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The Folklore And Mythology Of North American Indians Is Varied And Wide Ranging, As Shown In This Carefully Chosen Representative Sampling Of Native American Folktales Assembled By Noted Folklorist Stith Thompson, The Collection Includes Marvelous Narratives From Points As Distant From One Another As Southern California, Labrador, And The Great Plains Yet Despite The Diversity Of Tribes Represented, Many Of The Tales Share Similar Themes And ElementsThey Have Been Grouped Here Into Such Categories As Mythological Stories, Mythical Incidents, Trickster Tales, Hero Tales, Journeys To The Otherworld, Animal Wives And Husbands, And Tales Borrowed From Europeans There Are Even Indians Stories Based On Such Biblical Subjects As Noah S Flood, The Tower Of Babel, And Crossing The Red Sea Included Are The Woman Who Fell From The Sky Seneca , The Creation Maidu , Coyote And Porcupine Nez Perc , The Jealous Father Cree , The False Bridegroom Gros Ventre , The Star Husband Ojibwa , The Bear Woman Blackfoot , Cinderella Zu I , Making The Princess Laugh Micmac , Crossing The Red Sea Cheyenne , And ScoresOf Great Interest To Students Of Folklore And Native American Mythology, Tales Of The North American Indians Will Appeal To The General Reader As Well Because The Tales Are Full Of Color And Imagination And Fascinating In Themselves

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    really, can anyone feel the same way of reading a book with latex gloves and goggles and mouth muffle vintage books rock and also suck

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    This is a compilation that is divided into themes example the animal spouse Seems to have almost every NA tribe s tales or as many as possible Can be hard to get through.

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    Mostly non sensical There were a handful of pretty decent ones that I ll probably circle back around to read Which is saying a lot considering how atrocious I view most myth books This book had a few unique ones Granted, it still had the ones without any point.One of the parts I thought was the most odd was toward the end there were Christian stories that had been tweaked to fit barely into their culture Although one story did provide some humor.Tower of Babel they frequently made him drunk, and had connection with him Thus they bore many children, and their father wondered how they became pregnant.

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    Review by L.M Someone who likes Native American stories would like this.