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4.5 StarsARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review What a great book this was I love it when I take a gamble on a new author and they deliver a winner The Strong Side was short, sexy and very entertaining If you are a fan of M M romance, definitely check this one out This book is one not to miss Derek and Jason are members of the same football team Derek is the new guy while Jason is the star of the team Instead of acting stuck up and important, Jason embraces Derek into the team and even decides to take him under his wing, helping him improve his game.They become fast friends but since Derek is gay he develops a deep attraction and respect for his friend Jason is into women, but as he gets to know Derek , he starts to notice his friend in a different way.When these two friends practice on the field and tackle each other, the sexual tension is undeniable They realize that their amazing chemistry goes beyond the field Will these two friends, risk losing their friendship and act on their feelings I am a big fan of friends to lovers stories, and if you combine sports with romance I scream JACKPOT The story was sweet and sexy and I would highly recommend it to any M M fans I ll definitely be on the look out for any future books by this author. FREE today, 12 12 16 I REALLY want to try this one Side note Did anyone else think that this was a Their Chemistry On The Field Is Undeniable But Can They Ever Be Than Friends Jason Hawkins Is About To Throw The Biggest Hail Mary Pass Of His Career If He Can T Turn NFL Recruiters Heads This Year, He Ll Lose His Shot At The One Thing He S Ever Been Good At But Every Quarterback Needs A Man He Can Count On Down Field For Jason, That Man Just Might Be The Tigers New Receiver, Derek GriffinFour Years Ago, Derek Nearly Lost Everything After Being Outed By His TeammatesNow He Finally Has A Chance To Get It All Back As A Walk On For Eastshore College If He Can Resist His Immediate Attraction To The Gorgeous And Very Straight Star QuarterbackAn Instant Connection During Practice Leads To An Easy Friendship That Only Grows Stronger Off The Field Derek Is Convinced Friendship Is All It Ll Ever Be, But A Very Confusing Moment Of Impulse Leaves Both Of Them Fumbling For Answers About Their RelationshipAs Curiosity Gives Way To Passion And Passion Gives Way To Something Deeper, Jason And Derek Will Have To Tackle Their Own Personal Demons To Bring Home The Win And Earn Their Happy Ending I must say I m really impressed with this one, especially since it s a debut novel I devoured it and enjoyed it very much and will definitely be looking forfrom this author The whole book is very sweet and sexy, low on the angst and helluva hot It has one of my favorites friends to lovers trope and is settled in college There is a lot of football and sport bromance that I love so much in these kind of books So, to cut the story short, if you like sport romances, and not only MM ones, I highly recommend this one.ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. This is a quick and dirty review because my new job is taking up so much of my reading time and I really wanted to recommend this one for Football romance fans And practice new Photoshop skills on this pretty player 4.5 stars Hot men, GFY OFY, virgin butt sex, real football action, great sex and awesome passion Win Recommended DNF 18% Aw, bummer This is not going to work How do I know that Well Let s see Because everybody knows that football players are wizardsif it s just because he s talented, or because he has enough confidence to force the ball to behave the way he wantedBalls have intent and all that jazz Because everybody knows that they are confused about their feelingsHis arms are buit up, especially, and I feel a weird sort of flush pass through me as I look at him Dam, I ve been here too long I loaded up on carbs during breakfast, but after the intense workout, I m starving again That must what it isDYING LAUGHING OF COURSE IT MUST BE THAT Because they re selling dreams no, reallyStrong jaw, nicely square face, and a brow that s masculine but not reaching Neanderthal levels We wouldn t want that now would we Because beer money is such a wonderful conceptA few displeased groans and shouts come from the tables around us, and I see beer money change hands Woot BEER MONEY Because instasomething somethingBut the whole time, I can t help but watch my new mentor Having one on one time with Jason Hawkins is either going to cure me of every mental hangup, or give me another one entirely Him Nice Dramatic much This is why I won t read further and be thankful that it was a freebee Oh, well Onto the next First linePutting that blue and black jersey for the first time feels like coming home Okay we need to talk about that, because I m seriously starting to think that you Americans have some secret shit hidden in your jackets Because That line Is EVERYWHERE.Okay now I played sport for years handball Oh, right, I need to explain what that is So this is basically the best sport EVER Because I said so Things go like that And then you just fly okay jump but hey who s counting and look badass and BIM, goal Just like that.Anyway I had a sweatshirt of my team because we do not have jackets in France kidding, kidding, next thing I know it s the new stereotype about French after the not shaving, eating frogs and snails Ewww SERIOUSLY I mean we re PEOPLE So, I loved my sweat There was my name on it and everything It didn t feel like home, though Also, I never wore it at school but then, it was yellow I am a redhead Fuckers Okay, what I really wanted to say is that I m trying to forget that The Raven King is over So, yeah Forof my reviews, please visit This one was good Could be that I m a big fan of sports romance Could be that this one was low angst, just like I prefer Could be all of that experimenting going on, my favorite BUT.there were some glaringly big typos Some of which were a bit distracting But I can forgive all of that for the above three mentioned points Sonice debut Ms Hendricks Looking forward to the next one view spoiler I have a bad feeling our friend that dick Matthews is going to end up with a book hide spoiler This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.An okay book with an okay story. Although Strong Side has an easy plot to follow, it came outas a book playing on the safe side rather than living up to its title.The characters were nicely developed but I wanted the author leveragingon this to establish tension and conflict There were lots of opportunities presented in the book, but the supposed conflict were mostly handled off page and indirectly mentioned.The book followed a switching first person narration between Derek and Jason While I believe it was a good idea, I felt at times that there wasn t much difference between how these two characters think As they had their own baggage to carry, it would have been better if the author allowed for a deeper introspection, making the charactersrelatable.Lots of editing mistakes but these can be overlooked as I came to know that this was a self published book Hendricks holds a lot of potential but she needs to step up her game if she wants her stories to matter and really stick But that s just my two cents, as a reader who s always on a hunt for the holy grail of M M books. 4 StarsStrong Sidesurprised me in a very good way not only because it was a an entertaining read, but also because it was a great debut If you are like me and prefer your m m reads to be sweet, sexy and low in angst and also drama, then you will want to try this one as soon as possible, because this little gem was the perfect blend of sweetness and sexiness, with great plot and two endearing character you will fell for from the very beginning A friends to lovers OFY storyStrong Sideis the first installment in Alison Hendricks sEastshore Tigersseries and tells the story of two football players who together findthan friendship comfort and love.Derek Griffin is the team s new football player He s gay, but no one knows it since he prefers not to advertise anything about his sexuality He s out, his family knows about it being cool and supportive, but he knows not everyone is like that What happened to him when he was in high school can confirm that, so Derek is a little afraid to come out in front of everyone he knows Needless to say, his teammates don t know anything about it The sad thing is the tragic events in his past left him with some issues regarding his play Jason Hawk Hawkins is an All Star senior, the best player on campus, the poster boy of confidence and masculinity and unfortunately for Derek who feels a strong attraction towards him, is straight When Jason figures out Derek has some issues on the field, he offers to help him since he realizes how talented his teammate is Soon after, they become the best of friends and as their friendship grows Derek lets Jason know that he s gay and also some things about his past As they spendandtime together training or simply hanging out, Derek and Jason slowly become somethingI enjoyed this one It was exactly how I like my m m reads easy to read, entertaining with a good dose of steam and some sweet and lovely moments between the two main characters The story line was entertaining and I found the writing to be pretty engaging, so I m looking forward to read the next books in the series The two main characters, Derek and Jason were both endearing and both of them well portrayed I liked Derek for being patient with the other boy and Jason for being honest with himself, with Derek and also with his father There wasn t much drama regarding Jason s feelings towards Derek which I liked It was exactly enough for everything to be believable without the story being too angsty In fact, the angst was really low which it was fine with me Like I mentioned above the story has enough sexy scenes between these two boys to keep you entertained, but also some good sweet, lovely moments to make you root for them Overall, an enjoyable sports romance 4 Stars Lovely GFY StoryFor a debut novel this is extremely good.There are loads of GFY stories out there and the ones that work best for me are the sweet,sexy ones.I just loved these boys Derek is Gay,although he doesn t broadcast it.Jason is straight.They are in the same college football team.Jason is someone who Derek has looked up to and lusted after.They start getting together when Jason starts helping Derek with football coaching and Derek helps Jason with school work.This is a very engaging book with two very likeable male characters.The transition from friends to lovers is extremely well written and believable.When these two get going it s very hot.Great secondary characters as well.Highly recommended for M M fans who enjoy a GFY storyArc from Author