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For Callie, With Her Serious Fear Of Heights, The Name Monster Mountain Says It All Why Did She Ever Agree To A Weekend Of Snowboarding With Her Best Friend Jen Jen Is Eager To Brave The Highest Slopes And Can T Stop Talking About All Her Olympic Snowboard Heroes Callie Is Sick With Fear But Her Greater Fear Is That Jen Will Guess Her Secret, And That The New Girl Izzy An Experienced Boarder Will Become Jen S New Best FriendAuthor Eve Bunting, Inspired By Her Granddaughters Interest In The Sport, Took To The Slopes Herself What She Learned About Snowboarding, The Hard Way, Lends Authentic Detail To This Story About Friendship And Fear

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    i definitely thought this book was very good It was interesting to me because I love snowboarding and I know the fear of first going down a big hill for the first time It is definitely scary But overall i would give this a 3 5 rating because it had good content but it wasn t as entertaining as i thought it would be.

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    Very different from all the other titles I have read by the author so far I love her picture books The story was not what I had expend it to be it seemed over too quick, the ending too predictable for my liking The cover art will definitely draw young readers in though.