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No fun in Fairyland? The Fun Day Fairies are each responsible for adding spunk and sparkle to one day of the week But when Jack Frost steals their magic they need Rachel and Kirsty's help Without the fairies' special flags every day of the week will be gloomy and glumCan Rachel and Kirsty start the week off right by helping Megan the Monday Fairy find her missing flag? Or will Jack Frost and his goblins get in their way?Find the magic flag in each book and help fill every day of the week with fun

10 thoughts on “Megan the Monday Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Fun Day Fairies, #1)

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    I was devastated my children showed no interest in reading this book with me so I indulgently read it anyway It was not disappointed with this delve into magical fairies

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    • This book is part of a very large set that is very popular with primary school girls Boys may also enjoy this book but the series are mostly aimed at girls as young readers The book is 75 pages long so it would be a little bit of a project for a year 34 student This could also be read to the younger girls or assisted to read because it has some trickier language and needs greater concentration The books are very popular because each book title contains a girl’s name which covers many common names so girls can pretend they are the fairies and get into the book The books are very imaginative and introduce the reader to a new magical world which can be very stimulating especially with the book containing pictures which brings the characters to life The fact that the book is part of a series is good because it encourages children to read than one book because if they enjoy the first there is no reason they they would not like all the other books in the series and would lead on to a very large range of books to choose from which are available at lots of primary schools and local libraries The books would purely be read for pleasure because they would not ever be broken down and studied in a classroom situation which is good for a child to get I to the habit of at a young age so they enjoy personal reading and are likely to enjoy it for life The books all hold messages also which can be to promote friendship and good values so they also have appositive influence on the reader The child may feel accomplished when they finish the book which is always great for a child so they can go on to read many books to get to the end and feel it again

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    There are seven Fun Day fairies and they are Megan the Monday Fairy Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy Willow the Wednesday Fairy Thea the Thursday Fairy Freya the Friday Fairy Sienna the Saturday Fairy and Sarah the Sunday FairyKirsty is staying with Rachel in Tippington Town for a week of school hols Handy series in that it teaches the days of the week; activities are pretty varied as each fairy is simply responsible for making their day of the week fun Twist for this series is that there is a riddle each day to help them find the Fun Day FlagIcy wind now fiercely blowTo the Time Tower I must goGoblin servants follow meAnd steal the Fun Day flags I needI know there will be no funFor fairies or humans once the flags are goneSo storm winds take me where I sayMy plan for chaos starts today

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    I was disappointed with this book it is the first in the set of the fun day fairies and usually the first book is the best this one wasn't that great I mean they transport from fairyland to town hall to fairyland to town hall like it's nothing and bad tapping is fixed by costumes

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    Just taking a trip through fairyland to get familiar with the little ladies before our library program          

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    This was a good book for beginner chapter readers The story was easy enough to follow This is also an AR book for anyone who wants to know

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    This book just doesn’t seem to sparkle with as much magic as the previous ones in the series Perhaps it’s due to the Monday Itis feel throughout the story

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    After having read uite a few of these books they are starting to feel a bit repetitive

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    We have now began The Fun Day Fairies Saga This is about Megan the Fun Day fairy for Monday We will also be ending my Rainbow Magic spree here as I do not own book past this one I might read some Sweet Valley Twins books next Megan is the Fun Day fairy for Monday I can't grasp that concept as well as an adult as I would have as a child since Monday's stopped being fun in like 7th grade But hey in Fairyland everyTHING and everyDAY is ALWAYS funexcept when the Fun Day flags are gone And they're gone NOW Jack Frost and his goblin friends have stolen them ALL But Megan and the Fairyland Royalty have enlisted Karen and Rachel to find them But when they arrive back in human world they find that their friend has lost her tap shoes and bag and that nobody seems to be able to tap dance properly any Of course it's because a goblin has the MONDAY flag that rightfully belongs to Megan But they assure the friend Karen that they will find her bag during the class When they find the bag the flag is inside and a goblin has it They retrieve the back but the goblin takes the flag into the clock That's easily solved when Megan magically makes the clock chime and the goblin drops the flagright into thier hands They return Karen's bag to her and the flag to Fairyland Then all is good well right and proper in the world againat least for MONDAY There's 6 flags to find this week I enjoyed this These are fun and uick reads

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    Jack Frost stole the seven Fun Day Flags that belong to the Fun Day Fairies Every day Frances the Frog Time Guard of Fairy Land looks in the book of days to see what day it is Then he raises that day's flag and when the sun reflects through the flag that day's fairy would stand in the middle of the clock and the fun day magic in the flag would go right into the fairy's wand Rachel and Kristy help Megan the Monday Fairy find her flag In the book of days a poem appeared and it was a hint to wear it is The poem says tip and tap are their two clues So Rachel and Kristy think that maybe it could be at the Middle School where Rachel's friend Karen is doing tap dancing class And in Karen's bag with the tap dancing shoes is the Monday Flag There are sneaky goblins trying to get the flag too because when they're near the flag they have bunches of fun But Jack Frost threw them into the human world because when he stole the flags the goblins didn't do work any they were playing hide and seek and doing pranks on Jack Frost