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The Fortunes Of A Beautiful Elizabethan House Called Merravay, Built In Suffolk For A Queen To Sleep In Then Loved And Hated Through Four Centuries Told In Eight Episodic Narratives By A Fascinating Pageant Of Characters Including A Pirate, Witch, Bawd, Rake, Recluse, And Lovers All Of Whom Play A Vital Part In The House S History

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    There are some truly special things about this book It is one of the most uniquely structured novels I have ever read In one sense it is a series of linked short stories with a common theme of the home and the related individuals who inhabit it over many generations and hundreds of years There are interesting pieces of history that surface to connect the various inhabitants Each section changes in perspective and tone depending on the character that is at the forefront One of the best chapters for me was The Matriarch where Loft utilizes the language, speech pattern and attitude of the main character to amazing effect She is so real and alive and colorful The variety is delightful Featured characters that alternate through the spotlight are a journeyman, a witch, a peasant business womanThe attributes that make this book so interesting and unique were also a bit of a frustration for me Just when I was getting to know and care about the characters the story moves on to another generation and we meet another slew of characters I often had to think twice to remember how they were connected to those prior It is a long family saga that is hyper condensed.I will say that Loft should get an award for the best use of classic English language in her novels Her writing is so elegant and descriptive I am not sure if her style is unusual for the time period she wrote in 1950s but it feels like something from a bygone era in a very good way.When you want to read something classically and artistically told in brash world of modern books turn to Nora Lofts Another author I intend to read completely.

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    Incredible Norah Lofts at her finest 4.5 stars rounded up because she had the skill to embed you into each era and character within this house Starting in the times of Queen Elizabeth I until the post WWII period in Suffolk.Merravay, it was so excellent to visit with you again after decades.And Lady Alice Bewitching IS what you did, regardless how you, yourself, defined it.This has made me put all and every Norah Lofts house book, that I can put my hands on, back on my to read lists Reread for most, that s true, but definitely worth it Lovely and oh how she could put the eyes exactly within their own time s sensibilities And culture And manners Amidst each nuance of class and physical reality for all the processes of their lives.

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    BLESS THIS HOUSENorah LoftsA vintage title I have always loved which gives you a four hundred year history of a beautiful manor in England and the cast of characters who inhabit the house and their stories.Thanks to Jeanette for the reminder Excellent read

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    I have a fascination with old buildings, in particular old homes, so this story of a house in England and it s history of owners and their stories was a very nice read for me I quite enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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    This is one of my favourite Norah Lofts historical novels She tells the history of a house or the people who built it and lived in it As far as time scale is concerned it spans several centuries and is full of interesting and intriguing characters.

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    This is of a story of family and people intertwined with special place than that of an hold house It s told from the perspectives of several people involved with a house from its birth to present day as to when the book was written Some loved the house, others hated it, and others were indifferent At times it s a bit hard to follow how who is connected to who, but that s part of the story the characters aren t privy to everything that the reader is Lofts also leaves some things unanswered, which readers imagination then fills in Overall an engaging book with interesting characters.

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    Hmm An interesting structure the history of a house through vignettes about inhabitants at different historical times, with a slight overarching plot thread that generally makes sense although sometimes relies a bit too much on supernatural abilities and sometimes on melodrama The earlier historical times Elizabethan on up are interesting and better drawn than the later I tried Lofts based on a review on a GR Group and I think I ll give another one a try Poldarkish but not quite as pardon pun dark as that.

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    I think I liked the characters in this book just as much as those from the The Suffolk House Trilogy One of the things that I ve paid attention to in Ms Lofts novels is the food mainly the lack of it It doesn t seem like there was enough food for the very poorest even in the 20th century Before that, all the way back to the 14th Century, food and something safe to drink was the main concern over and above anything else.

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    c1954 I knew that this book was a collection of stories about an Elizabethan house but what I didn t expect was some of the endings to the stories Has not dated a bit and a thoroughly enjoyable read Time passed The confidence which I awaited from Isabella never came, and beneath all the increasingly gay social life which was begining to enliven Merravay for Rawley was convivial and popular there was just a trace of discontent and anxiety there was, each month, a day or two when Isabella was gloomy and downcast, and I would think, Poor isabella, disappointed again

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    I love this book, and have read it 3 or 4 times since I was a teenager It is about a house Merravey built by Thomas Rowhedge in the Elizabethan times, a successful sailor who caught the eye of the queen and was granted the land for his good deeds The story is about all the various people that pass through the house in it 300 years Told in the first person each story makes an impact on the house, and the reader Fiction, not a real house, but I loved the feel of the story and every one of the characters.