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The Prophetic Voice Of Merlin, The Mysterious Enchanter Of Arthurian Legend, Has Completed His Story Written Over A Period Of Ten Years, Mary Stewart S Three Best Selling Novels Now Stand Together In One Volume The Finest Work Of Her Distinguished CareerHers Is The Most Extended Portrait In All Literature In This Compelling Figure Of Dark Age Myth And History Merlin, The Protector And Tutor Of Arthur, Has Usually Been Portrayed As An Old Man But The Crystal Cave Begins The Trilogy With The Story Of His Perilous Childhood As The Bastard Son Of A Welsh King S Daughter And The Secret Discovery Of The Magic Arts That Will Set Him Apart From Other MenWith The Birth Of Arthur, Merlin S Guardianship Began And The Ancient Legend Continues In The Hollow Hills With The Dramatic Immediacy That Is Mary Stewart S Special Gift

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    Besides the Lord of the Rings, this was probably the first real fantasy trilogy that I read I ve gone back and read it many times since then, and I think it will always be one of my standards for excellent fantasy.There s something about Mary Stewart s Merlin that is just captivating He s flawed, enigmatic, strong, admirable, calculating, naive, and wonderfully human I confess I ve always been a little in love with him Mary Stewart makes his growth from child to the wise old Merlin so believable Somehow she manages to show the mystery of his life and powers through his own eyes I m still not entirely sure how she did that, but it will never cease to amaze me.Another thing that I absolutely loved about this trilogy was the refreshing historicity of it all This isn t a fanciful rendering of a stars n moon caped Merlin the Magician, but a gritty depiction of early Britain, caught in the middle of the shift from paganism to Christianity The scenes are all depicted so well that I could literally feel myself inside them It s been years since I ve reread these books, but I can still feel the warm stones under my feet from the Roman pipes under the floors.

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    I first read this series many years ago, including the sequel, The Wicked Day in which the Arthurian legend comes full circle with the story of Arthur s bastard son Mordred I found her approach to the legend very fascinating I have since reread them at least twice I have the hardbound set , and enjoyed them immensely each time.Some reviewers have noted the slow pacing of these novels, and they do, indeed, move slowly than many modern readers prefer For me, however, Mary Stewart s incredible prose easily carries the stories and sweeps me right along.Along with JRR Tolkien, I consider Ms Stewart one of the inspirations for my own writing efforts.

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    It s got to be a good 25 30 years since I read these three books, and were just as enjoyable now as they were then Stuart has a lovely way of describing a scene, the land and the people If you purchased the trilogy in one book, just remember that they were originally three separate books I found that while I read it as one book this time, there were redundancies and or things that I would have expected to be cut from one large novel, but necessary additions in three separate novels I found myself skipping through those sections You won t find any great surprises in the story, if you are familiar with the legends of King Arthur This story is mainly Merlin s from boyhood to old man and beloved cousin and counselor of Arthur While I don t usually enjoy a book written in the first person as you lose so much from what the other characters are experiencing the author pulled this off well enough With Merlin s visions, we were able to see happenings that were not personally witnessed by Merlin Of the books I have read so far on the Arthurian legends, my favorite is still The Road to Avalon, followed by Queen of Camelot It s been so many years since I ve read The Mists of Avalon I can t rate that amongst these until I ve read it again All in all very enjoyable and I would recommend this for younger readers whose parents are trying to find well written books without the constant presence of bodice ripping A thumbs down to the publisher, I found many small typos that became a bit irritating after a while, i.e women instead of woven, is instead of in, etc You would think that after the first publication they would catch these and fix them for subsequent pulications.

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    Oh no Oops I haven t read all three yet Just the first one and I loved it The first one is a 5

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    This is a lovely book containing all three of Mary Stewart s brilliant Merlin stories The first The Crystal Cave is about his childhood and how he ended up helping Arthur come to be towards the end , the second The Hollow Hills concerns his relationship with Arthur as he grows up to become king, and the third The Last Enchantment is the end of his role in the Arthurian story and his relationship with Nimue And I have to say I loved all three books equally and for different reasons Because I read them all from one book, one after the other, it IS a little difficult for me to think of them as three separate books, though, so if I seem to overlap, jumping from something that happened in Crystal Cave to Last Enchantment without batting an eye, that s why.With the sole exception of Here Lies Arthur this is my very favorite King Arthur book I LOVE the relationship between Arthur and Merlin in this one, particularly because they are much closer in age Merlin only has roughly twenty two years on Arthur, rather than being a full blown fussy grandpa type figure as well as being cousins They have a very close family bond that was very cute to read about In particular I love the scene where Arthur and Merlin have an argument which ends with Arthur brokenly admitting the real reason he s angry with Merlin is that he was hoping Merlin would turn out to be his father instead of Uther and was disappointed to learn Merlin had never even been with a woman by this point, so couldn t have fathered him Another scene I loved was when Arthur discovers before Merlin does that Nimue was a girl she was pretending to be a boy to study under Merlin s tutorage and basically says that if she turns out to be evil and hurts Merlin, he ll kill her no matter how close they are Speaking of Nimue, I LOVED her She was sooooooooo likable in this book Not evil at all And her little romance with Merlin was ADORABLE Basically she pretended to be a boy because Merlin accidentally put the idea in her head when he mistook her for a sort of reincarnation of a dead boy he d wanted to tutor She wants to learn from him, so she poses as a lad and they become friends which turns into something after Arthur basically points out, Hey, you know that boy who follows you everywhere is actually a GIRL right It was sort of bittersweet that they don t end up together at the end she thinks he is dead and marries someone else but it fit the story perfectly and tied things up so neatly So yes, this is a wonderful book series all except the Mordred book, The Wicked Day not included in this volume, or this review , now go read it

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    A fascinating spin on the same old King Arthur story Stewart focuses on Merlin as the main character in this series, starting with his young years as a bastard and continuing through his demise shortly into Arthur s reign Stewart s strength was in bringing these so well known characters to life and giving them depth Her weakness was incredibly slow pacing Yes, we knew what was going to happen, but that doesn t make the story completely unimportant Foreshadowing was well used, between Merlin s foresight and the reader s assumed knowledge of the basics of the story, impending doom was alluded to well return return I was very disappointed by the view of women in this series With the exception of Nimu at the end of the book, every woman presented is shown to be either frivolous or a manipulating evil witch To some extent this is forgivable, as that was no doubt the sentiment towards women during the time that the events supposedly took place, but having read a story like The Mists of Avalon, it s not hard to see how it might have been otherwise.

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    This series puts a very touching, very human face to the ancient Merlin story, as the legendary magician faces the trials of discovering and developing his own power, and later as he grooms the young Arthur Pendragon to assume the throne and unite a kingdom after the chaos following the fall of the Roman Empire The story traces Merlin s journey from boyhood through the height of his reknown, and even into his twilight years as he settles into retirement , and discovers that it is never too late to find love Told with spectacular imagery and tremendous depth of feeling, this is a tale that reminds us that even legends are all too human, and magic is sometimes a very ordinary thing.

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    By far one of the best books I have ever read 900 pages, continually flowing and engaging Using the title character, Merlin, as her narrator, Mary Stewart is masterful in her storytellingwonderfully descriptive drawing on the reader s senses to experience the smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and touch of this fantastic tale A wonderful backstory to the usual focus, much happens before Camelot is introduced to us 700 pages into the book Highly recommend this thoroughly enjoyable read.

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    I am sucker for Arthurian legend Anything starring Arthur and Lancelot, I will give a chance I ve always been amused by Merlin, but he was never a favorite character of mine until this book Mary Stewart creates a serious Merlin that we follow from boyhood into adulthood Merlin is brilliant, cunning and humble and the bastard son of King Ambrosius, brother of Uther Pendragon, making him Arthur s uncle.I love that he s not a bumbling old man, but a handsome prince who doesn t want titles and decadence He d rather live off the land and out of a cave His magic is strange, he has foresight and the power to cast illusions, but mostly his ingenuity and prowess for creating tools to make work easier is often mistaken for magic Merlin is fiercely loyal to his father and loves his nephew who he predicted would be the greatest king Britain would ever see Stewart immerses us in rich history and legend, providing us with indexes and footnotes to reference for the background information she supplies us with I can honestly say this is the first Arthurian Legend that did not feature Arthur as a main character that I truly enjoyed, and my favorite character, for once, was not Arthur but Merlin I ached for Merlin when I felt he was passing on And I will admit that I didn t like the book that follows the end of the trilogy nearly as much due to Merlin s absence.I rate this entire series 5 star

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    I first read this series thirty years ago and loved it I loved it all the as I read it this year Stewart s Arthur and Merlin are set in 6th century Britain with all the mystical gods, godesses, and emergence of Christianity that came with the withdrawel of the Romans from that island country Arthur is shown as the inheritor of the Sword of Maximus through his father, Uther Pendragon nevertheless, Arthur is reared as a bastard who comes into his inheritance just before the death of his father Merlin likewise is reared as a bastard, the son of the previous king, Uther s brother You can see the beginning of the twists and turns the tale must take Moreover, the women who come into the lives of the two men Morgan, Morgause to Arthur and Nimue to Merlin are depicted masterfly by Stewart Add to these characters Arthur s bastard son and the one who is to inherit his Kingdom Mordred and you have a whole new book see my next review