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Well, let me start by saying I ve never consumed wine with the completion of any book and start this review with a warning To love this book, you have to love life The book opens with a bang after a well crafted author s note and races forward to tell the twisted tale of the author s illustrious career in the corrupt wine industry The first relatable subject touched on was the marital discord he felt when he was promoted relocated to run a new sales division After that, envy rings true to form as he worked with a few classic haters who knew they could never be him, while sabotaging his new sales division This alone would provide a relatable read but only sets up the love story part of the storyline which is nothing short of amazing But hold on Our charming lead doesn t only have a female love interest In a long lineup of wonderful characters, there s his prot g A young, handsome, dim, flunky who plays into his demise as an envious sales manager manipulates a sales draft for his new division After a few good belly laughs, he meets the girl His Wendy The Peter Pan Wendy love story is brilliant, and the references to Never Land come so naturally that as the wine flowed I began believing he just might be Pan I also believe in fate and strongly get this authors take on that too The Show is a story about life and a man who is way too intelligent to be fired amidst even this drama He refused to play the politics game and wanted out of a corrupt company to get his life back the life he taught us all to celebrate I get Mr Sola and believe this tragic tale is the set up for a happily ever after one I now look forward to reading cheers The Show reads like a novel with detailed diary appeal This is an entertaining recreation of a time when the author was a rising star in the corrupt wine and spirits industry A friend informed me this an accurate depiction of this powerful company and the maddening practices of certain executives within it As interesting and disturbing as it is, it was the love story part of the book that had me finishing it in days I get this author and I thoroughly enjoyed The Show. He Worked Hard, Played Hard, And Was Referred To As The Peter Pan Man, Set To Be A Star In The Industry He Adored After His Third Promotion In Four Years, He Was Granted A Rare Bright Future Tag That Only Two Executives, With Very Different Agendas, Were Aware Of The Company Relocated Him To Run A New Selling Division And His Seemingly Scripted Life Appeared To Be A Dream, Until The Warnings He Ignored Caused It To Have Traits Of A NightmareWith Pixie Dust Bathing The Scene In Magic, The Peter Pan Man Met His Wendy, And The Curtain Rose On The Show Most of this was quite engaging, some of it was just brilliant often funny, and at times hilarious A few too many characters, and some typical typos, but an overall entertaining read that exceeded my expectations The real appeal for me came from the author himself, though Not just his unique writing style, but the fact he is the loveable lead who exudes a dangerous boyish charm that ends up altering his and her life, with tragic consequences If you are looking for happy endings this isn t a book for you This feels real, and races on with sensitive subject matter that this guy dances through until he goes right off the cliff. Sola got me The Show is a truly magical read that exposes life in a way that is raw and real I found the nearly four hundred pages of this tale to be thoroughly entertaining I laughed, cringed and criedand now look to read on Hopefully there is a happy ending in this talented man s next story He deserves it I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard that I cried This book is a rather detailed account of a rise and fall but often feels like a romantic comedy The author is the charming Peter Pan Man, a guy who will have you laughingeven as you go off the cliff with him The end screams SEQUEL so I m sure this Pan will be flying on 4.5 stars I m looking forward to reading on Sola does a commendable job entertaining us with his first writing project His 400 page rise and fall love story is an engaging page turner with lively characters, consistent dialog and a clever ending that left me looking for I enjoyed The Show Three Stars. Okay, so I too was charmed by this so called Peter Pan Man Let me just get that out of the way because this particular leading man commands our attention and holds our love whilst still being what some would consider a lost boy who drinks in excessis a bit reckless and often egotistical That said, the story races along with diary type details of an old school romance with his much younger leading lady while climbing the corporate ladder as envious executives take shots at him This book should have a soundtrack and come with a case of wine and a pillow and maybe some tissues You might shed a tear or two, but you will certainly laugh as he dances through the serious plot with his side splitting antics Reading is believing Five Stars extremely entertaining I am looking forward to reading on Mr Sola, so please hurry with the sequel I edited this book and instantly fell in love with it Larry has a genius way of creating these true to life characters and putting them in unbelievable predicaments There s love, jealousy, betrayal, laughter, and heartbreak, rolled up into what would be an amazing series, should someone decide to film it A great summer read Holy crap I loved this By chapter 3 I realized I wasn t going to put it down By chapter 8 I wanted to work for the Peter Pan Man the author By chapter 14 I pretended that I was Wendy By chapter 26 I shed my second tear realizing I was on an emotional roller coaster By chapter 29 I only broke away from it to check this guy out without a shirtHOLY CRAP I can on and on, but let me sum it up as a perfect blend of serious subject matter and fantastic fantasy An imaginary backdrop that this guy created that became his reality You have to read this to understand, but I BELIEVE I found this guy to be quite appealing and his story to be harrowing, heartbreaking and absolutely alluring Second star to the right and straight on till morningFIVE STARS AMAZING AUTHOR AND BOOK I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SHOW