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A short book meant to be read over and over again It is a great reminder to listen , talk less, and take care of yourself Easy enough, right It is all about mindfulness and self awareness How to Fight by Thich Nhat Hanh talks about in order to understand others, first we must look deeper into ourselves and try to understand ourselves Although I am aware of most of the ideas that were reflected in this book I think it was refreshing to be reminded of them once again But hey what did I write in the first sentence of this very book review Thus, I feel great reading this and so I am grateful to grab this book in the first place Here are some quotes that I admired from this short and concise book Nothing can survive without food not even love Without nourishment, your love will die Buddha When we suffer, we have the tendency to blame other people and to see them as the source of our suffering We don t recognize that we are responsible to some extent for our suffering as well as for making those around us suffer Yeah I really like this quote above We are partly responsible for our own suffering and misery So before trying to put all the blame on other people it s crucial to take personal responsibilities and have compassion for others If you have not suffered, there is no way you can learn We learn by making mistakes BuddhaAnother exceptional quote by the one and only Buddha I highly doubt there is a single person who has not suffered in some shape or form though I mean come on, honestly Everything is of the nature to change You know what they say, the only thing permanent in this life is that everything is temporary It sounds quite deep, right Because it really is pretty deep Basically what this quote is implying is the fact that since things and people are everchanging it s important to appreciate the present moment because This too shall pass oh good old ring of king Solomon, here you come again, why are you stuck in my young mind Hello, my emotion I know you are there I will take care of you I don t know why but when I first read this quote I instantly thought about Hello darkness my old friend, I ve come to talk with you again To love someone means to understand them Once again, one deep quote after another How can this short read include so many deep quotes and thoughts in it I assume never judge the book by its number of pageslol.Lastly but not least Every one of us needs help Whoever you are reading this If you happen to need some help, I m positive you do I would highly recommend you give this book a shot First of all, it is an easy read Secondly you will definitely get something useful out of it Finally you will feel better about yourself and your suffering I promise Learn How To Relax The Bonds Of Anger, Attachment, And Delusion Through Mindfulness And Kindness Toward Ourselves And Others The Mindfulness Essentials Series Introduces Beginners And Reminds Seasoned Practitioners Of The Essentials Of Mindfulness Practice This Time Nhat Hanh Brings His Signature Clarity, Compassion, And Humor To The Ways We Act Out In Anger, Frustration, Despair, And Delusion In Brief Meditations Accompanied By Whimsical Sumi Ink Drawings, Thich Nhat Hanh Instructs Us Exactly How To Transform Our Craving And Confusion If We Learn To Take Good Care Of Our Suffering, We Can Help Others Do The Same How To Fight Is Pocket Sized With Two Color Original Artwork By California Artist Jason DeAntonis I need to re read this twice a day. How to Fight is the latest edition to Thich Nhat Hanh s Mindfulness Essentials series Once again Thich Nhat Hanh provides an accessible glimpse into the world of mindfulness, self awareness and meditation In How To Fight, Thich Nhat Hanh as short meditative thoughts that the reader can absorb at their own pace How To Fight teaches how one can form a new relationship with and understanding of one s anger is an attempt to limit or curb reactionary outbursts that stem from anger and frustration Each meditation or thought written by Thich Nhat Hanh invites you to reflect on any of your patterns that relate to your anger in order to seek out the true source of the emotion You can read and reflect on one meditation a day, pick a random meditation at any given time or read it cover to cover I really enjoy Thich Nhat Hanh s Mindfulness Essentials series and I was excited to read How To Fight I highly recommend the book and series Thomas B. Quick, easy read, but with information that can change your perspective This is a good one to read again and again. A friend gave me How to Walk which I enjoyed, so I picked this up from the library on impulse, then bought a copy to keep I was surprised at how directly it spoke to me about managing feelings of anger and replacing them with compassion, for yourself and for others It operates as a parenting book, family therapy, workplace conflict resolution, meditation guide, etc Get a copy for your rage filled friends. I loved it Thich Nhat Hanh is probably one of the wisest living humans Clear, refreshingly unembellished insight, like a cool breeze on a summer day Remarkable lucidity is required to render profound wisdom in such simple and easy to understand words. I love these little books They are deceptively easy to read and have the sweetest illustrations This book has practical and easy to implement help with reconciliation and peace in our daily lives. Much like the others in this How To Series small book much wisdom.