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This book started off a little better, in my opinion, than the last book city of stars It might ve been because I was a little familiar with some of the characters than I had been while I read the previous book, or it was simply a better squeal However, as I continued to read, it grew and difficult to continue especially once it had passed, what I assume to be, the main climax of the story where the princesses marry the princes and the battle breaks out After that, it slowed down so much I had to push myself to finish I felt the story took place in Talia with the characters that lived there than with the Stravaganti which bothered me a little because I felt the characters didn t grow very much Nicholas or Falco tried to go back on my word which disappointed me a little considering the new life he had I guess I understand because he missed his home, but he promised when he decided to translate that he wouldn t try to go back Sky is the new main character of the book and again, I feel like he wasn t given much time to grow as a character and I didn t really figure out why he was needed in Talia Sky s relationship with Alice was cute, but didn t seem to go anywhere in this book and although she lends a skeptical view of the world of Talia, her protests were irritating to me considering it wasn t really her place to decide for her friends whether they wanted to be there or not The story flows well and there are likable characters, but I feel the author has just added too many characters and too many different points of view to this story that it hinders the readers relationships with the characters their reading about, their development like I said , and their purpose I felt the story could ve been just about the world in Talia and would be successful The other world or our world just doesn t seem relevant at all in the plot Falco s want to go back doesn t even come up until towards the end of the story and I m even disappointed in Luciano s reaction to his plan because he actually considers it I guess it s a bit of a spoiler and I m sorry, but honestly I m not really giving away anything of importance I do, however, like the character of Sandro He s pure of heart and is such an adorable character The best part about him is that he actually grows as a character Honestly the ONLY ONE I know not all books are about character growth, but honestly This book is all about leading up to this big battle that lasts only a few pages This book wasn t absolutely terrible, but it wasn t amazing either. This was the hardest Stravaganza book to get through and not because of its length There was just something about Sky perhaps it was mainly in the name that I just did not like, and out of the three family situations so far presented, I found his to be the least interesting and the most irritating because it is a family situation which authors and day to day people seem to beat to a pulp This, combined with the fact that compared to Lucien and Georgia, Sky was a little on the cardboard side, presented a main character whose traits bogged the story down to a point where I would unconsciously search for a reason not to read it.It was also extremely difficult to keep all of the di Chimici and Nucci people straight The Author s rather bouncy manner of switching between various scenes contributed a lot to the confusion I never really did like the way scenes traded so suddenly and almost without connection, but it never really affected the flow of the story and the various plotlines until now In this one, the jumping in between was aggravatingly noticeable, and I ll admit that all of the scenes were important I wouldn t edit a single one out But I would have changed their order into a smoother one, so that things felt connected Because the many plotlines the Author has going are intriguing and they are good, but the almost random way in which their order of appearance is assembled leaves the Reader feeling confused and really lost.Crack through these shortcomings, and the Reader is certainly left with a plot about as good as the last two, but it takes a lot of cracking in order to see the book s potential City of Flowers was not my favorite I hope the other two are better Sky Stepped Out Into The Sunshine, Blinking, Still Holding The Bottle, And A Black Man, Robed Like The Others, Took Him By The Arm And Whispered, God Be Praised, It Has Found You Everything Changes For Sky When He Finds A Perfume Bottle That Whiskes Him Away To The City Of Giglia, An Ancient City Similar To Florence This May Be The Beautiful City Of Flowers, But Things That Seems Beautiful Might Also Be Deadly As A New Stravagante Someone Who Can Travel Through Space And Time With The Help Of A Talisman Sky Finds Himself Caught Up In A Deadly Feud Between Giglia S Two Ruling Families Now, The Stravaganti Must Do All They Can To Avoid Further Bloodshed As Politics, Conspiracy And Espionage Unfold 6 out of 10 Keep reading this series only for the characters from the first book Everything regarding them is great while other parts are so so Again too many POVs It s not a GoT, ok So thoughts of a nobody who would disappear in a few chapters are unnecessary There installments to finish Ugh. third installment in the series, and you do notice it The plotlines grow a bit thin, and the characters grow a bit rigid The newly introduced characters are, to me, not as likeable as the previous ones I had a few annoyances throughout the book people don t seem to change much everyone is deeply in love with someone I know it s a YA novel and that to a YA it seems very important, but to me all the different pairings and the tensions got a bit much Dr Dethridge, again we know he speaks in an older kindof language, but the way it s written is just very difficult to read and rather annoying.The plot was nice, exciting and interesting I liked the way it all came together, but there could have been fewer pages it was nicely written though, really takes you along to Talia italy and you can feel that the other loves it all herself i d give this 3.5 if i could book 4 50pages 1200 The last in a trilogy that is notSince reading this book I have discovered that there are than three books in the series And I guess that there is scope for the story to continue beyond this third conclusion This book continues almost straight away from the previous and the quick pace continues throughout.I enjoyed reading this book but once again found the large number of characters confusing This book introduces another new Stravagante and it is clear by this point that they are, in some ways, a social outcast in the present world Again, this is set in a different part of Talia, but the plot still links back to the characters from the previous stories.It was difficult to predict how the story would conclude because there were so many different aspects of the plot that needed to be tied up I found this made the story all the enjoyable and how it did eventually finish was completely unexpected Knowing that there are books in this series makes me curious to find out what happens to the characters and I look forward to getting my hands on them.If, like me, you were slightly disappointed in City of Stars , this will restore your faith in the Stravaganza series It is fast paced and with all the familiar characters from the previous novels, I found myself desperate to know how this adventure would conclude It is great to know that the story has not finished and there are adventures to follow in Talia. Once again, I m going to say that I liked the first one best in this series I almost wish that the author had kept it at one book and not made it into a seriesI just don t like it too much any, unfortunately They re definitely interesting, but I haven t enjoyed any of these as much as I enjoyed the first one. It started out really well Sky reminded me a bit of Nick from Infinity, which in my book is always a good thing I liked his relationship with Nicholas Duke and Georgia I enjoyed his interaction with a different city It is always good to experience old friends in books as well, so having Luciano and all the rest of them was great As far as the straightforward plot went, I enjoyed it, although I found Sky s purpose in Giglia confusing And where did this whole you must have a single, destined purpose to be a Stravagante come from And why is it only the ones from the modern world who have this sort of show up kick butt purpose complete thing thrust upon them How do Talian Stravagante work, anyway They are Stravagante yet they clearly don t go to the other world on any sense of a regular basis, and often are Stravagante that have never brought a talisman, which as far as I can tell is their entire purpose Anyway Confused The climax was convenient But Sky was a good main character and the plot kept along its action packed tradition and quite happily lost myself in the spell that is Mary Hoffman s writing ExceptExcept I didn t The very relationships that helped draw me in at the beginning for their variety and potential difficulty started distracting me I found Alice unbelievably obnoxious There is very little redeeming about her character Spoilers Following I do not understand her relationship with Sky I do not understand Paul and Sky s Mother s relationship When it first picked up, I thought, ah, here is a way for Sky and Alice to break up Bit awkward, of course, but if they are step siblings and all.good twist Except that s not how it works Their parents are sleeping together and all the two can think to say is that it is a bit strange and nothing serious will come about it until they go to University Say what I found their entire attitude.bizarre I did not like their relationship at all There is this, like, inner struggle Sky has that he isn t the preppy heir Alice is destined to marrybut that sort of gets forgotten And speaking of relationshipsI am seriously sick of the Luciano, Arianna, Georgia triangle I guess it is supposed to be over now Hopefully Happily ever after Georgia and Nick, Arianna and Luciano I m starting to be heartily sick of ALL their relationships And so the ending of this book arrived and I m Thatwaspredictable And weird Andyou re making out Okay Erm Never coming back Isn t that a bit dramatic Oh well I still really like Mary Hoffman s writing. And finally they are together yay This third book in the Stravaganza series proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that author Mary Hoffman has captured lightning in a bottle with these surprisingly mature fantasy novels about time travellers the Stravaganti who move from our world to a parallel, magical Italy, several centuries in the past The city in this novel is Giglia our Florence , the Stravaganti Sky Meadows, a teenage boy who has grown up with a dad known to millions of adoring fans but not to him, and a mom suffering from a debilitating depressive illness So he finds himself transported to Giglia, where he plays the role of novice friar to Brother Sulien, who warns him that dangerous and unexpected times are ahead as a blood battle with the Nucci family is renewed in the weeks preceding a quartet of weddings within Giglia s ruling di Chimici family Old characters and plotlines introduced in the first novel find their endings and new beginnings in this one, as Arianna, the Duchessa of Bellezza, must find a way to respond to the proposal of marriage from Duke Niccolo di Chimici But new characters come into their own too, whether it s the comforting presence of Sulien, a healer through and through, or sculptor and Stravaganti Giuditta Miele or even little orphan Sandro, who first attaches himself as an apprentice to Enrico, the slimy spy who got his start in Bellezza and has trailed in the wake of the di Chimici ever since What can Sky contribute in this universe, even as the roles played by Georgia and Nicholas, characters we got to know in City of Stars, resurface Perhaps the ending is a bit muddled, and Sky himself less of an artfully drawn character and narrative voice than his predecessors, Luciano and Georgia But those are only minor grievances In effect, the tale unravels and expands gloriously, sweeping along the lines already so well established by Hoffman potent family drama, court intrigue, and high politics are all blended into a heady, delightful mix of fiction and fantasy.