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This was my first encounter with a Jeffery Deaver novel, and it was a bit disappointing The Vanished Man is one of the Lincoln Rhyme series, featuring a quadriplegic forensic expert and his prot g , Amelia Sachs The story has great potential, as it features an expert illusionist bent on vengeance Denver has done a fine job exploring the world of magic and illusion, and blended this with an evil criminal element Unfortunatelythan just the bad guy manages to vanish, as credulity quickly disappears as well Any fiction novel requires some suspension of disbelief, but while reading this one I found myself shaking my head and wondering just who would believe some of the outlandish methods utilized by the illusionist in order to evade capture I quickly lost count of how often the police were hoodwinked by his misdirection and tricks In fact, Deaver inserted so many switches and misdirections that the book became bloated atthan 500 pages It easily could have been pared down to 320 350 pages, and would have been better for it The pacing bogged down as a result an invitation to the dreaded act of skimming The characters are decently rendered but felt a bit one dimensional Even the bad guy, who was potentially the most interesting character, felt a bit flat All in all, a book that could have really been excellent but fell short, for me anyway. Roller coaster Real roller coaster of a book Starts off well, gets better and better until it peaks about 2 3 through Then drops off quite dramatically, until all of a sudden it becomes brilliant again The description and explanation of the magic and illusions is beautifully done So many twists and plot changes, really need to concentrate Next Lincoln Rhyme book here I come. It Begins At A Prestigious Music School In New York City A Killer Flees The Scene Of A Homicide And Locks Himself In A Classroom Within Minutes, The Police Have Him Surrounded When A Scream Rings Out, Followed By A Gunshot, They Break Down The Door The Room Is EmptyLincoln Rhyme And Amelia Sachs Are Brought In To Help With The High Profile Investigation And To Ferret Out A Master Illusionist They Ve Dubbed The Conjurer As The Fatalities Rise And The Minutes Tick Down, Rhyme And Sachs Must Move Beyond The Smoke And Mirrors To Prevent A Terrifying Act Of Vengeance That Could Become The Greatest Vanishing Act Of All 8 10A return to form for Lincoln Rhyme in an exciting novel that fell away at the end but that didn t detract from the interesting premise and gripping story from the off The last couple of novels in the series fell a bit flat but this one was back to its best with multiple plot links going on at the same time, teasing cliffhanger chapter endings and an evil villain who is killing people off in a fashion of famous magic tricks, sorry, illusions The thing with reading a number of Jeffery Deaver novels is that you start to see the signposts of what is coming in the next part and second guess the inevitable twist This book seemed to steer clear of that or perhaps it was the way that a magic trick was explained throughout and labelled the points of a trick illusion to watch for which led as a bit of a distraction as I thought they were signposts Clever Deaver My issue with the book was the ending as it seemed too far fetched, even for this type of book There was a big reveal which I think was meant to be a drop the book kind of moment but ended up just being a shrug of the shoulders and finish it off before it ruins the good work put in earlier This wasn t complex or especially thought provoking and the ending was a little disappointing but if you ve read any in the series this is one of the better ones and worth a read.If you like this try Back Spin by Harlan Coben VANISHING QUALITYThe plot is long, convoluted and enthralling, however having read most of Jeffrey Deaver s work and realizing that he really entertains in all his stories as a master of the wild twist , I can see that in this book he has abused too much of this resource, losing the magic that makes readers gasp Particularly I agree with another reader Mr Gavin H from Sidney, Australia below that the way Malerick , the bad guy of this story, fakes his dead and makes his way out of tight police custody is too much to believe for a wild twist Also, the forensic job Lincoln Rhyme performs to solve the murder looks very poor compared to the hard work he used to do in early novels like The Bone Collector , and at the ending you can see him coming out of the blue in the home of the murderer in his wheelchair with the complex riddles solved in a brief explanation in just nothan 5 pages, out of a story 500 pages long This novel exhibits the same level of lackluster class that I experienced in The Stone Monkey , both of them have nothing to do in terms of brilliance, entertainment and character drawing with early Deaver s works like acclaimed The Bone Collector or The Devil s Teardrop Noteworthy, are however the remarks that illustrate the world of magic, presented when the author tells the tale as if he were inside the mind of the main character, an illusionist and magician from Las Vegas The Vanished Man is book Five of the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver Lincoln Rhyme team became part of the murder investigation into the death of three young people under strange circumstances The readers of The Vanished Man will follow Lincoln Rhyme and his team to see how they found the killer.I enjoy reading The Vanished Man More I read the books in this series theI love Jeffery Deaver s portrayal of Lincoln Rhymes and his aid Thom I have only Jeffery Deavers does a great job in ensuring that his readers engaged with the characters and the plot of the Vanished Man I like the way, Jeffery Deaver entwines Kara and Jaynene into the story of The Vanished Man I love Jeffery Deaver writing style and way he describes his settings The readers of Vanished Man will learn about magicians tricks and the role of a magician to their audience Also, readers of Vanished Man will learn about collecting evidence from a crime scene Reading Vanished Man you learn about the problems C4 patients have Reading of The Vanished Man, you will learn about detective training with the New York law enforcement.I recommend this book. Although complaining about twists in a Jeffery Deaver story is like complaining about murders in an Agatha Christie novel, I did feel they were overdone in this one to the point where I stopped caring about various revelations as I began to expect they d get overturned a few pages later I was often right You can get twist fatigue after a while If, at the end, Lincoln Rhyme had torn off a rubber mask to reveal he was actually Pee Wee Herman, or Meryl StreepI would have shrugged.The story is also longer than it has to be Deaver does meticulous research, but seems compelled to ensure that every iota of information he s gathered ends up on the page While interesting in itself, the background information often got in the way of the plot and I found myself skimming much of it.The worst part, for me, was the climax When you get to the end, and the final twists are revealed a drawn out process , I thought that the criminal enterprise at the heart of the story turned out to have been NEEDLESSLY COMPLICATED I mean, it really is very, very elaborate.For example, if you want to steal a watch out of a pawn shop window, you could just smash the glass with a brick and take it, or you could hire an actor to pretend that he s the store owner s long lost cousin, Lazlo who was thought to have died in a mysterious boating accident , who then introduces his handsome young business parter to the owner s daughter, whom he then seduces and marries, then fakes her death so that the owner has to go to her funeral, during which time the homeless man who begs for pennies outside the store but who is really a world class jewel thief seeking revenge on the owner, who is actually his estranged step brother takes the opportunity to enter the store and hide the watch inside a stuffed macaw, which is then purchased by an anonymous on line buyer in ArgentinaCome on Steal the watch already You had a brick Just to be clear, none of the above as any bearing on the plot of The Vanished Man My irritations led me to put the book down for long periods, but I stuck with it and, despite the basic silliness of the plot, I found the finale pretty exciting I will try another Lincoln Rhyme, but I ll be careful about choosing it. By far, Jeffery Deaver is the one author with that uncanny ability to develop plot twists and very complex characters that leave you stunned to the end If you ve seen the movie, trust me, the books are faringenious and developed as compared to what we were presented with on the silver screen The Bone Collector is a series novel starring Lincoln Rhyme, our famous forensics expert bound to his bed and mobile wheelchair.Reading this novel I am reminded to never commit a crime The art of forensics as described by Deaver leaves one little doubt as to trace evidence left behind at a crime scene Of course, this leaves Deaver no choice but to create such stunning criminal minds that they are indeed a match for our hero Lincoln Rhymethat the possibility does exist to get away with it in spite of Mr Rhyme s calculating mind.But it s not just about the crimeprimarily Deaver takes his time as he develops his cast of characters across a whole series of ingenious booksenveloping all of the primary human emotions within such characters from romance, to jealousy, to hatred, to loyalty, betrayal, and so forth.P.S Same review for the whole series If you ve read this review of Lincoln Rhyme, you ve read them all. I read the first two chapters onand seemed really promising so I bought the book Soon after author starts with lectures on forensics and how police system works which seems to be his passion or lectures on political correctness I had to escape paragraphs and even pages to save myself from that Also, there are lame jokes, obviously humor is not his strong point.The author seems really capable of creating suspense when he wants to If he only sticks to the actual story and drops the nitty gritty of forensic evidence gathering. I can honestly say I am surprised that I loved this book I thought the last two Rhyme books were seriously off and I didn t even know if I could continue with this one, but I did Glad I bought it We have Rhyme and Sachs investigating a case in which a murderer has someone escaped from what appears to be a locked room Thethey investigate, thethey find themselves embroiled in the world of magic and illusion I got a kick out of this book since Deaver sprinkles little gems throughout regarding some famous tricks and illusions I also loved how those into this use a variety of methods to trick an audience s senses.The love between Ryhme and Sachs makessense in this one Thank goodness I really didn t get what was going on between the two of them in the last two books and wondered how the heck they even worked together What really works this time through is that we get to see a stronger andconfident Sachs We have Sachs testing for the sergeant s exam and it looks like she has a promotion in her sights Rhyme is still his sarcastic self and ready to rush out and feel injured on perceived slights However, this one made himhuman to me due to an introduction of a secondary character named Kara I love the characters we have grown to know through the series like Lon and others But with the introduction of the character Kara I finally found someone that I hope pops up in future books We also per usual have a POV starring the bad guy and I wish that Deaver would stop that These books feel so full and I wish he either cut the number of characters we track, or just leave out the bad guy s justification Also the final final reveal of the bad guy didn t work for me at all It was way too out there to be believed But I felt that way about most of the bad guys in these books except for The Bone Collector The writing was great There is a lot of historical information and detail included in this book I can say that for once I didn t feel overwhelmed on how the science was presented to me either Deaver did a better job of including the science talk in dialogue with characters The flow was off throughout though I think that s because of the multiple red Herrings we get in this book At one point I maybe said please just let it end But the book kept going and going The big case that Rhyme and Sachs investigating ties into an active case dealing with a white supremacist movement so that was gross to read about it considering what is going on in the US right now It seems like lately a lot of my books are apt due to current political shennigans The ending though leaves things changed in Sachs professional life I wonder how that is going to impact her continuing work with Rhyme.