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It S All Here From The Basic To The Gourmet, From Preparation To Serving, All Presented In A Clear, Concise, Simple Manner Recipes For Every Level Of Expertise Are Included, From Basic Broccoli To Artichoke Souffle, Along With All American Classics Such As Chicken A La King And Peach Meringue Pie In Addition, The Cookbook Offers A Cornucopia Of Food Suggestions For Any Situation And Any Pocketbook Complete Menus And Table Settings For Each Month Of The Year And Holidays, Storage Tips, Food Buying Guides, Calorie Counters, And Much The Widespread Attention To Regional American Cooking And The Proliferation Of Home Style Cafes Across The Country All Point To A New Pride And Interest In American Cooking The Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, With Its , Recipes And Countless Food Facts And Ideas, Is A Cornerstone Cookbook For Every Kitchen

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    This was my grandmother s cookbook, it s packed to the gills with cut out recipes, cartoons, old Indianapolis Star articles, and a post card from my great grandmother saying that she forgot to tell her how much salt to put in the pickles no phone This is a comprehensive cookbook covering a gamut of recipes Mine says it was published in 1948 I love this and if I can t find a recipe you can bet your buttons, it s in there.

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    1950 Encyclopedic edition

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    My mother s cookbook, printed in 1950 and a cherished family heirloom I love this book even though I am not a cook and seldom actually use any of its recipes It is a handy reference and a nice diversion for a few hours.

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    Not so keen on this cookbook We have referred to it only a handful of times in the past six years and even then, not before exhaustively searching through The Joy of Cooking and or heuristically experimenting within our culinary comfort zone.They call this one an Encyclopedic Cookbook and it s easy to see why They re trying to cover everything in the kitchen every technique, every core recipe, every possible substitution I could see how this might be a handy reference But it also assumes that you re wearing a white pipe hat and professional grade apron it assumes you keep a chainmail butcher s glove in your back pocket.Having this one on the shelf feels like kind of a status symbol Like look at how prepared I am for the King of Prussia s visit But when you live in a condo with your cat, there isn t much chance that you ll use this one At least not in a way that realizes it s potential.Stick with The Joy of Cooking instead.

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    My wife had another cooking book by Berolzheimer, so this one caught her eye at the book store many years ago She immediately bought it and added it to her cookbook shelf This is another traditional American cookbook offering the procedures, definitions and recipes for a beginning or intermediate chef, eminently usable in the American home This editor Ruth Berolzheimer is a self made leader of the cooking arts and edited some of the finest books This one is a great and comprehensive reference.

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    Excellent book Comprehensive I have the 1971 edition orginally copyrighted in 1948 edited by Ruth Berolzheimer b1886 d1965 , so it s filled with wonderful retro recipes, menu plans and basic cooking instructions that are glossed over in modern cookbooks It s also falling apart from decades of delicious use I have perused the newer versions of this book, but they lack the domestic charm of this mid century recipe treasure trove I prefer this all in one cookbook over Joy of Cooking.

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    This book was first published in the 1950s and not much if anything has changed since its first publication There are a lot of things that are pretty dated about this book, but it serves as an excellent history book for culinary arts.Bonus It has amusing recipes like how to roast an opossum

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    The Culinary Arts Institute is a renowned cooking school This is a massive collection of its recipes and techniques Well worth the price.