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In the second novel of the Liaden Universe Aelliana Caylon is a brilliant mathematician but is convinced by her brother she has no worth beyond what value she might have in an arranged marriage Then on a dare she plays a game of chance and wins a starship Now she must learn to fly if she is to escape her dastardly brother Appeared in the omnibus Pilot's Choice

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    55; 5 stars; AWell after re reading this book I've had to up my rating from 4 stars to 5 When your heart rate is up and you're all wound up as you're coming to the close of your bookyou know you've been thoroughly entertainedThis book is not only an interesting and well paced adventure but it is even a close look at the human heart and soul the power to heal the value of friendship and community In the Liaden universe where I can't call the characters 'human' for they deny their ties to 'Terra' but the characterization is of humans Some aspects of the society with its strict rules and adherence to 'Code' reminds me of the way 'Society' functioned in the early 1800sI found this story disturbing in that the authors very successfully portrayed the terror and anguish felt by someone who has been systematically abused The darkness wasin partbalanced out by the warm and interesting friends that Scholar Caylon made throughout the book and the hopeful events leading her towards freedom Nonetheless its still felt dark to me The ending of this book seemed abrupt the first time and it did again this time but I was mollified to know I had the direct seuel waiting on my shelf

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    I read this story in the The Dragon Variation e collection It's a solid story of breaking free and busting out A romance set on a different planet A brilliant scholar strives to free herself from a viciously abusive family and to forge a new life for herself even if she must become clanless a fate worse than death in many ways Our heroine is a math teacher named Aelliana This is her coming of age story even though she is well into adulthood Lord Korval going by simply Daav incognito as a pilot scout and spaceship mechanic is wonderful helping her learn to trust He's a bit slow to realize what a treasure he's found but Tree sets him straight snortAnd that's funny the role Tree plays in this book Jelaza Kazone has definite ideas about who Daav should marry And doesn't hesitate to act on those ideas contrast this withLocal Custom where Tree plays no roleLots of fun secondary characters especially the Scouts at Benjali Motors Jon Clonak Trulli etc Great story from start to finish but it's not finished The last 20% is intense sexy scary poignant and mildly humorous However it ends too abruptly In fact this couple's story continues in Mouse and Dragon Update So I read Mouse and Dragon Disappointing Too much family drama — a replay of the discord Er Thom and Anne Davis endured from Petrella and Kareen in Local Custom Also Daav's decision at the end seemed out of character and illogical

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    A flip of the traditional Cinderella story where Cinderella knows who the prince is but he has to investigate to identify her In Scout’s Progress Aelliana only knows who she is—a terrified woman trying to escape from an abusive relationship with her brother plus she is a brilliant mathematician When she uses that mathematical talent to win herself a starship she has no idea that the man helping her to get her pilot’s license is than he seems Daav yos’Phelium is head of the house of Korval foremost house on the planet of Liad a charming if not entirely handsome princeThe stakes were pretty high for Cinderella—escaping from a life of drudgery lorded over by the evil step sisters—but for Aelliana it may actually be a matter of life and death I found the portrayal of an abuse victim to be moving especially as the friendly people around her start to put the pieces together and insist on helping her One of my inner circle was in a mentally emotionally abusive relationship and I know from personal experience the frustration of being limited in what you can do to help In short the abused person must be “ready” in order to leave and they are the only ones who can determine when they have reached that point It is difficult for friends and family to watch as that person prepares herselfhimself I was thankful that my loved one had an excellent councilor who assured us that most women take at least 5 years to actually make the fateful decision to go—their abusers have them convinced that they are nothing on their own and that they will never survive outside the abusive relationshipIt was marvelous to watch Aelliana grow as a person and to realize her own worth to gain skills and confidence Since I’ve watched it in real life complete with new healthy relationship when the battle is over I really enjoyed this fictional version

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    This is one of my favorite sf romances of all time If the word romance is putting you off don't let it the romance is a very minor part of the plotreturnreturnThe real point of the book is the assertion of independence by a woman who has been kept thoroughly cowed by a dominating mother and a downright abusive older brother It's not as simple as leaving as it would be in our society; Liad is a clan based society where being clanless is akin to being dead Striking out on one's own is virtually impossible So watching a uiet mouse resolve to do so and her rebellions against her family and society are wonderful Not to mention her exposure to other parts of her society where the rules are not so rigidly adhered to The growth of her character and the gradual strength that she develops is fantastic to witness and wonderfully written besides

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    It was so good I heartily recommend this series 42016re read A superb story with characters who endear so enjoyable 2019 re read I love becoming immersed in these stories it is so wonderful to revisit old dear friends

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    I loved the back story of Aelliana and Daav Good read2019 re read I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this

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    Aelliana our heroine has a lot of problems She's too thin and she has late stage Fantasy Name Syndrome and she needs a spaceship and a pilot's licence STAT Will she get her ship and her licence and importantly the love of a hot man before she expires from a fatal Vowel Surfeit? There's only one way to find outI did enjoy reading this while I was reading it but probs won't reread and am not in a rush to seek out others in the series we all know the terrible social cost of being thin how so many people see it as synecdoche for laziness and apathy oh wait hang on this just in that isn't actually the case? and in fact a lot of authors particularly in fantasy use the heroine is painfully thin as a way of showing that she's not conventionally attractive even though there's nothing conventionally attractive than thinness? More on this surprising development at 11

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    As far as I'm concerned this is Lee and Miller's finest work The pacing is beautiful the characters wonderfully portrayed I find this and Local Custom to be far satisfying reads than the action oriented books in their collection; the time we get to spend in the characters' heads knowing what it is to be Liaden that truely makes these a step above space operaIn this book in particular the seuence of events flows very naturally and the dangers feel very real The obstacles in the way of Daav and Aelliana's relationship are complex and indeed hardly surmountableI am OVERJOYED to note that a seuel is soon to be published THANK YOU Miller and Lee for continuing the story of Daav and Aelliana The fascinating thing about this in comparison with Local Custom is that there is again a clash of cultures only in this book it is Liaden vs Liaden rather than Liaden vs Terran and in focusing on this aspect of culture the authors tell us so much about these Liadens and how they really do differ in their mode of operation from Terrans

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    Daav yos'Phelium Delm Korval needs to find a suitable woman to have a child for him and so enters into a contract with Samiv tel'Izik but is unhappy with this necessity Aellaina Caylon Clan Mizel is being abused by her brother and wants to escape from Liad She wins a jump ship in a card game and goes to Binjali's where the ship is kept Daav is spending time at Binjali's with his friends to try to regain his balance of mind They meet and become co pilots She is in lots of danger from her brother He is trying to teach her that it is all right to trust but he doesn't give her his complete name She falls in love with Daav but doesn't know he is Korval Great love story

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    There are some books I'm probably too close to to review objectively and this is one of them I am terribly fond of it including the imperfectionsSerious trigger warning for physical and verbal abuse of the heroine by her brother depicted multiple times on screen negligence by other family members who let it go on including their mother and references to a past abusive husband in a short term contract romanceAelliana Caylon is a mathematician renowned for her revision of the critical tables of calculations used by pilots to navigate space and for the survival mathematics class she teaches at a technical college but her life is tightly circumscribed by her abusive brother Ran Eld their mother's chosen heir who hates her and views her as a threat to his position in the succession after overhearing his aunt claim that Aelliana is the better choice for delm of the family despite their mother's favoritismAelliana keeps her head down and endures going between her teaching job and home and forming close ties to no one until wandering after an incident with her brother a few of her students come upon her invite her to join them at a new casino in town and subseuently deploy her in service of a vendetta against a feckless aristocrat who takes pleasure in ruining the young and innocent at cards Aelliana whose thesis concerned the relevant game of chance demolishes the man at his own game and wins a spaceship in the bargain and hope for escape from her brother if she can only learn to properly fly itDaav yos'Phelium is the delm of Clan Korval the Highest of High Houses and also incidentally the most eccentric of High Houses His mother and elder cousin perished in an attack on the House years before that his aunt and foster mother barely survived and since Local Custom she too has passed away leaving the House woefully small and Daav in need of an heir to increase the numbers of the House as soon as possible He finds himself in need of an escape from the pressures of his duties as Korval Himself his impending contract marriage and the defense of his beloved foster brother's new Terran lifemate and so he retreats to the company of the Scouts that duty forced him to leave behind working semi anonymously as a mechanic in an old friend and teacher's repair shop to blow off steamNaturally this is the warehouse where Aelliana's brand new ship is docked and they grow closer as Aelliana befriends the crew at the repair shop who become as a found family to her and takes very uickly to piloting But it's unlikely she can hide a whole ship from her brother foreverThis is a story about enduring abuse about trying to rebuild oneself in stolen moments about slowly reaching out to other people and building relationships and confidence and maybe even pride Aelliana's development is wonderful to watch as is her growing closeness with Daav and there are a couple of well handled subplots as well It also hits a particular sweet spot for me as a people learning to do thingspeople working story with Aelliana's piloting endeavors and it's a nice continuation of certain elements from Daav's brother's story Local Custom with which it was originally released together in the omnibus Pilots ChoiceThis is a romance in that it has a happy ending where the couple ends up together but it may frustrate romance readers because the book ends in media res in a lot of ways with regards to the romance though their commitment to each other is decisive There is a much later written seuel Mouse and Dragon that I cannot recommend I felt it handled the matter of Aelliana's abuse as poorly as Scout's Progress handled it sensitively there were several smaller things that made Scout's Progress a retroactively weaker book knowing them and most grievous of all a key scene is completely omitted from the book and happens off page because the events were chronicled in a previously published novelette Guaranteed Delivery My recommendation is to avoid Mouse and Dragon and seek out the short story instead