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Brad Johnson, A Lone Witness To A UFO Sighting Becomes An Alien Target And Quickly Finds Himself On An Off World Adventure, Relying On His Skills To Survive An Intergalactic War As Brad Struggles To Understand The Conflict Between The Aliens, As Well As His Place In The Universe, He Learns One Group Threatens Earth S Security And The Other Wants Something Entirely Different All Brad Wants Is To Return Home To His Family, But Not Until He Embarks On The Greatest Adventure Of His Life The Book Takes The Reader On A Wild Mental Roller Coaster Ride, With Surprises At Every Twist And Turn

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    Z Gottlieb s story about an earthling choosing to become part of a war in space had the potential to be a satisfying tale Connor s Gambit turned out to be one of those novels where the plot was kept in check by a number of different reasons.The writing is inflated with unnecessary words and phrases, most of it overexplaining and repeating what the reader has already been told it became clear early on why the book was 502 pages The descriptions tell than show, and many sections function as informational dumps Much of the dialogue is stilted, repetitious, and doesn t sound natural The author seems to be intent on explaining everything, leaving nothing to the imagination.Little time is spent on characterizations, and we are confined to learning most about the main character, Brad Unfortunately, Brad is not someone I could easily identify with, as he spends a lot of time feeling sorry for himself and agonizing over the smallest decisions In later chapters, the character view changes without warning within scenes This leaves it up to the plot to save the book Fortunately, the storyline is good and some of the science or reasoning behind the action is well thought and entertaining At times this is handled well at others, the overexplaining and repetitive detailing becomes tedious and slows chapters down to a crawl.Overall, a good story that could have been a lot tighter with stronger editing Three stars.

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    My rating 4.5The book Connor s Gambit by Z Gottlieb is solidly written and an entertaining sci fi novel The book is very well written, at times the story of the book is great, but there are times when a little story stops I would really like to have a little action in the book, less romantic thoughts of the main character and his wife But no matter what, this is a great sci fi, which will show its full strength in the future, as it is only a war with the alien race The main character in the book is Brad Johnson, who lives with his wife on Earth, who is also the sister of his longtime friend Connor While they were fishing at the lake, Brad saw the spacecraft His friend Connor slept through this encounter and then trying to reassure him and trying to explain that it was not possible Brad soon finds himself in a situation he could not even dream of because his friend Connor not only told him the truth, but he obviously knows a lot than he admits Brad will soon be drawn into the adventure of his life Since I do not want to reveal stories, I will leave it to other readers because the story is very good I would recommend a book to all lovers of sci fi genres.

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    I love reading science fiction, and I read mostly syfy books I enjoyed this book and read it completely Occasionally I see these somewhat inexpensive syfy books on and they have enough good reviews that I say, what the heck, I ll try it There were enough people that thought this book good enough to write a review about it, and I think that says something about the book in itself It s got some good writing in it.I liked the story I thought some parts of it were very creative It has some fun moody characters and goes to some interesting and exciting places It has space ships and aliens and heck, who doesn t enjoy those Basically, I think the author has some talent and I enjoyed the book Keep writing and I look forward to the next adventure Cheers PS There are still a few things to edit in this version, but I ve read great stories by great authors that are still not perfect so whatcha gonna do about that

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    Excellent storyWhat an interesting story Very well written, with a good plot and characters The challenges for the protagonist are fascinating, as he not only needs to come to grips with alien life, but that his wife is from another world too He finally comes to grip with the new knowledge and then embraces his role, which ends up aiding his allies in surprising ways Even so, his family is of primary importance to him and he makes certain to spend time with them nd not disappear for years out into space.

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    This was a GREAT book.Read in one sitting I am a SCI FI fan since age10 I am now 72 I have read all the classics and many many many others over the years I consider this book in my top 5 I can t wait for a follow on book I got this for 99 cents I would pay 26.00 dollars for the addon

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    Connor s Gambit is a sci fi story about a fairly ordinary man going on a very extraordinary adventure Imagine this you are a man married with a wife and a kid You are close to your inlaws and although life is not particularly exciting, it is good One day you find out that your wife, brother in law, and sister in law may be hiding a deep secret about where they came from and what they were put on earth to do As Brad finds out, they re aliens on a top secret mission and they will take him on the best adventure of his life.This book reminded me a lot of The Twilight Zone still one of my very favorite series where things at first seem very normal until everything gets turned on its head Some of the best stories involve ordinary people put in interesting and unique situations Everyman Brad finding himself suddenly on a super high tech spaceship with a bunch of aliens certainly counts as one of those scenes Not only does Brad have to contend with his personal life why would his beloved wife lie to him for so long what does this mean for his young son can he ever forgive his wife or his brother in law The characters were great I loved seeing how Brad confronts the difficulties that he is now facing as he tries to navigate his new lives with aliens I really liked learning about what the aliens were doing on earth and why they felt that they needed to hide their true intentions from Brad The story line unfolds nicely as the author puts everything together While the writing of the story line was good and will appeal to many, the way that the characters speak was slightly off Even Brad, a native English speaker, spoke in a very stilted way I could understand sort of why the aliens speaking would be a little less natural although perhaps not with the way that the aliens essentially download information to include language in their heads cool concept by the way The stilted language was a little distracting but overall, the story was quite good

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    The story was good, easy to follow, except the names of the characters As I was reading this book I had the feeling that at the end of it the main character would awaken and all of it would be a dream I found it highly unlikely that a person could go from one day living on Earth to a few days later not only living on a space ship but piloting a fighter space ship And other things going on like his ability to reprogram the space ships software were just not believable except in a dream I struggled with the book for a while trying to keep straight in my mind who the characters were, that is their relationship to each other Bottom line for me is it was pretty good read but I will not read an squeal to it.

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    Connor s Gambit is a fun page turner that takes the reader through alien territory here on earth, a trans galactic gate, and even enemy battle cruisers The characters are great, and Brad is extremely likable His reaction to having his reality shattered by encountering the larger universe only makes him relatable The cast that surrounds him, from his wife Shinny, his best friend Connor and Connor s wife Nan create a comfortable space for the reader to pull up a chair and share some pizza Gottlieb does a very good job portraying the alien culture Brad finds himself in The stagnant and bureaucratic CIG, who are concerned with the expenditure of munitions than the safety of their pilots and soldiers created great tension against Brad s innate sense of innovation and creativity Add in some spies and convoluted procedures, and it s no wonder some aliens chose to hide out on earth The aliens themselves were well done There are some subtle nods to Star Trek and Star Wars, but they are in no way overdone Moreover, the author resisted the impulse to create a menagerie of critters for the reader to contend with Most of the aliens were humanoid, but the ones that were most different resembled gorillas and orangutans There is even a reference to them having pre evolved humans on their planet, giving Gottlieb s universe a delightful ironic twist The alien civilization is not all powerful The transit gates that make interstellar travel possible are remnants from an even earlier civilization Even the space battles were fresh and inventive, with a focus on the strategy involved, instead of just the daring do of the pilots.While there were a few editing errors, they were not enough to mar the story The characters and plot are than enough to pull the reader through the galactic ripples There is a bit of over explaining at times, which I did not mind, as I tend to enjoy the deeper discussions What better place to do so than a science fiction novel, after all All in all, this was a fantastic tale that I hated having to put down Well done Z Gottlieb I can t wait to hang out with Brad again in the sequel.

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    Exciting, out of this world adventure I m not a sci fi guy, so I wasn t sure how I would react to Connor s Gambit Many of the reviews I read were all praising the story so I figured, it s only a buck, I ll give it a try Well, let me tell you, this book is worthy of the many 5 star reviews it s received.Yes, it s a tale about aliens, and spaceships, and intergalactic fighting But it s also a tale about honor, integrity, hope, family, relationships, and the ability to learn and grow when faced with true adversity Brad and Shinny have been together for many years But what is perceived as a long time for Brad, turns out to be a small blip in the lifecycle of his wife Brad s world is turned upside down when he learns the true pedigree of his spouse and his in laws, when he stumbles upon an event that causes him to question everything and everyone he knows He has to decide if he can get past the hurt and the insurmountable questions that are getting in the way of his relationship with the people he loves the most If he can do that, then he will not only save his relationship, but he ll have a hand in saving the planet earth from certain chaos and possible destruction caused by an alien force that has had the planet in it s sights for many a millennium An alien force he didn t even know or believed existed until now.This is a long book, clocking in at just over 500 pages But I found the plot extremely interesting and the pacing of the story moved right along I was so engrossed in rooting for the heroes and hating the villains that I couldn t stop reading I can only hope that the author gets the sequel out soon, as I can t wait to see what happens in the future If you re a fan of science fiction or you just love an engaging, well told tale, I suggest you pick up your own copy of Connor s Gambit you won t be disappointed

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    Read through the reviews for Connor s Gambit and you ll find a variety of comparisons, from The Last Starfighter to Star Wars and Star Trek One can even compare it, in part, to The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy.These aren t bad things to be compared to The best thing to keep in mind with any modern work of fiction is that it s all been done before What makes something stand out is what the writer does to make their work different and entertaining.The closest comparisons I would draw is with The Last Starfighter AND Hitchhiker s Guide Brad Johnson is an excellent combination of the two protagonists from the aforementioned works, a true fish out of water trying to do the best he can to not only survive his new reality, but get back home to his family.The story is a nice mash of the technical aspects of Star Trek with the sweeping drama of Star Wars, soap space opera than simple point and shoot action adventure The dialogue can be stilted at times, but so was the writing on Star Wars and, appropriately, the oft missed series by Margaret Weis, The Star of the Guardians, which was much about the character drama and interaction than the speed a photon can travel in a vacuum.Like many self published novels today, there is room for improvement I believe the author did a good job self editing, but it is obvious that this was, in fact, self edited Most of the problems with dialogue would also have been corrected by a good editor Simply placing contractions in the speech would go a long way to improving flow These minor errors are the only reason I can t give the book 5 stars.But for originality something increasingly difficult to find , the story gets high marks Taking an old trope and injecting new life to create an enjoyable story is hard to do And Gottlieb has hit a homerun with Connor s Gambit.