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This book is okay, it s really not that intense as the first book But I read it any way I m not gonna read the whole series because I m focusing on the new series I m reading, so yeah This book is about an illegal third child name Luke Garner and Jen s Dad is trying to help him and he goes to this school for boys and he is really scared of blowing his cover of being an illegal third child.I think this book is okay because I like how Luke finally experienced the world The first book is intense. This book reminds me of what is happening in the world because I have heard of in China and in other countries, there have been problems with the population so there were laws where you could only have so many kids to try to keep the populations down. It Was Awful All Those Eyes, All Looking At Him It Was Straight Out Of Luke S Worst Nightmares Panic Rooted Him To The Spot, But Every Muscle In His Body Was Screaming For Him To Run, To Hide Anywhere He Could For Twelve Years His Entire Life He D Had To Hide To Be Seen Was Death Don T He Wanted To Scream Don T Look At Me Don T Report Me Please But The Muscles That Controlled His Mouth Were As Frozen As The Rest Of Him The Tiny Part Of His Mind That Wasn T Flooded With Panic Knew That That Was Good Now That He Had A Fake ID The Last Thing He Should Do Was Act Like A Boy Who S Had To Hide But To Act Normal, He Needed To Move, To Obey The Man At The Front And Sit Down And He Couldn T Make His Body Do That, Either From Among The Impostors Luke Garner Is Terrified Out Of Hiding For The First Time In His Life, He Knows That Any Minute One Of His New Classmates At Hendricks School For Boys Could Discover His Secret That He S A Third Child Passing As The Recently Deceased Lee Grant And In A Society Where It S Illegal For Families To Have Than Two Children, Being A Third Child Means Certain Death At The Hands Of The Dreaded Population Police His First Experience Outside The Safety Of His Home Is Bewildering There S Not A Single Window Anywhere In The School Luke Can T Tell His Classmates Apart Even As They Subject Him To Brutal Hazing And The Teachers Seem Oblivious To It All Desperate To Fit In, Luke Endures The Confusion And Teasing Until He Discovers An Unlocked Door To The Outside, And A Chance To Understand What Is Really Going On But To Take This Chance To Find Out The Secrets Of Hendricks Luke Will Need To Put Aside His Fears And Discover A Courage That A Lifetime In Hiding Couldn T Thwart Once Again, Best Selling Author Margaret Peterson Haddix Delights Her Fans With This Spine Tingling Account Of An All Too Possible Future Among The Impostors Is A Worthy Companion To Among The Hidden And A Heart Stopping Thriller In Its Own Right The Good This dystopian, fast paced story made for a good quick read You have to read the previous book to get it, but, it s worth it The Bad As someone who was harassed throughout my school years, the bullying scenes were hard to read.Conclusion Despite the fact that some moments in this book triggered some bad memories, I still enjoyed it I m glad I have the next two in the series on hand Luke, also known as Lee Grant, and Jen s dad moved away Lee Grant goes to this Hendricks Boys School and he s afraid that he s going to blow off his identity He gets bullied all the time, but all he wants to do is to fit in He starts to hang out with a group of friends, but he s not sure if he could trust any of them Jason was one of the people he hangs out with Later on, Lee Grant found out that Jason works with the Population Police This book was good, you ll get it if you had already read the first book of the series I would recommend it to people who loves to read mysterious books. Schattenkinder ist eine Dystopie Reihe f r j ngere Jugendliche, die sich in 6 B cher aufteilt In dieser Welt kam es aufgrund von berbev lkerung zu einer weltweiten Hungersnot und die Menschheit musste ums berleben k mpfen In diesem Zuge beschloss die Regierung, dass jede Familie maximal zwei Kinder haben d rfe Aber es gibt auch Familien mit einem dritten und somit verbotenen Kind Diese Schattenkinder werden versteckt und von der Regierung gejagt Luke ist eines dieser Kinder und wir verfolgen in dieser Reihe seinen Kampf gegen die Regierung und somit f r ein Leben in Freiheit.Auch im zweiten Teil ging es wieder spannend weiter und ich bin auch schon auf den n chsten Teil gespannt Among the Imposters is the second book in The Shadow Children series The book was alright It would ve been better, I think, if it was longer The book is under 200 pages long, and half of that doesn t really matter to the point of the book I don t think I wish that Haddix would have included detail to the book One something really big happens in the book, such as Luke Lee meeting the group of other shadow children in the woods, I think the details are skipped over It only gives the reader a broad concept of the conversations that follow him meeting other people like him Once Luke Lee met them, Margaret didn t really add much information about what they talk about while they re in the woods All she says is that they re not talking about how to help other third children in any way possible When Luke Lee overheard Jason in the hallway talking to the population police as an informant, everything was rushed Luke Lee attacking Jason Jackal Boy was rushed and there wasn t much detail Then, when Luke Lee was getting Jason to the nurses office, I don t think that the nurse asked him enough questions about it or informed him well enough about what was wrong with him based off of Luke s explanations In the morning, after Luke Lee turned Jason into the nurse and broke into the main office to contact Mr Talbot to inform him about the people who were in danger, nothing was said about anything The broken glass in the door to the main office wasn t mentioned, no one else knew that Luke and Jason got out of bed that night, and no one really questioned Jason s absence in the morning I also would like to know how Jason kept the phone hidden and how he got it in the first place How did the boys who Jason ratted out to the population police over the phone know what aliases to use Where they told in the morning by someone Maybe by Mr Talbot How did the program Luke Lee started up with growing a garden with other third children work Was it something that the whole school knew about, or did they still have to pick out the shadow children from the one s who had mental illnesses or issues I think there are too many gaps in the book that leave out important or interesting information Overall, the book was pretty good If you take out the gaps in it, the book would be great. It was a very good book with many twists and turns I would recommend it to everyone in the galaxy if I could VERY ambiguous story I love it because it is super duper coooooooooooooool Stay pragmatic Daniel you really have to read the first shadow children book to get this one it follows through where Luke gets a new fake identity He becomes lee grant, a former boy who died in a ski accident.Luke goes through the school trying to blend in,as he was told if you want information read the book.the writer really takes a whole paragraph to explains Lukes feelings which i like it gives you a better understanding of how he truly feels.This book is not predictable like some others I had no idea about the ending.I would say that mainly people who are into the first should definably read this book. 5 This is like revolution leader angst The main character is obviously going to become some genius that frees all the shadow children This kid is already so good and this isn t even his final form I like all the references to Jen from the first book because there are these moments where Luke wants to be brave like Jen, but it s because he much cautious and careful than Jen that his steps in their ultimate goal to help free everyone are effective Jen s ideas was a great motivator for his ambition.