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Forced To Lie To Protect Her SisterFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author, Penny ReidOne WeekHome AloneGirl GeniusUnrepentant SlackerBig LieWhat S The Worst That Could Happen Mona Is A Smart Girl And Figured Everything Out A Long Time Ago She Had To She Didn T Have A Choice When Your Parents Are Uber Celebrities And You Graduate From High School At Fifteen, Finish College At Eighteen, And Start Your PhD Program At Nineteen, You Don T Have Time For Distractions Outside Of Your Foci Even Fun Is Scheduled Which Is Why Abram, Her Brother S Best Friend, Is Such An IrritantAbram Is A Talented Guy, A Supremely Gifted Musician, And Has Absolutely Nothing Figured Out, Nor Does He Seem To Care He Does What He Feels, When He Feels, And In Mona S Opinion He Makes Her Feel Entirely Too Much Laws Of Physics Is The Second Trilogy In The Hypothesis Series Laws Of Physics Parts MOTION SPACE End With A Cliffhanger

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    READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES FREE He is everything she doesn t want, so why does she want him so badly Grab the first book in the Hypothesis series ATTRACTION for FREE on all retailers ALL ATTRACTION EBOOK LINKS MOTION is LIVE and available EVERYWHERE EBOOK LINKS Part 1 MOTION 2 SPACE 3 TIME THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OF MOTION READ CHAPTER THREE OF MOTION

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    4 stars I love Penny Reid s brand of romance She always writes unique, funny, and smart books Her characters are endearing and the stories keep me enthralled every single time Motion was no exception I haven t read a book with a good twin swap in the longest time Mona s twin sister Lisa is in trouble and Mona is sent to save the day The only problem is, these two twins may be identical in looks, but they couldn t be different if they tried in every other way Still, Mona is pretending to be her sister for a week to get her out of the huge pickle she s in Abram is their brother Leo s friend and the person she needs to convince she s Lisa It shouldn t be hard Abram has never met Mona and only met Lisa once As the week goes on and feelings get involved, things become much complicated than Mona could have ever imagined You have to tell me what you want, he whispered gruffly If you don t want me, tell me But you have to know, you must know, I only want to make you happy Mona is so freaking smart, but also so very likable And Abram sigh I adore him His sister Marie is one of my favorite Penny heroines so that tie in was super fun It s apparent that Mona and Abram have some intense chemistry, but I have no idea how this will turn out between them That ending gah I seriously cannot wait to see where this story goes The second installment can t come soon enough And I really hope we get Abram s POV sometime in this series I want in his head I am so very thankful that Space will be out next month

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    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I was the worst kind of hypocrite, acting like I had all this moral authority Meanwhile, I was a lying liar of lies, sitting on a throne of lies, eating lie soup and liar cake.MOTION, the latest release by Penny Reid is filled with her signature humor and oddball quirky characters There are plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the story and while the steam level is lukewarm, the story is what will hold readers interest.Mona DaVinci is a nineteen year old science prodigy She s graduated college years ahead of her time and is on her way to earning her Ph.D Mona walks to the beat of her own drum, saying bizarre quotes that she believes are perfect in any given conversation Mona s research is her life She couldn t care less about fashion, makeup, or the glamorous life her parents live She s also not in the least bit close with her identical twin, Lisa who is her polar opposite Lisa is the bad twin who is always making poor life choices Lisa s escapades have made for good tabloid fodder.Mona gets a call from her sister from jail Lisa begs her to go home and pretend to be her for a week so that their parents don t find out about her incarceration and cut off all financial support It takes a lot of begging but Mona eventually gives in and agrees to be Lisa for a week While she s at home, she will be under house arrest and the person watching her every move is her brother s best friend, Abram.Mona has never met Abram before, and he s only met Lisa once, so Lisa is convinced Mona will be able to pull off the hoax What Mona didn t prepare for was the strong attraction she ends up feeling for Abram No man has ever gotten under her skin before and it s making her feel out of sorts Things get complicated for Mona when she senses there s a mutual attraction building between her and Abram Her conscience is holding her back from acting on her feelings Their time together has a fast approaching expiration date once Lisa is able to return home Will the chances of a romance between Abram and Mona die once the truth of her identity is revealed The book ends on a cliffhanger I can t wait to see what the author has in store for silly and lovable Mona Here are my overall ratings Hero 4Heroine 4Plot 5Angst 4Steam 3Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 4.5MOTION releases on February 11th Worldwide Play Paperback to blog review

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    I love Penny Reid s humor I love her odd, brilliant heroines I love the men who dig their quirkiness I Loved This Book What a great start to this series I knew virtually nothing about Motion going in, and I highly recommend that approach.Mona is a delight An introverted and socially awkward genius with a strong moral compass, she uses hilarious techniques for coping with uncomfortable situations I love how her mind works Mona is book smart, but people confuse her therefore, her decision making skills get clouded when she is forced to interact with others.Abram is a puzzle that I can t wait to solve He is completely opposite from Mona with her driven nature and orderly sensibilities Judging from appearances, Abram is a hot albeit messy slacker, even though he is supposedly a talented musician He is thoughtful but not deep, and he seems drawn to Mona and her eccentricities Penny Reid continues to up her smart romance game with this New Adult gem It s engrossing and funny, with the benefit of a suspenseful mystery added in I have a feeling this romance is of the Crock Pot simmering variety, which is just fine with me Motion ends on a cliffhanger why and I ll be first in line to get my grabby little hands on Space.Recommended for fans of New Adult fictionAstronomyNerdy heroinesChocolate cake donutsFull review on the blog MOTION Laws of Physics 1 by Penny Reid I received an early version of this book to voluntarily read

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    I get the biggest kick out of Penny Reid s stories My nerdy heart soaks up every little scientific detail she hides in them As you can guess by the title, LAWS OF PHYSICS is full with physics puns and jokes and I ate up every single one of them GEEK HEAVEN.Then there are Penny Reid s awesome characters Mona is everything I expected and so much Socially awkward, painfully so, whip smart, highly organized but people puzzle her She has a set of phrases she uses which are all hilarious because one of them always fits as an answer to an awkward question When she meets Abram he not only confuses the hell out of her, he is also irritatingly attractive and she doesn t know what to do with THAT Her initial reaction is to avoid him like the plague but her brilliant, scientific brain also wants to discover Mona s inner thoughts are a delight and her sweetness and vulnerability made me fall in love with her instantly I was a solution, he was a solute, and total saturation was on my mind We met Abram in Dating ish as Marie s brother and in Elements of Chemistry as a side character His life is messy and unorganized and pretty much the opposite of Mona s, except one thing He s a pretty smart guy too There is also a vulnerability about him that I found utterly endearing When he meets Mona, he holds on to some resentment he has for her twin sister but there really is a lot to like about Mona so he opens up to her quickly and experiences Mona s intelligence, depth and sweetness He doesn t hold back with his emotions, good or bad I loved that about him but it s his biggest vulnerability Mona and Abram s relationship is built on lies and he HATES lies so that definitely raised my anxiety level and made me fear for Mona This wasn t a crush, this was requited desire and reciprocated like Kissing, unscripted touching, gazing, whispers I was near dizzy at the thought But in this specific case, that also totaled certain disaster There were some cute and funny scenes about them fighting over donuts and Abram imparting his knowledge of whale poop, which was hysterical, especially because as rare as it was, it was something Mona didn t know There were also some intense and beautiful scenes between them and I think we ll get of those in the next book Especially when Abram made his feelings so obvious I just wanted to give Mona a shove into his arms You have to tell me what you want, he whispered gruffly If you don t want me, tell me But you have to know, you must know, I only want to make you happy Penny announced that the cliffhanger would be brutal so I was bracing for it I have to say that it didn t hit me as hard, maybe because I was forewarned Maybe also because book 2 will be upon us very soon Be that as it may, still may it be as it may be I can t wait to get it in my hands to see how Mona and Abram continue their dance around each other There s no escape from destiny.

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    10 MILLION STARS of Awesome A Penny Reid book at its finest Hilariously entertaining, slow burn romance, and amazing characters that will be the stars of your dreams, for months after reading this gorgeous story Mona has an identical twin sister, but in reality, they are polar opposites when it comes to their personalities Mona is very much into her studies, Physics, books, and research Her sister on the other hand mostly enjoys socializing and is always searching for her next, great, fun adventure But when her sister Lisa came to Mona desperately looking for help, Mona couldn t possibly turn her away, even if helping her goes against everything she believes in The only good thing that comes with Mona s tricky new reality is Abram The drop dead gorgeous, and talented musician that is torturing Mona s days with all his hotness You ll laugh your booty off with tons of Physics jokes, you ll fall in love with Abram s charms, and Mona will both captivate you, and inspire you with her smarts and inner beauty This book has a never ending flow of awesomeness and entertainment Reading a Penny Reid book to me is always like eating my most favorite meal, at my most favorite restaurant, in my favorite city a trifecta of pleasure But with this book, she really takes us readers to a whole new level of fresh, and yet familiar experience I will be desperately waiting for all books in this series to release, so I can read them all, and then re read, and then read again, for EVER Fan freakin tastic

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    Title MotionSeries Laws of Physics 1Author Penny ReidRelease date February 11, 2019Cliffhanger YESGenre Contemporary romanceThis is the first in the Laws of Physics trilogy, and as you would expect in a three book story arc, you re going to be left hanging in suspense a couple of times I m not gonna lie, Penny had me than a little concerned about this cliffy she was warning us all about on social media It got to the point where I was dreading the end of the book And not just because I was enjoying it and didn t want it to end Maybe my nervousness and fear of the unknown had built my expectations up, but it really wasn t as bad as I thought it would be Though you WILL be consumed with curiosity about what comes next, make no mistake I immediately went to read the synopsis for Space to hunt for some clues.When Mona gets a call from her twin sister Lisa pleading for her help, she very reluctantly agrees Leaving a PhD program interview in order to play the part of her sister for a week It s a recipe for disaster The two sisters are identical in looks, but complete opposites in every other way Mona has always been the smart and responsible one, Lisa is the attention seeking wild child One is a social butterfly, the other has difficulty relating to other people s humor and interacting socially Mona is conservative and regimented, Lisa is flashy and impulsive Of course, I immediately loved the heroine for her gargantuan brain, her soft heart, and overall awkward ways But she has this vulnerability to her as well that so easily endears you Growing up with two famous rockstar parents, she was left to her own devices most of the time, even shipped off to live with a Professor in her teens There was never anyone she could confide in, or a safe place for her to feel protected It seemed like such a lonely life, especially one who s a little bit different and sees things at a deeper level than most people care to look Mona has so much to offer, but often she s laughed at for her unique qualities or gawked at like a science experiment That made me so sad for her.The universe in all its infinite complexity and beauty struck me as an apt reverse allegory for human interaction We are deceived by the white dots We label them stars Often, they re so much Layered Complex Important Surprising Beautiful.We met Abram as a secondary character in the Elements in Chemistry series, and now we get to see him front and center here He was always that broody and quiet character you wanted to know about, with a heck of a lot of smolder In this first installment, he still very much gave off that mysterious persona, and it took some time for him to warm up to Mona It doesn t help that she s forced to act like her ill mannered sister in order to pull off their ruse On one hand, she wants to just be herself and forget all of the deception that surrounds their relationship On the other, she can t very well throw her sister under the bus because of this uncomfortable attraction she can t begin to figure out what to do with Her preconception of him as a surly, slacker musician is dismantled and shuffled into a new image Her true personality falls through the cracks of her facade, and he can t help but smile at her unexpected intelligence and humor Her entire relationship with him during the week is based on fabrications and lies, and I was really nervous to find out how he would react when the truth was out He s sweet and passionate with those he chooses to give his trust to, but when that trust is brokenit s not going to end well Let s just say that I was reading with one eye closed while peeking through my fingers as the slow burn heated up I half wanted to smoosh their faces together, half wanted to pull Abram away from the inevitable hurt and protect him There didn t seem to be an easy way out of the predicament they landed in I can t say enough about the predictably witty and sharp science humor You expect to laugh when you pick up a Penny Reid book, and belly laugh I DID Mona s fierce battle over her chocolate donuts, the puns and whale jokes were just a few of the reasons why I couldn t stop smiling But the book also explored the themes of sexual harassment and consent, and how males aren t given equal care when they are the victim As much as I love this author s humor, I really appreciate that she integrates social topics into her stories in order to bring awareness Mona and Abram had a ton of chemistry together that we just started to scratch the surface to see I cannot wait to continue the series and see how their unconventional connection will unfold Though there is a connection to characters from other series, this is a complete standalone Part two, Space is scheduled to release March 11, 2019.FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    A Penny Reid book is like a bar of my favorite chocolate certain to never disappoint I sat down last night to read my arc of Motion, all giddy because I finally had time to curl up with it and a cup of tea I was expecting to love it but I wasn t expecting to be so completely addicted to Mona s narration and the hot, smart, yumminess of Abram, that I ended up devouring the book in one sitting Mona is one of Penny s smartest characters yet and she had me laughing out loud at her physics jokes the ones I got , the witty banter between her and Abram, and melting at the connection between these two characters I love when two characters come together and start to learn so much from each other It makes them all the authentic and swoony worthy.Utterly addictive writing, fascinating, hilarious, likeable characters and absolutely electric chemistry I already know this is going to sit at the top of my favorite read pile for 2019 Not so patiently waiting for book two I need my Mona and Abram fix, please.

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    The build up in this story is just perfect I m SO not a fan of cliffhangers but it makes me sad to think that if I would ve let that stand in my way, I would ve missed out on Abram and Mona s story The story is told in that distinct Penny Reid voice intellectual, witty, deep, analytical, and at times even vulnerable There are so many facets to the characters and we get to explore them in a way that really enhances the tale Abram s got this openness that sucked me right in He s not a pushover by any means and the way that it manifests sometimes is hella hot but he s not afraid to show his softer side to Mona I love Mona s quirky personality and even her flaws They support the story s core internal conflict and propel the story to a deeper level The couple compliment one another yet are very unique and distinct The book is very much a slow burn that keeps you on the warmer with some incredibly hot sensual scenes and tension The plot was interesting Though I haven t fully bought into the overarching conflict due to the questions that have yet to be answered, I was captivated by the developments Every aspect of the writing, from prose to imagery and pace was carefully crafted To say that I eagerly anticipate the rest of the books is an understatement This is one for the favorites Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed.

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    Favorite Quotes Talking to her was like arguing with a flat earther Ignorance plus arrogance is why we can t have nice things Gabby was a nebulous assemblage of unscrupulousness and exasperating nonsense, and we d likely never be friends again, but she was undoubtedly charming when she wanted to be.My Review I am awed, enad with, and flummoxed by Penny Reid She is the only wordsmith I know who could simultaneously create tension and levity with prunes, Moby Dick, and whale poop She has stunningly strong word voodoo and magical storytelling skills that mesmerized and fuzzed my sense of reality and time as I somehow lost an entire afternoon to Mona and Abram, and I didn t even swear at the abrupt cliffhanger, which is so unlike me I just may have slipped into a mild fugue state on the final page of Motion, I don t seem to have the words to propel myself from this limbo and fear I may remain in this slightly dazed predicament until the next installment hits my Kindle Please hurry, Ms Reid.