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Good idea, horrendous execution The author really needed to do research into the time period before writing this book The dialogue was awful, it was unnatural, and it was not reflective of the time period, or of the person speaking it Every single character in the book spoke exactly the same, ridiculous way, using extremely proper grammar, and what I can only imagine the author thought were old timey phrases and words but for was a popular one , and never once speaking in a contraction Never once It was all I did not , you should not , I cannot do it , it is , I will not you get the idea I hate to break it to the author, but that does not make the dialogue accurate for the time period, nor for, you know, actual human beings, ever It did not ha matter whether the character was poor and illiterate, a maid, or a wealthy person of good breeding and education, in 1825, or 1911, they all spoke in EXACTLY the same manner It took away from the story, and had me rolling my eyes constantly If the author ever reads this, please read some Sarah Waters if you ever plan on writing anything taking place in Victorian England again Please In addition, the rest of the story outside of the main plot was boring and predictable I do really think that this had potential to be a really interesting book, and because the premise kept me interested enough to actually finish it, and as a genealogy fanatic, I appreciated the author s intentions and her attempt, I am going to give it two stars. In The Spring Of , Suffragist Louisa Russell Finds An Old Diary In A Box Of Artefacts, While Attending A Census Evasion Night At The Old Museum In Ipswich The Diary Recounts The Last Days Of Mary Emily Cage, Executed For The Murder Of Her Husband Six Decades Earlier When Louisa S Next Door Neighbour, Charles Drummond, Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances, The Parallels Between The Two Deaths Become Impossible To Ignore But Can Two Deaths Sixty Years Apart Be Linked And Can Louisa Find The Poisoner Before An Innocent Woman Is Convicted An enjoyable read Enjoyed this book very much The story was well planned and comes together in the end in an interesting way The characters are well presented, and historical events and background have been thoroughly researched Vote for Murder fits all my criteria for a historical fiction good read. Brilliant This book is gripping from the beginning to the end Very cleverly written, the two stories blended so well Mary s suffering at the hands of the abusive husband and her in turn turning into a lunatic who neglected her children and drugged and killed some of them In the end Mary gets hanged for poisoning her husband which she vehemently denied to a friend but not to the authorities to protect whoever did, who can only be one of her children Decades later someone stumbled upon Mary s diary, at the same time as man dies and it looks like he s been poisoned The question is by who On the other hand the author shows the struggles women went through to be granted the right to vote I received this from Goodreads and was very pleased I especially enjoyed the historical parts that happened in the past Indeed, it s a good lesson on If you haven t walked a mile in their shoes but even though it s historic, so much of it applies even today What a great way to start the new year with a pleasant surprise of a book Thank you, Jacqui and Goodreads Really enjoyed this book, particularly as someone with an interest in genealogy and history.It had everything Great characters, great dialogue, suspense, deceit and a who dunnit