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The Old Suffolk Country House Of Nethergate Provided A Welcome Refuge For Young Isabella De Savigny, Fleeing From The Terror Of Revolutionary France But She Was Treated With Subtle Cruelty By Lady Rosaleen Franklin And Despised By Martha Pratt, The Lady S Maid, When She Allowed Herself To Be Seduced And Abandoned By The Son Of The House Utterly At Lady Rosaleen S Mercy, Isabella Was Forced Into A Loveless Marriage With Martha S Brother George, A Heartless One Armed Soldier Just Back From The Wars

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    To Isabella de Sevigny, an aristocratic refugee fleeing the French Reign of Terror, her cousin Rosaleen s magnificent English country estate promised sanctuary But Nethergate soon became a prison to the high spirited young woman For its mistress, the cold blooded and beautiful Lady Rosaleen, treated Isabella like a servant When Isabella was seduced by Lady Rosaleen s son and discovered she was to have a child, Rosaleen devised a cunning and vicious plot to get rid of her In her own way, and in her own time, Isabella eventually took her revenge.I had actually read this book before many, many years ago maybe about a decade ago I had absolutely forgotten the plot of this book, even though I vaguely remembered reading it so long ago So, it was, in a sense, it was like reading an entirely new book for me This was perhaps not one of Norah Lofts best books in my opinion, but I still give Nethergate by Norah Lofts an A and found it to be very good

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    This would happen to me Oh man, Norah Lofts is rough on her characters This was an easy read, but you know something terrible is always just about to happen Don t get attached to anyone in her books

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    This is Lofts when she rather crossed genre It is NOT one of her house books, but much a character and period study It reminds me far of modern melodramas than of her majority historical fiction But at the same time the flow is much better written and with class and manners nuance than the modern best seller Yet once again, it constructs around that late 18th century eyes only Isabella does not have the cognition or sensibilities that exist outside of her own time.The story is Isabella s and the tale of her refuge at Nethergate in England It s than average for French refugee or Regency era saga although it is well into the dysfunctional and soap opera scenarios Although they ARE handled within realistic strictures It s a good read, but far chick lit territory than the underpinnings of economics of husbandry, English law, individual apprenticeships and work paths than the usual Lofts encompass Not my favorite Lofts or even middling but interesting if you like that particular period Which is also not one I often choose in France or English associations I m far partial to the earlier centuries.

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    Set in 1740 1816 ish, in a small town or hamlet in England, this is fanciful historical fiction Nethergate is a large to Americans property, and Ms Lofts moves us through several people associated with the property, not letting us become too attached to any of them, cleverly showing us their foibles through several overlapping viewpoints and timelines I didn t become too attached to any of them, except to Annabelle, and perhaps the younger Franklin which was it should be I do so like well written Old English novels

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    An enjoyable enough read by Norah Lofts, but certainly not her best The characters are flawed, but realistic In that vein, I didn t enjoy the book as much as others because I found the main character, Isabella to be rather unlikable and unsympathetic The ending as well felt rather hurried, as though Lofts was anxious to finish it Not one of the best by Lofts but an entertaining read nonetheless.

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    This book was well written and I think portrays life as it was for women back then There were some interesting plot twists and turns.

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    I give it 3.5 stars It wasn t her best but I still found it entertaining Her books on royal history are very good and her best subject matter.

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    A typical Norah Lofts book Told from the perspective of different narrators, all interesting characters Late 18th century setting.

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    I really enjoyed this book This book is told in the from the perspective of different characters in the book and they all centered around the mc Isabella and her daughter Annabel Though I liked this book, It took me a minute to get into the book I thought this was going to be a romance, but it turned out to be like a mother daughter story plot I liked how the story centered around Isabella at first , then towards the end it focused on Annabel There is some romance, but it really just comes to fruition at the beginning of the story and towards the very end that s it There is not really much to write home in regards to the romance Plus, It seems like neither Isabella or daughter can catch a break, they have the worse of luck, so to speak But I really liked how she wrote the characters Plus, there was some plots twist that I really enjoyed in this story Overall, I really liked this book and plan on reading from this author.

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    Nethergate is a large country estate not far from London The time period is the mid 1700 s through the early 1800 s The story is told through the eyes of several of the main characters Martha Pratt is a lady s maid on the estate, Joanna Drury is a country doctor, Jack Franklin is the owner of Nethergate, Isabelle de Savigny Pratt d Aubigny is the French cousin who comes to Nethergate seeking sanctuary after the French Revolution, Annabelle d Aubigny is the daughter is Isabelle, and Sir Stephen Fennel is a kind friend Members of the Franklin family tend to be manipulative and selfish It is interesting how everything woks out in the end.