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Alfonso Jones Can T Wait To Play The Role Of Hamlet In His School S Hip Hop Rendition Of The Classic Shakespearean Play He Also Wants To Let His Best Friend, Danetta, Know How He Really Feels About Her But As He Is Buying His First Suit, An Off Duty Police Officer Mistakes A Clothes Hanger For A Gun, And He Shoots AlfonsoWhen Alfonso Wakes Up In The Afterlife, He S On A Ghost Train Guided By Well Known Victims Of Police Shootings, Who Teach Him What He Needs To Know About This Subterranean Spiritual World Meanwhile, Alfonso S Family And Friends Struggle With Their Grief And Seek Justice For Alfonso In The Streets As They Confront Their New Realities, Both Alfonso And Those He Loves Realize The Work That Lies Ahead In The Fight For JusticeIn The First Graphic Novel For Young Readers To Focus On Police Brutality And The Black Lives Matter Movement, As In Hamlet, The Dead Shall Speak And The Living Yield Even SurprisesForeword By Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director Of The Equal Justice Initiative And Author Of Just Mercy

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    Required purchase for high school libraries, and this quote from the book, spoken by Alfonso s mother, is the exact reason why Had that damn security guard cop, Officer Whitson, went to a school whose books reflected a broader reality than his narrow lily white mind had movies, TV, whatever, reflected that maybe he would have seen my son as a teenager, as a person, as a citizen, as an American, as a human. This graphic novel is a heartbreaking look at the Black Lives Matter movement and the horrific events that have ravaged the US and necessitated the creation of BLM and books such as this one It s an incredibly rich reading experience, combining both the story of a teen s murder by a police officer with a hip hop Hamlet storyline as well as a deep historical account of the violence against blacks in the US The author s note shares the author s history in the movement and motivation for this story it is a must read part of the book Every high school s collection should have I AM ALFONSO JONES right next to the MARCH trilogy.because the civil rights movement is NOT over Other 2017 titles to read alongside this one are AMERICAN STREET, PIECING ME TOGETHER, THE HATE U GIVE and DEAR MARTIN.I am not qualified to review the art beyond saying that the black and white style fully conveyed the story and the strength of the book s message Thanks to Lee and Low Tu Books for the complimentary review copy all opinions are my own.

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    There are better cough The Hate U Give cough blacklivesmatter books for young adults but this one will appeal to those who like a faster, less emotional, action based read.The art isn t for me, it s done in that caricature style you see at street fairs and malls but, again, it s going to charm plenty of others.Here s a blacklivesmatter list from Hennepin County Library if you re interested in books on this topic.

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    My MT gave me this book yesterday because we are considering teaching it to our English 9 students I could not put it down It truly encapsulates all of the politics that influence the unfathomable phenomena of police brutality and gun violence The symbolism behind the story s presentation in black and white is particularly striking, enhancing the complex or maybe not so much nuance to these issues The book also captures the rhythm of brutality poignantly Don t bang out a clumsy rhythmless drum solo against my head till I m dead The book also brings Shakespeare s Hamlet and Ralph Ellison s The Invisible Man into conversation in order to examine the overarching possibility of hip hop protest pedagogy and the politics of agency visibility in our society I especially loved and appreciated the depictions of two teachers who illustrates the power of and responsibility to advocate for justice in and out of the classroom It s an important read, and I can t wait to work through it with my students.

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    I have to say first of all that I love the meaning behind this and I understand why it had to be made, nonetheless I felt this book was all over the place jumping from timeline to timeline without a lot of cohesion The energy of the characters especially the mom and Alfonso was raw and believable, but the mom gets lost during the aftermath of the shooting and the book seems to take of a stand it for an ideological point of view which it does do good job of it rather than the characters themselves and the story arch.

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    I am Alfonso Jones should be required reading for all ALL I put the book down after reading and cried My heart hurts from this world and this story is full of all of the emotions I, as a person of color, go through when it comes to what s happening to us The police brutality against brown people is senseless and disgusting and I hope this will become a required reading for those in the force and thinking about joining We are human with dreams and aspirations and no one, NO ONE, deserves to be shot like a deer for living their life Please read. please respond Please understand those different from you.

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    This young adult graphic novel is about a black teen named Alfonso Jones who is killed by a police officer He s killed because the officer mistakes a clothes hanger for a gun There are very short chapters that follow Jones as he tries to make sense of why he was killed and as he follows his family and friends mourning his death I found this book completely riveting I only put it down once it was time to sleep It s a hard hitting, first person account of police brutality If you re sensitive to that subject matter, you should still read this book It needs to be read by everyone, just like The Hate U Give The art is stunning The artists really poured their heart and soul into this work.

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    3.5What makes this graphic novel great a NEED to talk about how Black Live Matter is a tipping point movement, that has been created over the past century Because the murder of unarmed Black people by police has been going on for decades Because Black Lives also matter when they are wasting a way behind bars due to trumped up charges Because before there were police there were lynch mobs, and before that there were patrols to catch runaway slaves Medina clearly needed to infuse his story in the history of violence against Black people in this continent since colonization began is also what makes this graphic novel suffer If this had been a graphic novel series, each book tackling another part of historical and systemic racism I think it would have worked better But as it is there s just so many stories, and lessons, and characters crammed into this fairly short graphic novel that no one piece of the story lands the emotional punch that it could if given time I think this graphic novel had excellent aspirations, and tells a contemporary story infused with history in a format that makes it accessible to readers who often get left out of these conversations I just think that trying to take on such a wide birth in content made it so that cohesive story telling took a hit.

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    Such an important book Parts are so powerful that I had to stop to think This is a very important read for HS students

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    Holy f this is Kaptara and Cinder levels of bad Oh and this review gets political and NSFW so please don t be a d k in the comments reader discretion advised.My thoughts on police brutality and racism So I think that most of us can agree that racism sucks donkey balls I hate it when a holes hate on people just because of dumb s that they have no control over like race or skin color The whole anti cop thing is f ing stupid and I absolutely hate it Yes, there are some crooked cops, anyone who doesn t think so is f ing naive but most are great people who wouldn t hurt or kill anyone unless they had to I don t think most cops are racist Anyone of any race will get in trouble for committing crime Also, a lot of people that get talked about on the news that bring up the subject aren t innocent.Let s use Mike Brown as an example A big, strong guy who busted a much physically smaller man s eye socket, didn t get shot because he was black, he got shot for attacking an officer of the law who ended up in the hospital Any armed man would have done the same thing I m sure if I pulled that s I would also be shot and I m white.Not to mention, I know a lot of cops and not one of them seems racist, hell a lot of them are black themselves This whole thing is f ing stupid, annoys the s out of me and is part of why I have almost no hope for the future of mankind.What s it about A young black man named Alfonso Jones is shot by a white cop and now he s a ghost seeing all the drama his death caused.Why it gets 1 star The story is stupid, poorly written and jumps all over the place If someone was forced to watch 24 hours straight of CNN, take a nearly but not quite lethal amount of cocaine and then write a book, this is what I d expect the result to be.The art is pretty bad It s not quite terrible but it s often messy and or ugly.The characters have absolutely no personality Nothing exciting happens in this book I often expect political books to at least be intense, this one isn t It s one of those books that if it were a TV show or movie I would have fallen asleep while it was on.This book is so predictable.The attempts at humor are so lame.The dialogue is so horrible Between the poor grammar, the cheesiness, the lame watering down of things that could offend people I ll get to that in a bit and fellow kids stuff I think a few of my brain cells committed suicide.The political commentary is so poorly written I try to keep an open mind but when I read books like this it does tighten the locks of my brain a bit Of course most of it s about police brutality and how awful cops are and oh my gosh Some highlights to include are one character claiming that black cops help promote racism towards black people I s you not or during a speech when one character says God forbid you ever run from the police as if white people can just run away from the police if they wind up in some sort of law related trouble Of course it gets even better because they start throwing in random political things that have nothing to do with anything It was so bad that it was kinda funny at times.This book is slightly racist towards black people There is a lot of stereotyping of black people and communities I thought that was pretty awful.This book does one of the things that often happens in YA books and makes it that I don t believe I will ever fall in love with YA like most of this website apparently the cheesy censoring of stuff There s a lot of moments where they replace swear words by using very cheesy replacements the only book that has ever worked in is I Hate Fairyland but that s because it fits the setting so well and is actually funny Also, I fail to see why we re censoring out violent moments in a book about that is about violent subject matter Why would someone who is sensitive to violence pick up a book about a violent subject It s so f ing stupid.The ending is dumb.Overall This is one of the worst of the worst Between the s ty writing, bland characters, awful dialogue, dumb story and racism I don t even know why someone would pay money to publish this I honestly feel dumber after reading this.Would not recommend For a good comic tackling the topic of racism, read March instead 1 5

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    Heart breaking story of the injustice in the city Aftermath of a tragic killing Focuses on those left behind would be a good companion to The Hate U Give.The illustration style combined with the lettering feels dense, crowded Just a little blurry, foggy It s a broken system.