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Shakespeare S Plays Weren T Meant To Be Read They Were Meant To Be PlayedWhat If Romeo Never Met Juliet What If Juliet Got Really Buff Instead Of Moping Around All Day What If They Teamed Up To Take Over Verona With Robot Suits This Choose Your Own Path Version Of Romeo And Juliet Packed With Fun Puzzles, Secrets, And Quadrillions Of Possible Storylines Lets You Decide Where The Plot Goes Every Time You Read You Might Play As Romeo, Or As Juliet, Or As Both Of Them At The Same Time You Might Even Unlock Additional Playable Characters That S Right We Figured Out How To Have Unlockable Characters In Books

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    this is super fun on my first readthrough as juliet i ended as a spinster pirate, so A adventuring really.

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    New York Times bestselling Romeo and or Juliet is a choose your own adventure type of deal, a ridiculously entertaining take or takes, since there are plenty of them on a classic that s pretty ridiculous in and of itself A classic it may be, but the word timeless doesn t apply to this particular work, and the older I get, the annoyed I am by Romeo and Juliet both.Ryan North took the famous tale and explored its weaknesses, but he also added pretty much everything that crossed his mind, from ghosts and robots to naked, sword wielding fathers The best thing by far is that you make your own choices as you go, from the character you want to play to the path you want to take I can t begin to imagine the amount of work that was required to put this book together, but the effort paid off From the very first page Romeo and or Juliet is an exercise in hilarity.If you choose to play as Romeo, prepare to be a lovesick teen obsessed with ridiculous poetry As Juliet, you will be a ripped, self obsessed girl interested in muscles and boys Juliet is a bit of a pushover, always ready to do everything her mother tells her to, but you re there to make things better and push her in dangerous directions It s your game after all Some of the paths end quickly, always with painful and ridiculous deaths On some of them Juliet and Romeo don t even meet, and on some they meet but things go in strange directions Sometimes the book pushes you to change characters, usually when one becomes boring or the other s life seems eventful In any case, North addresses his players the entire time, not hiding the fact that he s the one actually running the narrative.Regardless of where you end up, you ll jump right back to the beginning eagerly I tried retracing my steps several times, but it didn t always work I got tangled up times than I can count The easiest thing to do is laugh until you cry at Romeo s and or Juliet s misfortune and go right back to kill them again Not all paths have tragic endings there are a few possibilities for a happily ever after as well After a time, though, you begin hoping for the other kind, mostly because they re far entertaining.Romeo and or Juliet is the weirdest, funniest book I ve held in my hands in ages Sometimes it gives the impression of trying too hard, but overall you ll want to take this journey again and again until you discover them all.

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    Ideja mi se svidja, i voleo sam ovakve knjige kada sam bio mali E sada problem u ovoj izvedbi moze biti da nisam vise mali ali jednostavno na duze staze ova knjiga je dosta naporna za citanje Humor je ok ali nivo razbijanja cetvrtog zida ala Dedpul je stvarno previse i covek uopste nemoze da se upusti u pricu Nekako je suvise sve okrenuto na zez Ima par fora, i vise nego par, ali kao sto rekoh na duze staze smara.Ima potencijala al meni nije leglo previse.

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    Monthly buddyread with Melissa Melissa s review here 2.5 stars extra rating for the artwork pictures Not bad overall, parts of it were fun I tried a few different paths to see what would happen and took turns as Juliet and one as Romeo There were some funny moments but most of the writing felt awkward to me maybe aiming at a younger audience Speaking only for the paths I took Story got old quick though shrugs Not sure how to judge my progress but I and Melissa got through a fair bit methinks.Wouldn t recommend the Nurse storyline it was neat that it proceeded like an old style video game but nothing special overall.I ll have to try another choose your adventure type novel again one day this was my first since I was a kid.

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    I think that I m just really bad at Choose Your Own Adventure type books My decisions almost always lead me to an early death or a premature resolution I played this several times and never got beyond than a chapter s worth of pages I finally ended up just going through the book out of order, looking for the promised plot twists and hilarious illustrations but honestly, I was a bit disappointed I just didn t find the book to be that funny It was over the top and forced Not my kind of humour maybe.I loved the concept, but didn t like the execution I think that what it comes down to is that this really just isn t my kind of book.

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    I haven t gone through every path yet, but I ve gone through quite a few Mostly as Juliet except when, as Juliet, I pretended to be Romeo trying to seduce Juliet, that is me, but then somehow became Romeo, now me, trying to seduce Juliet, now no longer me so I feel safe reviewing this a bit.This is basically the best kind of fun to have with your friends especially book lovers, English majors or Shakespeare lovers North has an irreverent tone that, while it doesn t always work completely well with the actual jargon lines from Shakespeare, does make it fun to read and run through multiple times in one sitting.As a Choose Your Own Adventure book sometimes the paths seem utterly contrivedbut North admits this will happen bc come on he can t account for EVERY variable as genuine experience Your name is Juliet or Romeo You live in Old Timey Verona, where we ve set our scene, and are either too milquetoast to tell your parents no or in love with the idea of being in love, thus setting into motion a tale of star crossed lovers Or not I mean Juliet, if you just say yes to your mother you can go and marry boring old Paul RuddI mean Paris and Romeo you have a chance to go and get that Rosalind girl you spend most of your opening pining after for some reason Or Juliet you can run off and be a pirate Romeo you canI have no idea what you can do otherwise, I refused to follow his path because omg he is so annoying Juliet gets choices like run far far away from everything for adventures while Romeo gets do you go chat up the girl Of course you could be that person who follows the story as Shakespeare wrote it North helpfully has little hearts next to the choices that will lead you down that tragic angsty path Personally I vote you say no as soon as you to your Mother, run away, chat up some guy at a bar, and somehow make your fortune on the high seas instead can you tell I love the pirate ending for Juliet.North plays fast and loose with the time period, the play, the characters, the character motivations, Shakespeare s intentions and pretty much everything else you can think of for him to play fast and loose with Even if you follow the canon path for RJ, North is at pains to be like are you really sure that s a great idea Here s a better one to tempt you towards a satisfying ending Its actually of a chore to ignore his glib asides, irreverent commentary and anachronistic observations to complete the canon version then it is to go with the flow towards a different ending.Each segment is short enough that if you want to play this as a party game which I heartily recommend you can, passing the book around to each person as choices are made Each ending s illustration is alternately absurd a muscle bound, fiercely grinning Juliet swinging a sword while in a dress or sweet Juliet and a beau living in martial bliss far away from the idiots in Verona , breaking up the text I did flounder at first with the page set up however this isn t traditionally numbered As some snippets are barely a line or then a page, you have to be careful when moving from choice to choice to make sure you are at the BEGINNING of that choice sometimes on the previous page.Overall this was a fun, inventive way to spend my time Like the OMG Shakespeare books I think they may also be a good way to get reluctant readers into the classics Look, even though I love Twelfth Night and Midsummer s Night Dream and Macbeth they are NOT easy to get through Especially if you go for the really old text and not the slightly updated so at least they don t have weird punctuation and apostrophes everywhere text For reluctant readers, or readers who struggle with reading due to attention span or not reading English fluently for whatever reason , books like this can help bridge that gap North does a fine job of presenting the actual text especially if you follow the canon path , while making it accessible to everyone and giving context Paired with a unit on Shakespeare in Modern Times or some such thing, I think this could be a fine teaching tool.Or do like me, break out the vodka or rum and have a ridiculously fun time with your friends Either way, this is a winner of a book.

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    I ve been wanting to read the Hamlet version of this, so when I saw this, I grabbed it out of curiosity and because I love the artists involved in these books It was way wacky and hilarious than I expected I found myself flipping back and forth to read every path Jessica Yangfrom The Best Books We Read In December 2016

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    I am not big on Romeo and Juliet but this was hilarious mostly because it just made fun of them the entire time.

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    I must confess I expected a bit The reading playthrough is too short for a book with 400 pages It makes for lots and lots of different possible universes with dozens of endings, from the most vulgar to the most craziest However when each branch is starting to really pick your attention it ends, leaving a sentiment of frustration.Also, Ryan North writing style is not my cup of tea, tries to much to be funny, making jokes with every little detail, even if some of the jokes are very well constructed from an intertextual point of view.

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    This was such a fun book I was eyeballing it for a few weeks before I picked it up as I wasn t sure whether I d be into the whole choose as you go thing Turns out, I am Romeo And Or Juliet was a hilarious, smart, and entertaining book I will definitely be re reading I read the book in about 30 different ways, some ending after only ten pages, some making it much farther through the book This novel was completely unpredictable, and because of that I was never bored.One of my favourite things about Romeo And Or Juliet was the humour While reading, I literally laughed out loud than once I might add which is pretty rare for me Sure, I might smile and blow out of my nose really hard if I read something funny, but this book had me full on ugly laughing Not only were the characters hilarious, but the interpretation of the original play, the crazy endings, and the overall stories The plot twists were plentiful, and incredibly silly the good kind of silly.At the start of the book you decide whether to play as Romeo or Juliet I chose Juliet I should mention that it did take me a couple of early deaths to get the hang of the pick as you go thing, but after a bit I figured it out.My one piece of advice is to USE A BOOKMARK I m one of those readers that usually doesn t use a bookmark I generally try to remember the page, but I usually end up rereading a few pages before finding my spot it s never bothered me The problem is, things rarely go in chronological order while reading Romeo And Or Juliet , so you often find yourself jumping from the 40th part to the 18th then up to the 67th this wouldn t be a problem if you use a bookmark If you re like me, though, you ll waste a lot of time restarting much farther behind then you should be I figured that a bookmark was necessary pretty quick, but just save yourself the trouble and use a bookmark when you read this one.If you re looking for a light, endlessly entertaining read, I very much recommend Romeo And Or Juliet The familiarity with the original play puts the novel inside your comfort zone, but still manages to challenge it R