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Prometheus someone who thinks forward.Prometheus Bound is a play based on the Greek Mythology Prometheus, a titan immortal , a descendant of original gods, Gaia and Ouranos Earth and Heaven , is being imprisoned, chained and punished to death by Zeus Olympus God for being kind to human beings, for making them capable, giving them a head to think for themselves and nature and giving them a power to become equal to Gods.He stole fire from Olympus.He gave fire to men.He stopped men thinking of their future deaths Inside their hearts he put blind hope With it men will soon master many arts.He did that for men, nothing but the creatures of a day.If ever in your life, you have had a little interest in Greek Mythology, have enjoyed an audacious and without modesty conversation between Gods or even if you have not, then this book is for you.I tried to persuade many of my friends to read this one short book, they again, won t listen They are not my friends any Do not enroll yourself in that list Do not become a person who refuses to encounter and appreciate such art which would be a tragedy of all tragedies. Prometheus Bound, AeschylusPrometheus Bound Ancient Greek Prom theus Desm t s is an Ancient Greek tragedy In antiquity, it was attributed to Aeschylus, but now is considered by some scholars to be the work of another hand, and perhaps one as late as c 430 BC Despite these doubts of authorship, the play s designation as Aeschylean has remained conventional The tragedy is based on the myth of Prometheus, a Titan who defies the gods and gives fire to mankind, acts for which he is subjected to perpetual punishment 2008 1353 104 1394 430. Don t rage and storm You are intelligent full wellYou know that punishment falls on unruly tongue Prometheus knows that indeed, and suffers unspeakable injustice and pain for his unruly tongue and rebellious action But that doesn t stop him from speaking up against the tyranny of Zeus, who is particularly harsh and unfair as he is new to power not established enough yet to be able able to cope with free thinking, independence and criticism.Prometheus is punished for feeling for humankind and for giving them the tools to rise to a new level of civilisation By giving them fire, he offers them what was considered the privilege of gods, and thus he breaks the hierarchical rules of the status quo For that, he is chained to a mountain by Hephaistos, acting unwillingly on Zeus orders The political situation described two and a half millennia ago is strikingly human and timeless Exchange Prometheus name for any idealist rebel, and Zeus wrath for that of any ruthless patriarch, and the drama will stay essentially the same You will find the sexual exploitation of young vulnerable women exposed to men of power without empathy in any given era, and most later victims won t be given the whole Ionian Sea to be remembered by You will find the advisers of Oceanus type recognising injustice but reluctant to risk their own privilege to speak up against the tyrant And you will find the powerless Chorus of those lamenting fate without being able to change it.Machiavelli described Zeus in his Prince And Milton created a version of Prometheus in his Satan Wherever people are punished for speaking truth to power and standing up for the rights of weaker communities, you have Prometheus Bound re enacted And still today we hear powerful men yelling Pride or Shame whenever someone takes on the role of Prometheus to educate and support humanity and to make them independent of tyrannical rulers whims.Prometheus is all of us who believe in and work for the development of civilised and just life What makes him stand out is his will to act on behalf of others, and not just moan and complain about the injustice of his bad boss.Timeless classic to be reread regularly until the Promethean gift has reached each corner of the world. I m shocked to see that only one of my Goodreads friends has read this play This is my favorite work of ancient Greek literature The story has some pretty deep meaning It s really the inverse of the Fall From Grace Instead of the human desire for knowledge resulting in the perverse punishment of Original Sin as issued by that sadistic toddler running the show in the Old Testament, we find a tale of heroic sacrifice which results in the illuminating powers of reason and curiosity being bestowed upon the minds of mortal, fallible human beings. By the immutable hugs steel chains, nails that Saviour of men at these high steep rocks He stole from the splendor of Fire which creates all, your flower, and he gave it to mortals Chastises him for having insulted the gods He may learn to revere the tyranny of Zeus, and he is careful to be kind to men it is the fruit of your love for men Being a God, you do not fear the wrath of the gods You made the Living too large donations For that, on this gloomy rock standing without bending the knee, without sleep, you will consummate yourself into endless lamentations useless groans the spirit of the Son of Kronos is impenetrable his heart can not be touched. Bound to a rock, Prometheus claims for help and understanding for how long imprisoned He s alone Someone has locked his feet and hands He implores the Divine Ether, the winds mother Earth, the Sun look at the suffering imposed upon a god He gets an explanation from the Oceanides who inform him that the Olympus has new rulers Zeus laws are absolute there s no forgiveness for the deeds of Prometheus, who, once brought to humanity the divine fire all arts knowledge.Zeus, now is the king He wants to annihilate races He distributes privileges but nothing to mankind Prometheus swears one day will come to ban him he ll pay for this unjust deed.The end for this tragic play places Prometheus being buried under rocks.Three thousand years later Shelley will resurrect him Spark Notes Best EPub, Author Aeschylus This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Aeschylus Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is probably the best and most classic telling of Prometheus, from his giving fire to man from the noblest of reasons to how horribly and seemingly unjustly that Zeus punishes him.All arts and tools come from Prometheus, after all, and he should always be considered the greatest of all friends of mankind even though he is a titan However, he s also the one that pushed us to improve our intellect in the same way he did for himself, and in doing so, he brought harm upon himself See a trend We created war with the smelting of ore into weapons, after all It s not all about cooking and keeping warm or creating medicine.Was Zeus right Was it right to keep an immortal chained and have a bird eat his liver for all eternity Or was this just the graphic depiction of what we will always do to ourselves I wish I could read the other two parts of this play I think that would be awesome But alas What we ve got is still pretty raw and emotional and delightfully slanted After all, we re meant to sympathize entirely with Prometheus throughout the play It reminds me an awful lot of Paradise Lost Good motivations and charismatic leaders leading to roads paved to hell.