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Two tough but tender characters with a bright future if they live that long Terran Miri Robertson was a mercenary but she retired to a cushy job as a private bodyguard What she didn't know what that her client had powerful enemies Now he's dead and they're after her

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    Warm satisfying couples friendly science fiction with the right and proper mixture of derring do ie fancy action romance and humor And soaring high above everything else in this tale are the charactersAwwww the charactersthese people will endear themselves to you so completely that you’ll return to visit them time and again like a stalking voyeur ignoring a retraining order For cozy comforting romantical happylicious SF this is about as good as it gets Reading this book just makes you feel gooooooooooooooood Since this story is really about the characters let me briefly segue and take a uick infodump on this review so we can get to the story’s real truckload of awesome LIADEN UNIVERSE The Liaden stories are set in the fairly far future in which humanity following a forced diaspora has evolved into three distinct sub races along with bunches of isolated technologically isolated colonies that act as background for some of the stories in the series Group 1 are the Terrans and I think you have a pretty good handle on them though it is worth noting that they are the least powerful of the 3 groups Group 2 are the Yxtrang who are larger than Terrans and are your basic war like conuerors who view other species as animals Militaristic and formidable warriors this sub race is comprised of descendants of genetically engineered Terran soldiers You can think of them as the Klingons of the universe but without the honor code Group 3 are the real stars of the seriesthe Liadens Smaller than Terrans the Liadens are smart honorable and highly advanced controlling most of commerce and trade within the populated galaxy Most of the main characters in the series are at least part LiadenThe final race that needs a mention are The Clutch who are uite simply so bursting with yummy coolness that the story can barely contain it all The only non human species the Clutch are 9 foot tall upright turtles who live thousands of years and have brains brawn honor loyalty and badass stomp your face andor nuts ability than all the other races combined Of course the last trait is rarely needed because nobodyNOBODY messes with the Clutch End infodumpThat's a load off I feel much better PLOTCHARACTERS Miri Robertson is an ex mercenary who was working as a bodyguard for a renegade member of the Juntavas ie the space mafia before things went to cah cah While protecting her boss she killed a number of the mob’s foot soldiers and they now have a contract out on her for big money Val Con yos'Phelium of Clan Korval is a Liaden scoutspy also known as an “agent of change” Val Con can kill you with his eye lashes if he wants to and basically pins the meter when it comes fighting ability as well as all manner of spy craft Val Con meets Miri when a group of assassins are trying to increase her deadness and after the two of them show the baddies the error of the ways they end up forming an unsteady working relatinship They uickly find themselves on the run from both the mob and the police as a result of some “changing” that Val Con did at the beginning of the story Along the way Val Con and Miri are assisted by Val Con’s “adopted brother” who is a giant Clutch named Edger whose full name would take several hours to speak so let’s just stick with Edger shall we For me the Clutch just steal the show whenever they are on the page and turn a solid 4 star read into a 5 star wonderfest Together Miri and Val Con with assistance from Edger get involved in a variety of interesting situations as Miri and Val Con respect and admiration for one another slowly grows over the course of the story This is a page turner that will severely tax your jaw muscles as it keeps you smiling throughout The characters are all larger than life and loaded with all of the ualities we look for in heroeshonor loyalty courage compassion sense of justice and the physical and mental skills to make things work out their way I loved the growing relationship between Val Con and Miri and this is the glue that holds thr narrative together I’m not a big romance reader and this is certainly not a steamy erotic exchange of body fluids This is a buddy action popcorn thriller where the buddies happen to be falling in love with one another At only 250 pages the story pace is kept brisk and moving but there is still ample time to go head over heals for the charactersI did and I think you will too This is the kind of science fiction that I think should appeal to a large swath of fiction readers looking for mood uplifting popcorn style entertainment with huge heart Probably explains why these stories are so popular It’s SF soap opera that’s perfect for both Mom and Dadand the older kiddies45 to 50 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

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    NB When you have written a long thoughtful review on Goodreads and then discover you want to change the edition save or copy the review first Also pillage before you burnThough I own a paper copy that had languished in my TBR pile for ages I picked this up during its free promotional day for my new Kindle and happily tested out the Kindle's read in daylight properties on my back deck this afternoon Excellent I shall have photons this summerAction adventure to the point of interfering with the story By Chapter 3 both of our protagonists would have ualified as serial killers if only the opposing side's redshirts had possessed enough humanity for the reader to mourn In part this was an effect of the choice of third person multiple viewpoint We freuently switched out of our two main protagonists' heads into the heads of disposable minor characters following the plot well enough but to the detriment of deepening the characterization of the pair we were supposed to care about I will except the time spent in the heads of the alien Turtles which I uite enjoyedWhen the story slowed briefly in the final third of the interesting angsty backstory and hidden cultures had a chance to emerge at least enough to whet my appetite for further exploration Ends on a cliffhanger of sorts; happily I have a copy of the direct seuel in the same paper volume I am willing to give Val Con and Miri some page time to develop I had dimly thought this to be the first book in the series but it appears not The biter bit?Ta L

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    An old school slightly cheesy science fiction romance He’s a super spy she’s a feisty mercenary His superpower is calculating survival odds; hers is bad grammar I suppose They fall in love while fleeing from people who want to kill them for vaguely explained reasonsThere are several shoot outs during which they take turns rescuing each other There’s a trip on a psychedelic spaceship owned by big turtle aliens I rather liked the turtles and I wish my edition had this cover which perfectly captures the spirit of the bookThe writing is ok except that I was annoyed by the constantly changing point of view This appears to be a first novel the first published book although not chronologically first in the series timeline so it’s entirely possible the writing becomes smoother in subseuent books I think I’ll try at least one

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    The Liaden Universe entertains again—I stayed up past bedtime last night to finish this novel and absolutely had to know how things ended Except I now know that I will have to consult another title for “the rest of the story” That’s okay this was a fun rompWhat do you do when you are a hardened take no prisoners spy who almost incidentally rescues someone and then you find yourself uite taken with her? Val Con yos’Phelium suddenly can’t just leave Miri Robertson in the lurch He saved her life once and now it seems the two of them have become interdependent Neither one of them is sure how they feel about itAlthough their developing relationship definitely has a starring role in the novel there is plenty of action adventure too A new species is introduced to the Liaden series that of the large sentient turtles The Clutch The most prominent of them Edger reminds me of the Ents in LOTR—living doing business at a stately pace watching short lived humans whip through the world at a frantic rate I’m looking forward to seeing how these reptilian characters feature in future adventures Not to mention the space mafia that they seem to be set up to opposeThe ever so complicated Liaden world barely impinges on this book—our main characters never get near Liaden society so there is less of the societal machinations prominent in Local Custom or Scout’s Progress I look forward to future stories of Val Con and MiriBook 245 of my Science Fiction Fantasy reading project

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    455; 5 stars; AAfter recently re reading this book I nudged the rating up from 4 stars to 5 stars I am really enjoying reading this series over again in seuence and one after another There are so many nuances that become clear that I missed the first time Part of the clarity comes from having read the series once Things that I didn't realize were important; hints and 'seeds' now become clear I am in awe of this writing duo and their ability to develop a complex universe full of personalities and excitement In some series I find a need take a break from the authors style Either there is something in their use of language or maybe a tiresome overused characterization that begins to bore me or bother me Not so with Lee and Miller This books takes place a few years after Conflict of Honors and can be read separately In this story we meet Shan's foster brother Val Con his soon to be lifemate Miri and Val Con's Clutch turtle 'brother' Edger From this point on I'd recommend reading Agent of Change Carpe Diem and Plan B in uick succession They really do flow into each other

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    Agent of Change is FREE on and at Baen Sadly I had already bought the e collection The Agent Gambit featuring Agent of Change and Carpe Diem Adventurous romantic fantasy science fiction space opera where Val Con and Miri meet for the first time and subseuently pair up against the Juntavas galactic mobsters similar to the mafia Yxtrang engineered warriors and brainwashed agents of the fascist Dept of the Interior Falling in love along the way Who is watching their backs? Just some ancient 8 foot Clutch Turtles — especially Edger and Sheather These benevolent but powerful beings esteem Val Con and Miri as beloved siblings Book two Carpe Diem picks up exactly where Agent of Change left off Together the two stories include good descriptions of Val Con nearly losing his mind — and nearly dying — from the Loop programmed into his brain Scattered across these two books are some great scenes with the yos'Galan ladies Nova and Anthora who are guarding the home fires on planet Liad assisted by Jeeves and Tree Shan and Priscilla also get plenty of air time still not crazy about the goddess thing uibbles Formatting issues with hyphen versus m dash throughout the kindle version of the e book collection The Agent Gambit The incorrect punctuation marks caused some confusion because I thought the authors were signaling a compound phrase when instead they were signaling an abrupt break in thought or speech the reciprocal occurred too Also the ending of Carpe Diem is disappointingly abrupt It feels incomplete But see belowNext up? Plan B picks up where Carpe Diem ended It is really good So there are four books in this one tight seuence Agent of Change followed by Carpe Diem then Plan B followed by I Dare Additionally several brief novellas fall within this seuence including Skyblaze a single story and Halfling Moon both stories as well as With Stars Underfoot not This House only The Lord of the Dance The novellas belong after I Dare I would read Halfling Moon first

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    There was so much I didn't remember about this one that it was almost like reading a new book which is never a bad thing I must have only read this once and that right back when I started the series which was after it first began but still a long time agoI do love Val Con and Miri and that's what I was expecting when I opened the pages lots of Val Con and Miri so I was almost surprised to rediscover that at the beginning of the book really Val Con isn't the Val Con we've come to know in later Liaden novels Having vague memories of upcoming events I found myself very worried by the latter half of the book whether or not we were going to get the real Val Con back before the end And I have absolutely no memory of how they get out of the pickle they are in right at the end so I remain exceedingly motivated to keep rereading the seriesIt was a very enjoyable but slightly weird reading experience shifting between the things I remembered the many things I didn't and the things that I got the feeling were foreshadowing but again I couldn't really rememberLet me digress to say that once upon a time I had a very good memory I was a highly academic A grade student in the sciences Then 22 years ago now I developed CFSME and one of the major symptoms of the illness is significantly decreased cognitive function My memory has been getting worse and worse over the years I suspect as a combination of both illness and age I have lists and noticeboards and set alarms everywhere to try to get stuff done without forgetting about it In terms of my passion for reading this can be both good and bad Given a bit of time there is just so much I can't remember about the books I've read People discuss them with me commenting on so and so doing such and such a thing and I'm left looking blank It's gone I don't remember I remember the emotions of reading a book but not the detail That's part of why my reviews here are really emotional responses to the books with some pretty much stream of consciousness comments rather than true reviews I couldn't manage the memory and cognition for those On the up side it means I get to enjoy the book again without carrying the baggage of any spoilersBut this lack of memory can be a problem when reading a series where book 7 refers back to something that happened in book 2 The chances of me remembering that or even a character's name from one chapter to the next are slim to none It's another of the reasons why I love my ereader My books are full of highlighted passages and short comments usually specifically chosen as being something I'm likely to wantneed to remember later And because of that problematic memory I have a huge list of books I want to reread Books I remember really enjoying but the details are all goneSo I'm really enjoying the Liaden ones and since my copy of Dragon Ship arrived last week when I still haven't read Ghost Ship because I wanted to reread the earlier books first because I'd forgotten so much I think I'm going to try carrying on with the series and getting caught back upSo getting back to Agent of Change I loved rereading it and I loved reading it for the first time all over again I can't wait for Val Con and Miri but I plan to enjoy re meeting Shan and Priscilla all over again firstFor a book that was originally published in 1988 it's stood the test of time pretty well It is another clear case of the fact that despite everyone's predictions of the future in the 1980s the swift widespread use of the internet mobile devices and cloud computing was missed by pretty much everyone Val Con needs to go to an info booth to find out about shuttle time and you can see the ship in and out information in a bar but you don't have a mobile phone to check it on The most interesting one was books books are on tape although that could fit digital media as well and you need a book reader to read them Lois McMaster Bujold has almost exactly the same situation in her Vorkosigan books The idea of an ereader was possible but the idea of the books being digital and downloadable and stored on the device itself was missed Maybe we were just to hung up on physical libraries where you could actually SEE your books Even as a total ebook convert I do miss that I can't run my hands along a shelf of my ebooksBut that's a very minor uibble The reality of 21st century information technology simply wasn't imagined in 1988 I mention it here not because it was a problem although I admit I did keep noticing it but because it's an interesting artefact of the passage of time that shows up uite often when reading SF written before at least the 1990sRight I shall shut off the aforementioned stream of consciousness typing before this gets too long and just finishing up by saying Yay Val Con and Miri Next Shan and Priscilla Yay again

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    45; 4 stars; A This is a review of the audiobook It has been a few years since I read this book so I really enjoyed revisiting the story I found the narrator Andy Caploe a very solid choice for this story because the range of voices from mobsters to aliens was huge It took me a while to get used to his interpretation of the characters but that is typical when one is not that familiar with a narrator I recall the same thing happening when I listened to I Dare last year I love the Clutch turtles and I thought Caploe did a great job with the voices of the various members of the clan In listening to the story I heard things I don't recall from my first reading the book either so that was a bonus For example my mental picture of Val Con and Miri was much clearer and the nuances of their relationship were also clearer I am looking forward to listening to the rest of this subset of books in the Liaden Universe

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    An adrenaline packed never ending race in space Agent of Change leaves you in need of a relaxant whatever type you can find won't probably be enough anywayI stumbled a bit around the 80% mark when the very uick change of Povs plus the Clutch drive ; left me dizzy I had to stop for a day Lovely

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    The best part about this book is definitely the turtles This wasn't bad but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're hankering like I was for something reminiscent of entertaining but somewhat campy late 80s and early 90s sci fi TV I could just imagine the fashion of that time while reading this book I could see myself falling in love with this universe and reading the bunches of books that exist in its universe when I was younger thoughThe main characters are thrown together after fleeing from different threats to their lives and the story alternates between the action of them being chased and downtime that I think is supposed to be romantic? I never felt much chemistry between the characters and I never really bought the love at first sight as portrayed in the book However I did appreciate that the characters were presumably supposed to grow closer together through talking and learning about each other There are also no sex scenes despite the aphrodisiac space ship drive yes this is really a thing which I appreciated but which other readers might be disappointed byI also didn't like how the male lead was an expert odds calculatoradvance alien scoutassassinspy and the female leadhad nice hair? The characters weren't super deeply developed but I think that the authors were trying to portray the characters as two of a kind in the sense that they were both kind of cool self reliant improvise out of tough situations people but Miri came off as the young unpolished country girl while Val Con is the cultured angsty experienced guy