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You can't go home again What do you do when home is a conspiracy that's been discovered and destroyed? When home is a planet in a star system that's gone missing? When home means working for the destroyers of galaxies? When home is a spaceship that's calling out to the enemy? Cantra 'yos Phelium isn't a uitter but she has than a little problem the Enemy has accelerated its attacks and how do you fight an Enemy whose major form of attack is the de crystallization of everything around itself? A smuggler with a rogue soldier for a co pilot and a tree with an attitude for crew Cantra's the only one who can get close to the man who holds euations that might that just might thwart the Enemy All she has to do is help a young pilot from a missing world juggle a slippery promise she never uite made to a pair of wizards and then forget who she is along with everything and everyone she's ever known

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    I read this space opera in Kindle format some typos in a collection titled The Crystal Variation containing the first three stories in chronological order Crystal Soldier Crystal Dragon Balance of Trade There is no Table of Contents No hyperlink to each book Even worse no link to the duh dictionary of invented words at the endSo Now we know there is a glossary at the end of the e book But I didn't know it when I was reading and — ugh — unknown terminology set this book off to a horrible start and went on too long For example this sentence has three unknown words But knowing that each zaliata contained within the aetherium had striven flame to ice against one of the Iloheen — that knowledge excited a brilliant emotion in her Why did the authors suddenly rename the Sheriekas the Iloheen with no word to this poor reader?? Nor did I comprehend zaliata or aetherium or even who her was — there was no referential name given for the pronoun This is only one of dozens of obscure sentences So I'd say 2 stars for the first read and 3 stars for the second read but only 1 star for that dreadful prologue showing how Rool Tiazon was created and how he met his soul mate the Gray Lady The prologue goes on FAR too long It's utterly obscure uite dark and strangely kinky In fact I have never read a worse beginning to any book and if I hadn't liked Crystal Soldier I would have stopped right there The second half of this book was GREATAfter reading the entire series I saw connections and disconnections between Crystal Soldier Crystal Dragon and latter books including the origin of Beautiful's high regard for the historic M Jela a legend among the bio engineered trang Troops see Plan B I noted recurring families the Hedrede Clan appears in Scout's Progress and in I Dare the Olanak Clan appears in Conflict of Honors Rool Tiazan's descendants appear in Plan B but his progeny didn't seem powerful and jazzy enough Moonhawk and Lute appear in Conflict of Honors and the shrewd dea'Gauss line provides council to Korval across the series In most books — but not all — we see Tree yos'Pheliums yos'Galans and a cast of loyal felines I found it hard to empathize with poor young Tor An yos'Galan His loss was far too great to even comprehend But I liked him and he grew on me Good character developmentI liked every scene with Jela Cantra and Tree together They have a mission outlined to them by Rool Tiazan and his Lady at the end of book one Crystal Soldier You the pilot and the ssussdriad will proceed to the world Landomist You will recover Liad dea'Syl's euations which describe the recrystalization exclusion function and use them in the best interests of life It could have been shorter Cantra — a golden dragon in the Tree's images — spent so much time in the ivory tower of academia It became slightly boring but I sensed the authors had fun creating that setting rife with cut throat competition professional jealousies and neurotic insecurities taken to the point of violenceNow the stage is set The rest of the series reflects events and characters from this book Here is the scoop with BIG SPOILERSview spoiler We learn how Clan Korval got its name and how Captain Jela gave his all to preserve the last best hope for life in the end beueathing his ship I liked his crew to Cantra So sad when he died So sad His big warship is renamed uick Passage zooming from Solcintra to a newly discovered planet named Liad after the scholar who did the math Scholar Liad dea'Syl The new city port is named Solcintra a snooty insular code bound place nobody like to visit We learn how captain Cantra yos'Phelium and her co pilot Tor An yos'Galen came to become the leaders of Clan Korval I expect some problems in future from the snooty entitled Great House coalition by the way — and indeed that does eventually occur I liked how Cantra invited Dea'Gauss to become the Clan Korval attorney in the face of the Great House snots Also we learn how various Shereika made wizardly beings the dramliz come aboard to the new world including Rool Taizen and the red headed gambler We meet Lucky the cat These authors like cats apparently They show up in every book I thinkWe see Tree display its power several times in varied ways We learn how Jela managed to impregnate Cantra despite his lack of sperm and her closed circuits setting the stage for future books with Jela and Cantra's descendants Later I learned Cantra named their son Val Con also spelled Valcon which means dragon hide spoiler

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    Crystal Dragon is the second half of the Great Migration Duology Readers should realize that this is not a seuel so much as the second half of the story began in Crystal Soldier In that book we met Jela full name M Jela Granthor’s Guard the burned out soldier who was a genetic experiment and Cantra yos’Phelium the burned out smuggler pilot Jela stranded for a time on an empty planet finds a single living tree and rescues itThose who have never read a Liaden book will shrug at those three essentials but anyone familiar with the series will resonate immediately This duology is the preuel to all the Clan Korval tales As the story spins out elements behave almost like hypertext you realize ah there’s where that came from Oh that’s what’s behind that mystery What’s particularly cool is I believe that new readers who might begin the Liaden tales with the duology will experience the same effect only in reverse when they read the books farther down the timeline they’ll discover what those same crucial elements eventually become As soon as I finished reading Crystal Dragon I revisited one of the much read Liaden novels and discovered that story elements I was used to now revealed new layers of meaning which subtly altered how I perceived each scene novel and the overall arc of Liaden historyIt would be a mistake to go into the plot too much because there are so many surprises So what I’ll do is confine myself to a bare sketch of the story line and comments on the reading experienceMost important don’t begin with this book before the prologue it says Part Three Even those familiar with the Liaden tales up the time line really ought to read Crystal Soldier first Crystal Dragon opens with a vastly strange prologue that makes sense only if you’ve read the first book Chapter One brings us back to humans specifically Tor An yos’Galan; and Chapter Two shifts us to Cantra and Jela launching the second of the three lines that eventually converge at the promised galaxy destroying disaster In Part Four we meet some new characters including a cat who like the tree is than it seems These new characters form the third thread binding the aliens and humans together at the last Events and their own inner drive force Jela and Cantra to transcend their tired middle aged humanness The aliens become gradually less impenetrable and interesting as the sides in the universe scale conflict form up Along the way many uestions are answered about the nature and origin of the tree the dramliza and sheriekas the true meaning of Korval and finally where ‘Liad’ comes fromThe flow of the story begins with deceptive slowness but the threads bind together around a single thread of luck with inexorable speed wracking up the tension line to a taut ending The impact of the last chapter only a page was just breathtaking especially the last line

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    Re read August 2013This book has so much information about the sheriekas and the founding of the LIaden Universe that a fan of the series really must read it However it can confusing and heavy going so I wouldn't recommend it until they've read the Agent of Change series I got even out of it this third time through February 25 2012 Can't believe I missed so much the first time November 2009 455; 5 stars; AI loved this book I wouldn't recommend reading it without reading Crystal Soldier 1st though because there is alot of info to try and make sense of I really enjoyed learning the history of Liad and I think anyone who reads the other parts of the series would get out of it if they read this duology

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    I love the crystallization of the characters and the foundation of clan Korval Superb 41716 e read Such a joy to relive the founding of clan Korval what a marvelous story I close my eyes and I see thousands of dragons soaring in the sky 2019 re read This book is so awesome as is the whole series 2020 re read So satisfying to revisit this universe to see dragons soar and taste green goodness

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    55; 5 stars; AKevin T Collins did a great job narrating this book I wouldn't have thought I'd get anything out of it since this is my fourth time through this story but I did thanks to him There is so much complexity excitement detail and human plant and feline interest in this story that it just leaves me speechless The whole concept of what Cantra and Jela pulled off in order to get Liad Dea Syl away from Osabei Tower is fascinating The Dramliz the Tree the great evil the military the space shipsits all wound up into a great story For fans of the Liaden Universe series the Crystal SoldierCrystal Dragon Duology is a must have

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    Positives the tree the final uarter ish of the book and especially the conclusionNegatives the massive amount of new and mostly irrelevant in the end vocabulary the majority of the first halfVerdict Read it because you know you need to know how they got there and how Korval came to be But then you can shelve it and go back to better stories like I Dare and Scout's ProgressAn e mail I got the day I was reading it said I picked up and read the first 20 pages of Crystal Dragon Is it a SF novel or BDSM porn?Sadly my reply was Yeah it reads like the LackeyAnthony book in some ways they bother to go all the way to bonding the submissive male through sex to the female sigh It really isn't very good Though the parts with Jela and Cantra aren't a total waste of time I'm going to finish it before I give up and consign it to the shelf behind Tomorrow Log I'm on page 250

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    There are almost two distinct parts to this book rescuing the mathematician then everything that follows The first part while important to the story and the characterisation was for me far too slow Probably because the story effectively became about different characters one of which I really didn't like I think that's the point but it still makes the reading a bit of a slog The second part moves at a much faster pace At times there are characters that kind of make cameos I'm sure they are important in the future and maybe because I'm coming into this series at the beginning they'll make sense the I read The dialogue at times is confusing and at time annoying For me it often jolted me out of the story yes it showed they were 'alien' but it often detracted from the flow and was unnecessaryOverall not as good as Crystal Soldier though still an enjoyable space opera

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    How do you get home when home doesn't exist any? The Enemy has harnessed human and alien energy to decrystallize star systems and human and alien energies are also manipulating luck in order to oppose it In an attempt to obtain the work of an elderly scholar who may hold the key to humanity's survival Cantra yos'Phelium and Jela must go undercover in a world where academic politics may be deadly and where Cantra risks losing her identity entirely Meanwhile pilot trader Tor An yos'Galen's home has disappeared and he shows up with a vital missing piece of the puzzle And Jela himself must face his own mortality Another excellent book

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    Lute Moonhawk and Rool Tiazan just aren't that intersting to me I'm actually not very fond of the dramliza in general to tell the truth Maybe it's because I spent so many years thinking that this series was pure sci fi than it was revealed to be after I read past the original trilogyTeleportation definitely tips this into the science fantasy realm in my mindThis book for the most part followed the plot I thought it would with no real surprises that's the danger of preuels I suppose I was sad that there wasn't a little explicitly done with the genetic engineering angle that I liked from the previous book though there's some further hints here and there

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    Excellent continuation of the Great Migration story BUT You have to accept a lot of storyworldmindset setup before you get to the good stuff of the actual story arc All very necessary information but the first read through I had a lot of confusion Going through this second third? fourth? I lost track somewhere time has had a lot of ah ha moments related to other books in the series particularly Balance of TradeReuired reading and re reading for Liadan Universe fans