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After Barely Surviving A Horrific Accident, Then Being Held Captive For Years By Earth Government, Venice Must Escape The Planet She Thinks She S Found The Answer To Her Prayers When She Contracts To Be A Deep Space Bride Only To Find Herself Facing An Even Bigger Nightmare Hiding From Her Con Man Husband Aboard His Space Station, She Comes Across An Intimidating Cyborg One Who Could Just Be Her Last HopeDeviant Is Humiliated When His Father Suggests He Visit A Pleasure Center To Make Use Of A Sex Bot True, The Defects He Was Born With Have Assured Female Cyborgs Will Never Consider Adding Him To A Family Unit But He Still Has His Pride The Woman Who Enters The Room, However, Is Incredibly Lifelike, And She Quickly Has Deviant Feeling Things He D Never Dreamed Right Until The Moment He Finds Out She S Human Sort Of Venice Needs Deviant S Help To Get Off The Space Station Deviant Is Lonely, And In Need Of Someone To Teach Him How To Pleasure A Female They Strike A Bargain, One That Has Venice Giving Up Her Freedom But Soon It S Her Heart That S At Greater Risk It S Easy Loving Deviant Even When Others Are Determined To Make It Difficult

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    4 Awesome Smutty McSmut StarsAll I can say is Yes, Laurann Dohner THIS is the Dohner Party I have been waiting for No, not the cannibalism party The fuckfest party Seriously though I have read runs to check bookshelf 31 Dohner books Let me repeat that I HAVE READ THIRTY ONE DOHNER BOOKS.In other words, I love me some Dohner smut However More recently, I had actually stopped reading Dohner s latest stuff, because the last few books I read of hers were.wellbombs For me anyway But this one She came through like John Travolta making a Pulp Fiction comeback here, people And.I Dug It This was very reminiscent of Dohner s earlier Cyborg and Zorn books which I loved Deviant and Venice find themselves in the ridiculous cirCUMstance of her needing him to save her and her pledging to be his veritable sex slave Totally ridiculous plot premise Yes Do I love it You bet your ass I do I loved Deviant He is Mavo s son Remember Mavo I also really liked Venice Within five pages of starting this thing, I was like Because I could already tell it was going to bring my milkshake to the yard It did fall off a bit at the end, thus 4 instead of 5 smut stars But, quite frankly Homie don t care.I was JUST that excited to get what read like an old school Dohner Find me at

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    Now, this is the Laurann Dohner that I love and know She s back And I seriously missed her Oh and btw why did I not know of this book sooner It s like all of a sudden there s a new Laurann Dohner book out there and no one is bothering to advertise it It s so weirdbut thanks to my GR friends I still found out about this sweet, lovely book Gosh, the story is just so wonderful and while their first meeting isn t how you d like to meet your new love it s still quite interesting, when you really think about it I mean who would have thought that you can find love in such a place, right And I mean love love, not you know what and we all know what you just thought about Anyway, I loved everythingwellmaybe not Deviants mother She s really a piece of work, ugh, poor anybody that has to deal with her It s been awhile since I ve read the previous book in this series, but thankfully I read a friends review that had explained the background, like who s Mavo and how he fits into this story I really felt bad for him to be with such a cruel woman for so long Maybe we ll get his story soon fingers crossed Now, as far as Deviand and Venice go, man, I trully loved them Both had a bad past and while we sadly don t get to see much of that I still loved how their paths led them to each other They make a wonderful team and they finally found what they ve been missing for so long I think the best part about the plot was that there s basically almost no drama and that s really refreshing Every book that I m reading now has some kind of drama, like getting kidnapped or almost rapped or god knows what but with this book, there s none of that and I loved it It s really just a short, sweet story about two people from completely different worlds like literally that finally find what they need in each other The only complain is of course that the book could have been longer, but that s details I simply have to have something to bicker about, lol Definitely recommend

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    I loved this book Deviant is a wonderful hero So sweet, loving, protective and don t forget gorgeous And a virgin He is definitely in my top ten heroes I also loved Venice She is a smart, strong and protective heroine I loved that she was so honest with Deviant and neither tried to play games or hide their feelings It was a very enjoyable read I will definitely read in this series Thank you to Leonor for loaning me this book

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    Deviant VeniceVenice was never particularly lucky in her life Firstly, she had a horrible accident which cost her legs, her arm and a few internal organs Then, she was held locked up by the Earth government lying on a bed because her blood was too valuable and rare to waste After that, when she finally with the help of her sister got artificial organs and she managed to escape Earth, she became hostage of a pretend to be future husband In reality he was the owner of a space whorehouse and a con Venice is desperate She has no problem being someone s property, as long as this someone has dark skin, gorgeous body and intense blue eyes The fact that he is a virgin is an actual bonus Deviant was never particularly lucky in his life A Cyborg who was born as the second child of his father after his mother made a deal with her fourth husband Mavo, was not really ever loved by his mummy His mother considered him a burden that she had to tolerate Deviant s main problem is his coloring It seems Cyborg ladies do not particularly like dark skin and neon blue eyes They consider him ugly and defect As a result, nowadays in his mid thirties, he has never gotten laid His last option is the whorehouse, where the sex bots won t mind his unattractiveness Deviant is a nice Cyborg with feelings He just wants to be loved.And this is how Deviant and Venice meet.I loved their story They are perfect for each other Needless to say the book has many laughing out loud moments such as gorgeous Deviant is trying to explain to Venice how ugly he is, while Venice is drooling all over him and cannot believe what she hears Deviant being afraid of a fork Deviant s mother offering Venice other options during her wedding dayetc.I really like the new direction of Cyborgs stories The Cyborgs have feelings and principles, while humans look and heartless and unethical.

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    The beginning is interesting, but onces they reach Garden the story gets tedious, repetitive with respect to precious books and world.

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    Deviant is the son of Mavo, Cyan s adopted father from Taunting Krell He has a defect His skin is much darker than other cyborgs No female will ask him to join in a family unit Mavo takes Deviant to a brothel he is 35 years old and has never had sex Venice is hiding at the brothel and makes Deviant a deal he can t resist.This was very low angst and sweet Deviant is a great hero and so good to Venice It was sweet and hot to see him learn to pleasure Venice and Venice was a great teacher She is equally as good to Deviant and accepts him flaws and all She is a caring and sweet heroine which is everything Deviant needs You re not flawed You re wonderful Venice I d stay with you forever if you d let me Venice I want to mention that Mavo is a wonderful father to Deviant I really, really hope he gets a female to love and cherish him He deserves it so much.There was potential here for There were several things that could have caused some conflict that would have resulted in a longer book There was the council, Deviant s mother other cyborgs none of which really caused any issues other than Deviant s mother being a total evil bitch So if you are expecting drama and action that is seen in previous Cyborg books you won t find it here But, it was a good low angst story and I did enjoy it Sometimes you just need a sweet story.

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    4 1 2 stars I knew going in I would love this book and I was not wrong I will admit Laurann Dohner is just one of those authors who s writing just does it for me I can honestly say I haven t read a book from her I didn t like, and I am always waiting for one of her books to be released I re read her books often Loving Deviant was perfect I know some are saying they wanted it longer, and I m not going to lie I wouldn t have complained if it was but I loved this book as is It didn t feel rushed and I never felt like I wasn t getting the whole story Deviant was an amazing hero, Strong smart but also damaged Venice was his perfect partner, I loved that she got mad on his behalf when he was called anything but perfect I also loved Deviants Father Mavo, he was such a great dad and I really, really hope he gets a book and a hea because he really deserves it I hated Deviants mother Bazelle she was and is just a horrible person cyborg I was so glad Mavo and Deviant didn t let her push them around she really is just horrible and a waste of space I will say the I read the I hate the cyborg woman, and I know they aren t all bad but when they are bad they loathsome I actually had to look on google to find a word I though fit the mean cyborg woman.I can t wait till the next book, I was so happy to see it is Stag I can t wait to see him fall on his but and find the perfect woman The wait has seemed liked forever since I had my last Cyborg book, though it does no matter what and I couldn t have been happy well ok I would have loved an epilogue thrown in but I know no one is surprised by that statement from me I m so happy to see Laurann Dohner doing better after all she has been through I can t not wish her anything but the best.

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    Pretty disappointed with this lightweight offering Insta love and very little conflict between the two main characters There wasn t enough to the rest of the plot to really add anything So sorry and disappointed Many of the titles in this series have been wonderful Sad face.

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    4.5 stars.I loved it I can t wait to read Stag s book I know Laurann said that it was coming in September.Mavo will definitely get his own book, he was an amazing father to Deviant.No OW OM drama.

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    Short sweet Low drama.