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Assistant Trader Jethri Gobelyn was an honest hardworking young man who knew a lot about living onboard his family's space going trade ship; something about trade finance and risk taking; and a little bit about Liadens It was oddly enough the little bit he knew about Liadens that seemed like it might be enough to make his family's fortune and his own too In short order however Jethri Gobelyn was about to find out a lot about Liadenslike how far they might go to protect their name and reputation Like the myriad of things one might say intentionally or not with a single bow Like what it would take to make a Liaden trade ship crew trash a bar Like how hard it is to say I'm sorry in Liaden Pretty soon it was clear that as little as he knew about Liadens he knew far less about himself With his very existence a threat to the balance of trade Jethri Gobelyn needed to learn fast or else help destroy all he held dear

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    I read this space opera in Kindle format some typos in a collection titled The Crystal Variation containing the first three stories in the series not by publication order but chronologically Crystal Soldier Crystal Dragon and Balance of Trade Of the three Balance of Trade is the least confusing thus the most enjoyable on the first read It is also the least contingent on the two preuels It stands alone nicely Not much background knowledge is needed since BoT is not set on Liad and Clan Korval is only a reference I read this some time ago — and enjoyed it — but now that a seuel is in press I am listening to the Audible version narrated by Kevin T Collins whose cadence suits me to a T heh heh This book appealed to me even though it features teenage protagonists is a bit slow at times and has nothing to do with the preuels or a sentient tree but that was a disappointment From the two preuels beginning at the beginning 1000 years in the past with Crystal Soldier The Great Migration Duology #1 a few overlapping characters play a role in Balance of Trade – particularly the enigmatic Uncle of dubious ancestrySo why did it appeal? In a nutshell characterization I liked Jethri age 17 I liked seeing him come into his own as a young trader outgrowing his dead father's shoes and far surpassing his witchy mom I liked several of the secondary characters too Plus some plot seuences were fun like view spoiler when Jethri escaped from the Liaden thugs on Calypso met the friendly Scout Captain and later discovered that the Elthoria crew had duked it out for him at the pub Also enjoyed the tornado scene and the scene when Jethri won the fractin debate with the racist Scout Lieutenant and the scenes when he partnered with Tan Sim pen' Akla on the pod deal toward the end hide spoiler

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    Re Read August 201345; 4 stars; A I enjoyed this book much the second time through and am really glad that Lee and MIller have written a seuel I am hoping that some of my favorite characters such as Miandra Norn ven' Deelin scout ter'Astin and Tan Sim will be in the next book along with Jethri My only complaint about this book is the ending There were some pretty significant facts revealed in the last few pages I had the sense of a racing train screeching to a stop view spoiler The casual mention of Grig being a couple of hundred Standards old followed by the revelation that Jethri was a clone were two major pieces of information that if handled better would have contributed a lot to the reader's understanding of the Liaden Universe as a whole hide spoiler

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    Such a great story filled with great characters who are full of honor and cultured 41816 re read I stayed up till 630am re reading it these books are that good 2018 re read Spending time in the Liaden universe is like visiting with old dear friends 2019 re read Still just superb

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    ORIGINAL READ 1010 5 May 2005 10 May 2005Jethri Goeblyn is a very junior and somewhat unwanted apprentice on the Terran trading ship Gobelyn's Market While stopped on a Liaden world Liaden ways being very different from Terran ways he finds himself embroiled in Liaden politics and a possible trade scam He is even surprised at the end of the matter to find himself apprenticed to Liaden Master Trader Norn ven'Deelin Thus begins Jethri's apprenticeship not only in Trade but also in all things Liaden He stumbles he makes errors and slowly he begins to find his feet If he can keep his life and his melanti intact Jethri may just find himself the first Trader fully of Terra and Liad I loved this book Reading it was a great experience and that is the main reason for its high score It is a solid tale set around 200 years before the main seuence of Liaden books It throws in some new ideas that had be somewhat confused at first but that grew clearer as the story progressed About 100 pages from the end I was wondering how the authors could possibly tie up all the threads they had produced in the space that was left Knowing the most recent books were set in a completely different time period I was worried that I'd be left wondering what the heck was going on and knowing there wasn't another book about Jethri for me to find out I was very pleasantly surprised and most impressed to discover it was done perfectly Suddenly everything started falling into place and by the end I was left at a perfect ending point True there could be about Jethri and his companions and I hope there will be but it isn't necessary This book stands beautifully on its own It does introduce some new concepts that took a while to make sense and made me wonder why I hadn't heard about them before in the books that are set later Belatedly I realised that this point too was completely under control and made perfect sense Instead I find myself hoping all will become clearer in the next books which go back in time instead of forward I don't think I would recommend making this one's first Liaden book but I also believe it would stand up to that Wherever you start explore Lee and Miller's Liaden universe It is a fascinating placeCopied across from Library Thing; 16 October 2012REREAD #1 910 24 August 2012 1 September 2012Comments to come Some time I hope

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    I really really liked it Again in fact as I've read it several times It's clever goes a number of really interesting places has a bunch of interesting people and has an over riding purpose to fulfill Excellent fiction of the sf space opera variety And why am I reading so many books by Lee and Miller you ask? It would be because someone else decided to read all of the Liaden Universe works novels and short stories in chronological order one chapter per day with commentary on each This would be the link for Reading Liad from Dragon Tide to Dragon Ship and beyond This has encouraged me to pick up these stories and re read them thinking about what strikes me as I read each one

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    Sept 2019 reread This entry in the series takes place 1000 years after the events in Crystal Dragon and about 250 years before Agent of Change I still think that Jethri Gobelyn is a great charater Upon rereading this having knowledge of the Liaden Universe I found the references to Old Tech intriguing and also the subplot about the dramlizt held meaning This entry in the Liaden series takes place earlier than the other books I have read I enjoyed young Jethri Gobelyn and look forward to discovering some of the mystery that surrounds his background in futher books

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    I personally think it's weird to have all these scifi books about trading Elizabeth Moon Charles Stross very ironic there is another Or they're strictly martial Laura Reeve Cherryh is a mix of the two I guess Or of a sociologicalglobal take Anyway I liked this very much esp the language The Liaden way of conversing is a character in itself And It's pretty obviously Eastern ways vs Western ways Also great tension with the sub stories can't wait to read the seuels

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    This was a reread after finishing the current latest novel Neogenesis I'd forgotten most of what happened in this book and don't think that I'd had any of the context for the Old Tech elements in it see Neogenesis and Crystal SoldierCrystal Dragon or the Uncle who shows up in passing again with an unexpected connection to the protagonist It was interesting to have the later written Alliance of Euals also a coming of age story for a young trader to compare and contrast with it too though it's been a little while since I read that one nowI really like the personal stakes of this story; the blend of culture clash coming of age and manners was really nice and the relatively low violence of it is a rare and pleasant thing We get a peek at daily life on a Terran family ship of an apprentice trader working with a master trader and on planet in a very fancy Liaden House with a vineyard and while Jethri's foster mother is a widely renowned trader no one is the extra special best at anything with a particular destiny and a magic soulmate as sometimes happens in the mainline Korval books and that's kind of nice?I should note that Jethri ends up with effectively three mother figures who are still alive and well at the end of the book his birth mother with whom he's practically estranged she's somewhat neglectful and abusive toward him and there's no forced reconciliation scene the Master Trader Nephew Norn ven'Deelin who takes him as an apprentice and then foster son and Norn's own foster mother who teaches him manners and that was incredibly refreshing since most books don't even manage one for their protagonistsThe follow up Trade Secret is new to me I'm looking forward to reading it even knowing it's not supposed to be as good

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    Another strong entry in the Liaden series This is one of my favorites so far because I enjoyed the protagonist's struggles to understand and fit in as he tries to navigate the Liaden culture There's some great humor mixed with the usual politics and strong characters that I have come to expect from the authorsThis book would actually serve as a good place to start for people wondering where to start in the series which is over 20 books long now since it explains many of the elements that were fairly obliue in previous books One of the nice things about the Liaden books is that you don't REALLY have to read most of them in a particular order since it's of a UNIVERSE than a series even though I keep calling it a series

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    Interesting story with good characters I had originally skipped over this book because Korval wasn't involved but I'm so glad I finally read it I enjoyed reading about the old tech and how Jethri came into being