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It Was Supposed To Be A Routine Mission To Collect A Pediatrician For The Offspring Of The Emerging Cyborg Nation But Rogue Cyborgs, Gideon, Jerico, And Gabriel Realize Fairly Quickly That They Have A Unique Opportunity To Gain A Mate Companion Bronte The Rub Is They Weren T Programmed For Courtship With No Idea Of How To Woo The Object Of Their Desires, They Fall Back On The Only Skills They Have To Persuade Her Their Programming As Pleasure BotsRating Contains Graphic Sex, Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Multiple Partner Sex

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    a heroine so actively stupid

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    DNF at 30% because dubcon Eeeeeeek Also, the love interests beat each other up all the time For no reason Who does that I don t for a second believe the author s assertion that they re just soldiers, they have to burn off their innate aggression somehow Um, no, if you have to beat someone half to death to let go of aggression, then you are not a soldier you re just psychotic I ll take a hard pass on the psychotic cyborg cubed, thanks

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    It is a very great shame that you are human. This was another very entertaining story Cyborgs home is now full of cyborg babies and obviously no cyborg had been trained as a pediatrician and nobody knows what to do with all these crying, hungry and possibly sick babies The solution is simple A team will travel to earth in order to abduct the most famous children s doctor Unfortunately the doctor is dead, so instead of him they will abduct his daughter who is also a doctor.Bronte is an awesome female charaster Sassy, strong, adaptive, resourceful and most of all, a very caring and nurturing girl He had no mother no father no family no life beyond what he had here She felt like crying all over again when his words echoed in her mind, this time from remorse I had no mother She did cry that time, hurting for him, for them. When the time comes, she will defend her men You would say anything to protect them, would you not Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel behaving like horny teenagers that have just discovered sex, which was really funny At the same time, they are so sweet while they try to seduce Bronte and convice her to create a family unit with them Reddening, Jerico snd Gabriel exchanged an uncomfortable glance What the hell, did you do Gideon ground out furiously Nothing you did not do Jerico snarled

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    4 Cyborgalicious Stars Apparently I am a Cyborg Slut because I would like my own harem of yummy CyborgsGideon Gideon s the leader of a small group of Cyborgs on a mission to kidnap a pediatrician for the growing cyborg population He s also a fierce protector GabrielGabriel s the sweetheart that Always knows just what to say to melt my heartJericoJerico s patient, sweet, and kind And he s a skilled fighterCalebCaleb s beautiful but he had some perish tendencies that I really didn t care for At least he was willing to fight for the woman he loved.BronteShe s a Pediatrician Abduction victim Oh and my kind of heroine She was strong, independent, and smart.Cyborg Nation was an action packed adventure spiced with a bit of sex There was one menage scene, but this series focuses mostly on relationships with multiple partners where each man focusing on the woman they love To say I have enjoyed this series would be an understatement I look forward to reading the final installment soon My Cyberevolution reviews The AwakeningTotal RecalAbiogenesisCyborgIlluminationCyborg Nation

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    Because julio thought is was

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    I LOVE this series See my review on Cyborg for the back story.Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel are cyborgs There were sent to Earth to get Dr.B.A Nicols, male pediatrician, to help them with Cyborg Nation young Unfortunately, B.A.Nichols is dead Fortunately, his daughter Bronte is also a pediatrician so they grab her As males overwhemingly outnumber females in the Cyborg Nation, each female must have not less than two or than four spouses Our Cyborgs decide to use the transit time home to court Bronte But, being Cyborgs, this behavior was never downloaded into their databanks Reading the story of three evolving Cyborgs courting a female is fabulous Because they were told they have no emotion, they don t recognize the caring, jealously, and love they feel for Bronte Likewise, Bronte misreads their emotions as they aren t supposed to have any My first experience with this author was via e book, but now I m buying the paperbacksthey re that good

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    What a romp Full of sci fi polyamorous love, I was laughing outloud at the some the antics of the heroes in this one Sure their punching each other out every other minute got a little old, but for some dumb reason it came off as an endearing personality quirk and I was just as charmed as the heroine Course the hot erotic sex they dished out helped P

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    There is a LOT of gratuitous sex going on through out this story The small group of Cyborg Space guys are all friends and try to get Bronte to agree to mate with them as well as be their mate,so it,s a very ADULT story That being said. Of all of the books in this series by Kaitlyn O Connor, this is my favorite It s so funny I laughed and laughed Definitely erotic romance including being mated to multiple partners I d be happy with just one Cyborg A bunch of really good looking hunky guys without much living experience and she s a doctor which they kidnapped ,sort of accidentally by her being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to bring to their planet because no one there knows anything about birthing babies which is a new evolutionary thing with these Cyborgs take breath On the way back to their planet they all decide even though she s the enemy they want her to be their mate They wouldn t probably have a mate otherwise But of course she has to agree Plus what will the council say when they get planetside It was a fun story to read and I recommend to anyone over 18

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    I do love these cyborg books I believe this is the third in the series and it was very enjoyable The only thing that sort of annoyed me was the addition of a fourth partner within the last few pages It seem very last minute and unecessary I almost felt sorry for him, Bronte certainly didn t want or need him and he didn t even get a kiss It sort of ended the story badly for me.

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    DNF at a bit over 50%There are so many things in it that I dislike dubious consent, characters controlled by their sexual urges, sex without emotional connection, poor communication and erroneous assumptions as conflict drivers, general stupidityThere is some humor here that I enjoyed view spoiler The men trying to figure out how a woman thinks was funny, but you d think their seduction programming would have given them a bit of a clue Plus, considering that they knew they had to share any woman they got, WTH did they keep beating the hell out of each other for being with her That need an outlet for their aggression excuse was BS hide spoiler