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This is a summary you can read my full review here Dumplings is a novel idea by expat local author Amanda Roberts She brings together cuisines from all over the globe and gives them an Asian spin by making them into dumpling wonton jiaozi fillings.Crazy Dumplings is immediately enticing with full colour photographs of how to fold your dumplings as well as the finished products It contains 80 recipes for all kinds of dumplings traditional and modern, sweet and savoury, vegetarian and for meat lovers There s even a recipe for dumplings for dogs Amanda also includes a few recipes for different sauces to compliment whichever dumplings you choose Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN ISBNDumplings Wontons Jiaozi This Remarkably Simple Food Is Found Throughout Asia And In Chinese Restaurants And Kitchens Around The World, But Have You Ever Filled A Dumpling Wrapper With Chicken Lobster North American Plains Bison Hardly Anyone Has The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook Features OverRecipes With Some Of The Craziest And Most Delicious Dumpling Filling Recipes You Will Ever See From Chicken Taquito Dumplings To Timey Wimey Dumplings To A Dumpling For Your Dog, Crazy Dumplings Will Show You All The Crazy Things You Can Stuff Into A Dumpling Wrapper For An Easy Meal Or Snack Although I am not the typical cookbook reader nor cook , Crazy Dumplings suits me perfectly as an expat I love the interplay between dumplings the delicious local cuisine and the wide assortment of tastes that possibly only a foodie westerner abroad could come up with From dumplings with a Mexican cuisine twist to sweet chocolate dumplings, a variety this dumpling lover never thought possible You ll never again come across jiaozi like this, crazy indeed This book is a lot of fun for experienced cooks and beginners alike.Also, I definitely appreciated the vegetarian options Absolutely adore this book Has probably the best explanation of making wonton wrappers I have read Roberts seems to agree with my belief that you can make dumplings out of almost anything. Read the full review on my blog the years, I have tried making dumplings a number of different ways by means of recipes from sources ranging from the authentic demonstrated by a Chinese professor friend of mine to the improvised working without a recipe at all and only a vague idea of what the end goal should be The results of these attempts ranged in terms of success, but I never really mastered the process Making dumplings still seemed like something that would elude the moniker of effortless While this book has its imperfections, it certainly goes a long way to making the process of preparing dumplings less daunting.The greatest strength of this book is how accessible it makes the entire process Most of what you would need to make the majority of these recipes can be found in any Walmart While my cupboard has accumulated exotic sauces and spices from various ethnic stores, most novices to Eastern cuisine aren t aware of the existence ofthan one kind of soy sauce, and this book does a fantastic job of introducing sometraditional Chinese flavors without calling for anything thatunder equipped regions couldn t readily find Simplicity is the goal as the book guides the reader through the form of making dumplings, as it impresses upon the reader the art of dumpling making is one that can be adapted easily as one needs to make adjustments Note I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review was modified for Goodreads and you can find the full review here Dumplings is the holy grail of dumplings this is definitely not your average cookbook You will find traditional dumpling recipes and the not so traditional And with recipes like honey pear duck dumplings, fancy lobster dumplings, cherry pie dumplings, cheesecake dumplings and so muchthere is a dumpling in this cookbook for everyone.So whether you like it hot or spicy or sweet and savory with detailed instructions, easy accessible ingredients, this cookbook will definitely help you impress that special someone And make you the master of the Kitchenleaving nothing to the imagination. A cook book is a constant Not a book you finish I loved the variety and fun of the dumplings Easy to follow Look for my full review on This is a great cookbook about dumplings Savory dumplings and sweet dessert dumplings All mouthwatering The author does a nice job introducing the dumpling and its connection to her It seems as if the dumpling allowed her to integrateinto the Chinese culture She has taken her love of this food and transformed it into a receptical for Asian, Mexican and holiday leftover fillings She also explains wok use which, always having a gas stove, did not realize the electric stove could prove problematic unless you a flat bottom wok I ve put several dumplings and sauces on my to make list and wrote the ingredients on my shopping list I have made empanadas so I m hopeful I can make up dumplings that will look like what s on the pages of the cookbook However she does recommend the dumpling maker which I think is a great idea, especially for uniformity She also admits that some ingredients may be difficult to find unless you head to a specialty grocery store I will probably pass on those recipes This is a good book to have on hand especially for making something for parties or make ahead and freeze I am recommending you add this book to your cookbook library Now I m looking forward to her second dumpling cookbook for evenmouthwatering recipes I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Certainly crazy if you don t try thisAmanda Roberts has created a lovely collection of both traditional and non traditional dumplings for the average home cook Who would have thought that mixing different ethnic cuisines and sweets into dumplings would be so very tasty This is a very good cookbook with easy to obtain ingredients, simple to follow recipes, and the addition of from scratch sauce recipes for some of theadventurous cooks.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. 4.5 StarsWOW This author has an enthralling background story The recipes in this cookbook are amazing So many dumplings it s difficult to know where to start There s something for everyone with savory dumplings and sweet ones too I wish there were pictures of the different types of fillings and sauces The ingredients are easily accessible and the dumplings are easy to make The folding might take a little longer to master though I highly recommend this fabulous cookbook.