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When Lewis Barnavelt an orphan comes to stay with his uncle Jonathan he expects to meet an ordinary person But he is wrong Uncle Jonathan and his next door neighbor Mrs Zimmermann are both magicians Lewis is thrilled At first watching magic is enough Then Lewis experiments with magic himself and unknowingly resurrects the former owner of the house a woman named Selenna Izard It seems that Selenna and her husband built a timepiece into the walls—a clock that could obliterate humankind And only the Barnavelts can stop it

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    This was such a surprisingly fun read It's honestly one of those adventurous stories that warms your heart It's full of magic and mystery and it's an all around good time I'm really curious to see how this translates on the big screen

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    one day when i was about 8 or 9 living in some chilly state i bundled myself up until i looked like a little gray egg hood over head the hood's furry fringe making my face a cameo portrait of a round genderless blob and proceded to wait for my ride in the lobby of my apartment building a young man came down to use the vending machines there looked at me and asked conversationally Are you a little boy or a little girl? i died a little bit then sueaked out I'm a little girl i laugh at the story now but i also can't help but remember the sharp flash of humiliation the uick decision that it was less embarrassing to be a girl mistaken for a boy than to admit that i could have been a boy who looked like a girl and then of course the ample self loathing that followed it is interesting to think about the complicated emotions that my youthful self had to wrestle withi recently re read House with a Clock in Its Walls and was taken aback by the memory of reading it for the first time at age 10 or so and the memory i had had back then of my moment of mortification and sudden femininity a memory of a memory i was never a bullied or angst ridden child so that memory pops out as almost uniuely painful the protagonist Lewis Barnavelt of House With a Clock was the first time i'd read about a hero who was unheroic who lied to avoid embarrassment who rather despised himself reading about him reading the story of a boy filled with anxiety and doubt and even self loathing was almost like a tonic now here was an author who lived in the real world here was a protagonist who knew exactly how i felt that day Lewis Barnevelt is akin to Narnia's Edmund or Eustace except Aslan does not step in to help him slough off his self hating nature he has to do it on his own he does not go on a uest and he does not save the day; instead he grows by bits and starts the shedding of each of his dark layers a small triumph uickly forgotten by Lewis almost unbearably affecting to me

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    It has become harder and harder I think to find books for kids that are appropriately spooky without being gross out bloody or simply horribly darkJohn Bellairs walks that difficult line The adventure is scary and the danger is real as is the magic A huge plus is the boy's relationship with Uncle Jonathan who takes him in and his uncle's friendship with Mrs Zimmermann Long before we were touting 'strong female characters with agency' Mrs Zimmermann existed It's a pleasure to see adults portrayed as adults with lives of their own in a children's book And Lewis is a refreshingly real protagonist as he discovers his delight in his unusual new home and copes with the difficulties any kid finds in being different and the 'new kid' at schoolA great Halloween tale but good any time

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    I read this book as a child I wanted to read it again before the movie came out this month I have to admit that most of the book faded from my memory till not much was left It was interesting as I read this it was like little puffs of smoke which were memories went off in my head and I would think 'oh yeah' I remember that now It was almost like reading this for the first time with some deja vu thrown inLewis Barnavelt is an orphan and he goes to live with his uncle in Michigan I know Michigan is a big state with lots of different settings in it but the setting felt like New England to me than Michigan I love the picture of the house they live in It is this awesome Adams family or Munsters type house I dream of a house like that some dayLewis finds out his relatives is a witch and he has some magic interest in himself If you listen to the walls there is a loud ticking you can hear in any room in the house behind the wall Lewis ends up raising the dead and it sets off a chain of events that lead to the conclusion of the book There were chills there were creeps there were monsters in this amazing beginning for John Bellairs I think John is super talented and I love his writing It is straight forward with such a clear voice I also enjoy the character of Lewis He is like Johnny Dixon in that he is not popular and he is not normal or into normal things Lewis is overweight and can't play sports He is scared of most things accept when it counts and his courage shines through I can only think that John Bellairs was much the same way as a child Smart and not as skilled fitting in It is wonderful to have a different type of heroI am excited to see this movie and I hope they do a good job with the movie I am thinking I might need to go back and read many of my books from childhood as I have forgotten them so completely It was the same thing with the Egypt game Stories fade from my mind over time and it's almost like reading it for the first time Interesting

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    John Bellairs' The House with a Clock in Its Walls is another boy saves the world from destruction adventure that I enjoyed Should be a fun read for all ages; it has enough creepiness and danger to keep the tension up to its conclusion 35 stars

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    An outrageous fact the magical and creative a book the authors gear it to children If in doubt that there is a grown up market let me set it straight John Bellairs wrote “The House With A Clock In Its Walls” in 1973 I wish I had known of it after I was a child I would have been even delighted with every nuance of mystery suspense and humour when its protagonist Lewis Barnavelt matched my age This book dwells on no sadness but our introduction to Lewis is poignant he is orphaned and headed to live with his Uncle Jonathan in another town I can’t contemplate how difficult it would be to leave a home of memories when I needed to wrap them around meFortunately his new home is welcoming and too intriguing to bar enthusiasm From the get go this book stands apart because Uncle Jonathan and next door neighbour Florence Zimmermann are best friends; adults with a child’s abandon who are fun They might be a comfortable married couple if they didn’t have their own dwellings The banter between them was unheard of in the 1970s along with opposite sex adult pals; immediately emanating whimsy and titillation I would have relished as much as Lewis I laughed at the way Florence declared “I get a funny hum that goes dooooo for a while”Jonathan’s dense house is peculiar We wonder what he and Florence worry about within it strange behaviour delights us and evidence of magic My favourite moment is a spell concocted in the backyard Everyone hears insects underground and disused tunnels or streams Temporarily we perceive a host of natural workings and knowledge right where we stand What a surreal moment I loved it Everything but Lewis’s age makes this the book for me

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    This book scared the tar out of me when I was ten I could barely fall asleep at night but I loved it I used it as a read aloud to my fourth graders and they would BEG each day to hear Occasionally I would look up from my reading to see 20 horrified faces with their eyes wide open in anticipation of what would come next Plus cool drawings by Edward Gorey

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    This was okay I read it since the movie is coming out soon but I should have saved the story for the movie which I'm hoping has a tighter plot and that the clock plays of a role than a side tale for 95% and then a last minute big deal in the last 5%

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    I actually had a woman come into the bookstore I worked at demanding a refund for this book She had bought all of them for her nephew and it scared the bejesus out of him She read one herself and was shocked that anyone would let a child read such a thing She said that one of our employees recommended it to her Don who is the only source I trust for children's lit He is a God when it comes to kids books but she hadn't actually READ it before giving it to her nephew Congratulations lady you made your nephew cry and blamed it on someone who had better taste and better sense than youanyway it's a creepy little classic and I wish I could find an original 86 edition in the library binding The illustrations were awesome

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    You may be wondering why I don't just tear down the wall and rip out the clock Well it wouldn't do any good It sounds like it's behind every wall up in the attic down in the cellar in the closets and storerooms and parlors And sometimes it seems to be slowing down I keep hoping it will stop But then it picks up and keeps going I don't know what to doOrphaned Lewis Barnavelt always felt there's an unusual phenomenon going on in his Uncle Jonathan's Victorian inspired mansion in New Zebedee Michigan — the window pane coming alive the inscribed II signature in almost all of the furniture the deafening ticks of the assorted clocks and the mysterious eponymous clock in the mansion's walls Lewis soon realizes that his uncle is a warlock and his uncle's next door neighbour and friend Mrs Zimmermann is a witch — in a good sense What bewilders the three of them is that darn disturbing clock that seems to echo all throughout the house with a menacing purpose — a device to redeem time The House with a Clock in Its Walls is an eerie children's book filled with magical and haunting moments It's good enough for a Halloween read Considering that this book is meant for small kiddos it's an acceptable read for me nothing game changing though