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Stag And The Crew Of The Varnish Are On A Mission, Responding To A Distress Signal Of A Freighter That Has Been Attacked By The Markus Models Instead Of Finding The Enemy, They Discover One Sole Survivor Nala S A Human, And Having Suffered At Their Hands During His Time On Earth, There S No Species Stag Despises But When The Petite Woman Confuses Him For An Android And Tries To Order Him Around, Stag Decides She Ll Live And Pay For Her SlightsNala Vestria Has Lost Her Freighter, Her Crew And Her Father, Only To Become Personal Maid To A Cyborg Stag Is Surly, Short Tempered, And Completely Untrusting Of Humans Not To Mention Intense, Commanding, And Maybe The Hottest Being Nala Has Ever Seen When She Finds Him Temporarily At Her Mercy, Nala Isn T Sure If She Wants To Kill Him Or Kiss Him Then Again, Life Is Short She Opts For The LatterNala Swiftly Becomes A Distraction Stag Can T Afford, Especially After He S Had A Carnal Taste Of What The Woman Has To Offer He Ll Take Her Back To Garden, His Home Planet, And Be Rid Of Her As Well As The Emotions She Evokes But As Their Journey Home Becomes Harrowing, Nala May Prove To Be Of An Asset Than A Liability To Both The Ship And The Lonely Cyborg Who Commands Her

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    3 Meh StarsThis was a decent addition to the series, but I didn t love it There were a lot of scenes which focused on Stag captaining the ship and the ins and outs of intergalactic space battles.Like a LOT of scenes Which would have been fine.If there was an equal or greater amount of romance.But there wasn t And I was sad What was there was seemed a littlerushed, especially at the end Stag s Oh my God, I have feelings for the Earther moment felt a little contrived and out of the blue Like I said above, it was a decent addition to the series, I just felt like it focused a bit too much on the intricacies of space battle and a bit too little on the story line and romance But oh well Moving on

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    Stag the jerk NalaOkay, hands down, without a doubt, Stag is the least likable Cyborg so far I could not even put him in the tortured scarred hero category He could not make himself a bit redeemed by his actions He is making one mistake after the other with his human, he is too easily forgiven and he does not really grovel besides a few paragraphs in the end.Nala on the other hand is plain and boring There is this forced seduction scene which is a bit interesting, but for the majority of the book she just stays in the background waiting for Stag to bring her lunch.Nala s ship was attacked by the Marcus Models and she was the only one who survived Consequently she ends up a prisoner in Stag s ship and accurately in Stag s cabin after she gets recued by Stag and his crew I think I mostly missed the humor in this book, the funny moments Dohner s characters are usually excellent in producing giggles and laughs out of some impossible difficult situations and they don t let their self pity take them down For the majority of this book, I was just angry with the main characters and their actions I wanted to slap both of them.I am still giving a good rating, because the action scenes are excellent I love a good sci fi adventure and Stag may be a jerk but he is also a good pilot and an excellent leader He just has to work a bit on his attitude towards the other gender.

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    So before starting this one i was really excited, because when we met Stag in the previous book i wanted his story immediately and was looking forward for this grumpy hero, who will find his heroine between Earthers and fall head over heels in love with her Well Didnt exactly happened.The main plot is not even romance between main characters, at least it didnt feel that way It was mostly foccused on Stag and his problems with Pirates Markus Models or whatever they were running from I dont know because these scenes were just so fucking long and boring I was skimming and Im not feeling like i really missed something I actually marked pages where were scenes with Hero and heroine being together It was 42%.The rest, all 58% were about some fighting, capturing or something Dont know, dont care.Not really Especially when the book is shelved as Romance and Erotica Yes, there was sex, i think 2 times and yes, it was hot as hell but that cant usually save the book The writing was not problem too, if you read Laurann Dohner before, you know she can write and its actually pretty good, but again, it didnt safe the book.I was also expecting from Stag He was pushing away the whole book, he changed his mind just two chapters before ending which was just too much He didnt even tell heroine that he loves her, just some you have my heart blabla I really wanted for him to admit his feelings because heroine is telling him that she cares about him the whole book So when i sum it up i think it was not worth my time.Btw I hope i wont ever read book where is the heroine named Nala again While reading this i was snickering all the time because all i could think about was Nala from The Lion King I know, i knowSafety view spoiler No one after meeting.Heroine celibate for nearly 7 years.Dont know about hero but he has lot of experince hide spoiler

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    Actual Rating 2.5 stars.It s ok , I liked it.However, I am very disappointed with this writer I used to love her books, I couldn t wait for the next one to come out I loved all her series Now the situation has changed, in the last couple of years her books have lost so much It really is a shame I don t feel the excitement I felt before when I first started one of her books, lately I am founding all her new releases disappointing.

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    This really surprised me, I did not expect to love this book as I did Stag was super grumpy in the other books, and he still was in the book but we got to see other sides of him and I was really pleased But it was really Nala who stole the show, she was great The perfect balance for Stag Can t wait for from this series

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    Not planning to read.See comments below this review

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    3 1 2 stars I m not sure how I feel about this one I love this series and I couldn t wait for Stag s book because I love a jerk who turns into a great hero I am so torn I honestly don t know how to rate this book or review it So lets start with what I liked I loved the writing, but I always love Laurann Dohner s writing She always sucks me into her stories and thats just what happened with this book I loved the heroine she was smart and a way better person than I would have been in her situation but I think I maybe I m too stubborn some times too I really loved the crew on this ship, and this book made me really want their stories I liked the story in this book it was action packed and it was really interesting, and I never wanted to put this book down.Now lets go to the not so fun part and thats what I didn t like or wished was different or just didn t work for me As I said I loved the story but there s another side to that coin and thats the fact that this book felt like an UF than a romance While I loved the story I really wish time had been spent on the Heroine Nala, and the hero Stag In a perfect world this book would have been longer keeping all the great elements and adding time with Stag and Nala to boost up the romance I didn t like how long it took Stag to make a decision when everything after that was so little I would have been ok with him taking awhile to come around if we had after so we could have really scene their romance bloom and grow.I also really missed Garden, I kept waiting for them to land so she could see the planet and we could see her adjusting and it almost felt like that was all missing Also I m going to be nit picky here and I already said I liked Nala which I did and still do but her idea of revenge I didn t like I get it for the story but I wished it had went down differently I don t want to sound all negative because I liked this book and like I said I didn t want to put it down and had I not been gone all day I would have read this in one sitting I just think some things were missing from this book and I needed time to see Stag as not a jerk, really the end felt way too rushed We get a great glimpse of Stag being possessive at the end but I wished we had of that I can t wait to see who gets a book next in the cyborg series because I love this series and I don t at all regret reading this book I can also say that with each book I read the list of heroes I have in my own mind that I want grows longer and longer So even after all that I still don t know what to rate this book it kept me riveted and I loved the flow and writing and I liked many aspects of this book but I wish there was so I could have felt like this book was completely completed if that makes sence.

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    Did the pendulum swing too far I had wildly ranging opinions about this book, depending on where I was reading at that point It is rare I feel that way about a novel Here are some reasons why I felt like I was sitting on a pendulum 1 It was overwhelmingly crude yeah, Stag did that right next to her , then it ended with one of the sweetest, most romantic lines you ll see in any book anywhere.2 Nala was one of the bravest, most selfless ship captains I ve read about, trying to save total strangers Then she sexually assaulted Stag No means no no matter who is saying it The circumstances made me cringe and I was this close to a DNF at that point.3 I was at turns disappointed in and cheering Nala.4 A lot of people didn t like grumpy Stag, but I found him to be one of the believable cyborg characters, robot like in his outlook I especially thought it funny that he kept telling the cheerful cyborg, Hellion, to turn off his emotion chip Made me chuckle.5 The action adventure quotient was way up on this book compared to the last one, Loving Deviant, which is always a profit in my accounting column.Since I was on such a pendulum, I guess this book gets three stars Some things were great, and some things really were not.

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    Short meh.

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    3 Space Adventure Stars It was ok Stag was a jerk, but I didn t care all that much for Nala either The sex was hot, but the romance seemed to be missing This one was syfi adventure rather than swooney romance Lately LD has been a little bit hit or miss for me, this was miss than hit, but it was still entertaining and I m a big LD fan Looking forward to the next one Happy reading On another note, all Laurann Dohner s New Species series one of my absolute favs have new covers I personally like the older covers better, but the new one are not bad.