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Sunbathing dinosaurs and artistic dinosaurs dancing dinosaurs and volleyball playing dinosaurs make learning opposites fun From Boynton on Board the bestselling series of extra big extra fat extra appealing board books Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs features the inimitable Sandra Boyntonís colorful humorous drawings and lively text Dinosaurs EARLY Dinosaurs LATER Dinosaurs crammed in an elevator Dinosaurs PLUMP Dinosaurs LEAN Dinosaurs RED BLUE YELLOW and GREEN

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    One of Neo's all time favourite books is by Sandra Boynton He loves board books by this author and wants to read them all When we saw this we had to get it All sorts of dinos doing many fun things Neo was impressed

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    Dinosaurs are a lot of fun and when you get to read about them with kids the joy increases leaps and bounds Sandra Boynton's illustrations are indeed charming

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    What a delight to have my great niece and nephews ages 3 8 read this to me I love Boynton This is a fun walk through oppositesgoodbad largesmall happysad etc illustrated with dinosaurs

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    A worthy children's book that is fun and engaging and would be easy for a little one to sink their teeth into

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    Marg 4 yo loves the page with the tiny dinosaurs she always points out how cute the tiny dinosaurs are This is a book Jilly and Em 18 mo never get sick of no matter how many times we read it

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    Granddaughter loves this book Interesting word choices plump spiny

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    It's a fine book cute funny We'd sort of outgrown this type of board books though by the time it came our way But this was among the first books my son read through all by himself which makes it memorable for us He read it out loud to me in the car while I was driving

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    Everyone likes dinosaurs

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    Sandra Boynton is a family favorite

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    There is no such thing as a bad or ugly dinosaur