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Regular Exercise Can Reduce A Person S Biological Age ByToYears, And The Key To Exercising Effectively Is Maintaining And Increasing Strength A Higher Level Of Strength Also Improves Immune Systems, Helps Prevent Age Related Diseases Such As Diabetes And Osteoporosis, Lowers Stress, And Increases Mental Acuity Written By A Master Athlete Over , This Accessible Book Offers Specific Exercises For Improving Health And Fitness, Tips On Maintaining And Increasing Mobility And Motor Skills, Nutritional Advice, Strategies For Stress Management, And Worksheets For Personal Strength Training Schedules

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    I liked this book because it gave some really good information about exercising in general, about how the muscles, tendons and ligaments all work in addition to some good exercises and instructions for developing a personal exercise program Blank worksheets are included to help the reader set specific goals, manage stress, and record progress in workouts This is a short book but packed with helpful and interesting information on strength training specifically for people over 50 It also includes several different scenarios from real clients he worked with who had different problems so the reader can see how to tailor a personal workout program To answer the excuse of having no time, Michael Fekete says on pg 122 Put your priorities in order Eliminate the useless, the unproductive, and the nonsensical You will be surprised at the amount of time freed up for training The time you allot to exercise is your best investment If you think that you cannot make time for exercise now, then be sure to make plenty of time for illnesses and hospitals later.I highly recommend Strength Training For Seniors by Michael Fekete

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    I ve made it a habit to read a few exercise books The practice of exercise has s changed so much that it is hard to keep up with best world practice My complication is that I m 60 years old and suffering from Fibromyalgia so the standard approach of most texts to get you to work long and hard is not something I want to do.Michael Kekete on the other hand tackles the topic of exercise especially strength training exercise very differently from the pack.His approach is formatted by the consideration that seniors aren t as macho capable as other populations This of course suits me fine.However only a small section of the book focuses on the exercises themselves , the rest is about exercising, muscles, exertions, commitment and training plans.So the business of exercise what it does and the sort of protocols you need to monitor are clearly explained.I guess this approach puts you in control because you get to be in the know and then you can decide how you need top proceed.Clearly written and always focused, this is a very useful exercise tool even for those who aren t over 60.