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Maybe if I was a teenager and it was 2006, I wouldn t find the language quite as weird But there are some interesting recipes and pictures of most of them in this book, so I m prepared to ignore the weird style and the even weirder gender stereotypes, where it seems like a this book was only written for a male, heterosexual audience and b the author feels the need to reaffirm his masculinity by stressing every other page how much he likes exercise presumably if you re a male teenager who likes to cook, you need to work especially hard to perform hegemonic masculinity On that note, I also wouldn t have thought that it was possible to use violent language in a cookery book, but that was before I found out that apparently the verb to slap is now an appropriate word to describe putting ingredients in a bowl But as I said, the actual food sounds really good Teen Celebrity Cooking Sensation Sam Stern Reinvents The Term Fast Food Thanks To These Quick And Tasty Recipes That Entice Kids To Cook For ThemselvesBritish Teen Sam Stern Is A Great Cook, And He S On A Mission To Get Everyone Else Doing It Now That His COOKING UP A STORM Has Stirred Up A Storm Of Attention, He S Offering REAL FOOD, REAL FAST To Lure All Those Time Pressured Teens Away From Their Fast Food Fixes Once Again, With His Engaging Conversational Tone And The Help Of His Friends Sam Breezily Runs Through Dozens Of Recipes, Using Real Ingredients And Simple Techniques But What Makes These Dishes A Cinch For Even Cooking Resistant Kids Are The Cool Tabs That Indicate Preparation Times Of , , , , AndMinutes Brilliant Book Details Format Paperback Publication DatePagesReading Level AgeAnd Up The recipes can take as little as five minutes to prepare or as long as 30 minutes to prepare.Real Food Real Fast was a book I appreciated because it will continue giving. When I requested this I didn t know it was a juvenile book still, the instructions are simple and clear and there are tons of photographs The food seemed healthy and heavy on the Mediterranean. More stars for the ideas, fewer for the prose I enjoyed Sam Stern s vegetarian book but found this one almost intolerably mannered The vegetarian book was a bit cheffy, this one was trying so hard to be down with the kids and I don t think kids would like it muchthan me And what s with all this gender stuff around food However , he definitely has something when it comes to producing cookbooks with lots of inspiring but practical ideas, and the indexing tabs for speed of cooking were a nice touch. I ike the cooking time tabs Nice quick easy recipes The tween slang was a bit much and cheesey photos were a downside I d recommend this book to a pre teen and anyone who doesn t cook much. I like how the book is organized by the time it will take to prepare but the text is a bit twee and cheesy and the overall look is very, very English I am waiting to see how the kids in my predominately African American neighborhood connect with this one. a little cheesy with the British teen cooking sensation probably could get teenagers interested in cookingnot what I expected for the CLAU list