into the family that had to place them in hiding while also hiding their powers from them As they learn about themselves they can see things from their past with a different perspective This story is like a coming of age for the sisters Since this story is mostly Lily’s it’s heartbreaking with a certain decision she has to make about a beloved family member While her life growing up was anything but traditional living on a commune she always had love and support as well as many teachers Knowing what she knows now her life and the lives of her sisters are forever changed Her birth family as she is learning; is also very loving and supporting and they do not push her or her sisters to do anything they are not ready for This story is about familial love self sacrifice and learning of a prophesy that will later take them into battle It is beautifully written and you can feel the love as you read I had to set aside my personal beliefs in order to continue on with the story and I’m glad I did because it gave me a better understanding of the 3 original triplets and did not sway me or upset my beliefs Take a chance on this book You will be glad that you did

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    A very fun uick read a must read for those of us who love witches vampires and mythology A hard to put down book can't wait to get my hands on book 2 of the series

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    Great book Kept me engaged the whole time Characters were well developed and I can't wait to finish the series

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    Lily Whiplark has been away at college and she has just broken up with her boyfriend Liam now she is on her way home and his looking forward to enjoying her vacation and celebrating her birthday with her family Yea it’s her birthday it’s her birthday her twenty first birthday But before all the festivals have a chance to begin Lily is given the news that her biological parents want to meet her She is then thrust with a plane ticket to Ireland Lily has always known that she was adopted but she never thought that she was from a whole ocean away in Ireland In Ireland she meets her birth family and is thrown so much information that she almost goes into information overload Lily learns that she is one of three sisters triplets and that she is a witch She also learns that she is descended from aliens who came to earth to enslave humans Lily soon learns that she and her sisters are destined to fight the aliens and save the humans When I read the summary for Prophecy of Three I knew I had to read it and once I picked it up I didn’t want to lay it down It grabbed me from the first page and wouldn’t let go until the end and even then it is still hanging on I just wished it that I had started way before I did There was action right from the first page I loved seeing and witnessing the world through Lily’s eyes that was so amazing Ashley pulled me in so that I felt as if I was sitting there right beside Lily seeing and feeling everything she did It was like a movie being played out in my head with the witches and the vampires and the story in the end just blew me away with even reading the summary for some reason that is not what I was expecting at all I loved it I can’t wait to read from this world of The Starseed Trilogy I would love to recommend Prophecy of Three to anyone who loves reading about witches vampires magic and lots of twist and turns that will blow you away