The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques: Projects and Inspiration for Creative Canework eBook –

A Thousand And One Ideas For Making Beautiful Polymer Clay Millefiori In Venetian Glassmaking, Slender Rods Of Molten Glass Are Shaped, Then Cut To Reveal Amazingly Detailed Patterns Flowers, Geometric Shapes, Dancing Colors These Slices Are Called Millefiori, Thousand Flowers, Because They Form A Carpet Of Flowers When Placed Side By Side Now Celebrity Author Donna Kato Shows Crafters Exactly How To Re Create These Intricate, Fascinating Designs In Polymer Clay The Art Of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques Reveals The Entire Process How To Work With The Polymer Clay, The Basics Of Planning And Creating A Cane, And Using Color Effectively Dozens Of Canes, From Simple To Simply Stunning, Are Included, And Everything Is Clearly Explained And Illustrated With Full Color Photos, The Donna Kato Way Throughout The Book, Examples Of Stunning Work By Such Millefiori Artists As Kathy Amt, Pier Voulkos, And Kathleen Dustin Provide Inspiration There Must Be A Thousand Ways To Make Beautiful Millefiori Explore Them All In The Art Of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques

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    Good, and loved the explanations but still maybe a little too technical for me We ll have to see I ve got a bunch of Polymer clay just waiting to be shaped.

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    Donna Kato is one of the authoritative polymer clay artists and has a product line named for her This is a must read for the dedicated polymer artist or amateur for the projects alone I would not recommend this book for a beginner although beginner techniques like jelly roll cane and Skinner blends are included If you have a bit of experience and familiarity with polymer, you will be able to follow the instructions to create your own projects The photos are clear and projects are interesting I rated it 4 star because the instructions for some techniques are a bit difficult to conceptualize the photo illustrations may skip part of a step.

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    So glad I bought this oneThis book teaches you several basic canes which is exactly what I wanted While I didn t care for the projects, by reading through them, I learned steps to take that will come in handy for other projects Includes bullseye, feathers, faces, flowers, leaves,and several others Really enjoyed.

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    If you ve ever looked at a beautiful piece of polymer clay artwork and wondered How did they DO that , this is the book you need to find out Donna Kato covers it all, including recipes for some of the most sought after canes.

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    just an all around inspiring book for any polymer clay artist

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    Great book to get lots of ideas for polymer clay Highly reccommended by Lauren Prock.

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    I love this book and felt that it was written very clearly and continues to be inspirational.