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Fairyland is home to the seven Weather Fairies With the help of Doodle the rooster and his magical feathers they bring all of the weather to Fairyland But when evil Jack Frost and his goblins steal the feathers the weather turns wacky It's up to the Weather Fairies to fix it fast When everyone in Wetherbury becomes gloomy Rachel and Kirsty think the cloud feather might be to blame Can Pearl the Cloud Fairy help the girls find it? Or is Pearl down in the dumps too? Find one feather in each book and fix the weather in Fairyland

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    So you're probably wondering why I bother to rate these Well my four year old daughter can barely go two nights without me reading these to her before she goes to sleep As soon as we're done with our library collection she begs to go back for We play goblin and fairy and I'm not sick of them yet even though we've probably read 15 of them They're fairly creative although each one follows a similar pattern the details are different No she's not learning much about weather or pets or gemstones or whatever the series is about but it has created warm and comfortable mother daughter memories for my girl and me

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    I liked the part when Richelle tickled the goblin I didn't like when the clouds were over their heads

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    Read for Nostalgiathon leaving books I read for this readathon unrated because they are all special to my childhood and I don't want to assign a star rating to my nostalgia

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    FantasyThe Weather Fairies is a chapter book series However I chose to read Pearl The Cloud Fairy form this chapter book series This is a magical book about lifting others up and encouraging others In this fantasy clouds change colors which helps the mood and uplifting's of others They must use magic to help save the day In a 4th grade classroom I would use this book to teach about the genre fantasy I would also use this book to teach about lifting others up One activity that I would do with my students is to have them lift at least one person up during the day and tell a friend Pearl The Cloud Fairy is a WOW book for me because I think it is important to lift others up when they are down We all need a little encouragement sometimes I also like this book because I think the weather can play a role in others moods I admire the magic in these chapter book series

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    Second set in the fairy books This is in the following school holidays Rachel comes to stay with Kirsty in the village of Wetherbury Jack Frost's goblins have stolen the tail weathers from Fairyland's weather vane rooster and making weather chaos in Fairyland and the village Only the girls can see the magical clouds over people's heads making them everything from gloomy to stormy and angryMiss 4 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

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    Eve liked it It is a silly book about a fairy and 2 girls who find a feather one of many that need found throughout the series to bring back to life a roosterweather vane It was not well written but a uick read that Eve enjoyed

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    Yet another rainbow magic book I would have loved to read as a child I especially liked the ending in this one I remember the excitement I felt at such news when I was younger and still do even though I’m nearing my forties

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    I like her long braids

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    I really liked this book because the view spoiler goblin is making the fairy books fun instead of stealing the feathers but Kristy and Rachel helped them hide spoiler

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    hi this is 2019 15 year old me who remembers that 6 year old me loved this book soyeeti'm going to repeat this statement for literally every book i add to my children's literature shelf okay