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Mates, Dates, and Designer Divas you Know what I really admire about you Your amazing attitude You Don t let anything faze you It s the kind of attitude we re always being encouraged to have at School You re one of life s winners other people give up before they ve even begun but not you you go for it Another Mates and Dates book, this time we got to learn about the Fashionasta of the Group Nesta Nesta is experiencing some In built Free floating Depression as she likes to call it as she learns the fine fashion of balancing the art of being broke, dating boys, dealing with emotions and trying to maintain relationships with her mates Izzie and Lucy Nesta also has to deal with Racism but I like how the Mates Dates took the approach It s very subtle in the way that the plot addressess it however it s probably quite outdated in terms of plot approach when you take into account the Youth of today and how topics like Race is currently being addressed in today s Young Adult fiction.Again I quite like the mates and dates series by Cathy HopkinsCathy Hopkins They are quick reads with each novel focusing on some really good insight into the struggles of being a teen If you really think about what you are reading the books can help you figure out who you are too However they keep it light and keep it fun and if you can get past the British Slang which may even be outdated in regards to the British Youth of today, they really are a fab read. Trust Me To Go And Fall For Someone Who Lives On The Other Side Of The PlanetNesta Has Met The Perfect Boy Good Looking, Fun, Sweet But There Are Problems, Too Simon S From A Rich, Upper Class Background With A Lifestyle To Match And It S Difficult For Nesta To Keep Up And Then There S Simon S Friend Cressida What Can Nesta Do To Compete With The Ultimate Designer Diva Oh teenage girls Sometimes you just need a light book nothing to serious unless you are a teenage girl then everything is serious This was definitely my favourite so far I loved the different themes explored in this book, and how Nesta grew as character I will definitely read this one again I can t wait to continue with the series. The main character of this book is Nesta, different from Mates, Dates, 2 She falls in love with a good looking boy Simon who is rich and the background is better that Nesta s His friend Cressida doesn t like Nesta and alway say something bad to her At the end they break up and Cressida isn t Simon s friend any.The book is interesting and I enjoy reading it. This is a really good book for girls ages 11 16 If you like girl drama gossip you will love this book. I really enjoyed these books when I was younger I ve definitely matured, and not sure I d enjoy them too much now But great for younger readers, say about 11 14 Silly and fun but you get to love the main characters Such a cute book Nesta is such an interesting character to hear her side is refreshing Collective ReviewI first read a couple of these books in 2006 I had a long bus trip and grabbed a couple of the series from a local bookstore I had no idea they were part of a huge series Over the years I had forgotten the names of the books but every now and then would try to find them I finally found them this year from a Goodreads list Yay I really enjoyed this series I think the main reason is because the books were released in 2001 and the girls are 14 I was 13 in 2001 so can connect with a lot of the pop culture aspects mentioned throughout the series Even though the series is based in England I still feel a sense of nostalgia while reading it I really love the girls and their friendship I never had a close knit group of friends like this when I was younger so I liked reading about it They are a bit too boy crazy for my liking but I really did love this series. I really liked this book This is by far one of my most favorite book series i started to read One message of the book that stuck out to me, is when one of the main characters named Nesta decided to act like she was rich or had style to impress her soon to be boyfriend.He then found out and told her he liked her the way she was, rich or comfortable The characters are around my age and they live in North London I like how the book takes place in North London because sometimes you can imagine yourself reading the words with a British accent i mistakenly read this book out of order of the series but i took my time to understand it and this book is great I would definitely recommend this book to teenage girls out there because the way the author uses the drama of everyday in the teen life, Hopkins still makes the book fun and that is why i loved reading Mates, Dates, and Designer Divas.