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Libriccino molto molto breve, credo che l et di lettura sia ancora pi bassa di quella che mi aspettassi Un buono spunto per parlare un po degli indiani facendo appassionare sia maschietti che femminucce di solito gli indiani sono da maschi in quanto i protagonisti sono fratello e sorella. I really liked this one for the wisdom hidden in Lakota indians words about life, school, food, soul Deep questions about our society and Lakota s arose in my 5yo s mind and heart after reading this book. Hello, Buffalo That S What Jack And Annie Say When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them And Teddy, The Enchanted Dog, Back Almost Years To The Great Plains There They Meet A Lakota Boy Who Shows Them How To Hunt Buffalo But Something Goes Wrong Now They Need To Stop A Thousand Buffalo From Stampeding I didn t like this book because I do not like buffaloes charging at me I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Annie calmed a bunch of buffaloes down when they were charging at Black Hawk and Jack made Sunlight a horse that Annie named go down to the buffaloes and Black Hawk went on to Sunlight. In Buffalo Before Breakfast Jack and Annie are sent to a Lakota village where they must earn a gift of courage to help Arthur in Camelot.Jack and Annie have to tread carefully when making contact with the Lakota villagers The rely on Morgan s book for how to introduce themselves and how act respectfully and bravely They meet a boy of similar age who lives with his grandmother.Together Jack, Annie and the Lakota boy go hunting for bison The learn an important lesson about the difference between being careful and brave and being careless and brave The three get carried away with being brave that they end up starting a bison stampede.It was an interesting introduction to Lakota life as it must have been like before homesteaders started taking over the land It seemed though simplistic compared to recent books and later books in the series Here they are supposed to be brave but that need is brought on by an act of stupidity It would have been better if the stampede had been the result of something unrelated. Plot Jake and Annie go on an adventure back in time to the Great Plains and learn how the Indians obtained their resource and their belief in the Great Spirit Jack and Annie learned quite a bit from the Indians It was a simpler time that should ve never been disturbed In my opinion, Indians had it right, and the white man ruined it Characterization The main characters in Magic Tree House 18 Buffalo Before Breakfast are Jack, Annie, Black Hawk,and Grandma Jack and Annie are two kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania ,who travel through time and go on cool adventures to try and help their friend, Teddy They end up meeting Black Hawk and Grandma who happen to be Lakota Indians Setting The setting date and time of Jack and Annie s adventure was during the early 1800 s before the white man took the Indians land This specific tribe was one of the biggest Indian tribes throughout America They were called the Lakota Indians The Lakota were very resourceful people They hunted the great buffalo that roamed the Great Plains in such mass and when they killed they used every last part of the buffalo For example, the bones of a buffalo would be used as tools, the hide for clothing, and the meat for the feast after a good hunt Thematic Connection I feel the main message in the story of Buffalo Before Breakfast is that the Lakota Indians had the perfect set up of living off the land and not wasting any resources I feel that the Lakota Indians represent how Americans should actually live instead of all the materialistic and wasteful people who have developed over the centuries Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone This book is all around a good book I think it would appeal towards the younger generation from about 4 12 grade It s truly a great educational book that teaches you to understand how the Indians lived off the land and how resourceful they were It s amazing what you can learn from a good book. Mary 6 4.5 stars I say that I m going to whack you with this Kindle Hehehehe What else do you have to say about this book I liked it when Jack, um, saved, um, Black Hawk from the buffalos and how Annie stopped the stampede with the buffalo woman.Sam 8 4.5 stars I liked it because it gave some information about buffalo and the, uh, Mary, what were they called The people Dad, you better not be writing that The Lakota Yes Okay, what about them I liked it when Jack saved them Like, it gives information about them.Dave older Well, I guess all I have to say is that this is the book the kids wanted me to read, and it s tolerable than A to Z Mysteries. Jack and Annie are on another mission only this time, it isn t like the rest Teddy, a little dog, has a spell on them and they have to undo it Morgan La Fey leaves a note in the treehouse on what they need to do Jack and Annie end up back in time when the buffalo roam the land They find a tribe that welcomes them Black Hawk, who s the same age as Jack and Annie, tries to help out the siblings with their mission Will Black Hawk, Jack, and Annie find out the answers to this riddle Pick up this book at the local library.I would recomend this book to kids who like to read about adventures Each one is something new and exciting Osborne has largely steered clear of the history of the Americas in her series, and with good reason the legacy of colonialism is an enormously difficult subject to approach for any age group In the latest story arc of the series, which includes books 17 20, Osborne has finally ventured into the relatively recent American past and the results at least here are mixed.While she describes the mass slaughter of the bison unambiguously, even making the point that it was a military maneuver designed to weaken aboriginal resistance to European powers, the larger issue of genocide is ignored completely Although this doesn t really come as a surprise, I keep hoping that Osborne will sneak something really radical into her books some day. 3.5 starsLots of good information in this one Jack and Annie go back in time and spend a day with some Lakota indians Jack s trusty research book had some great facts to share about the Indians, but they also spent some time with an Indian grandmother who taught them some fascinating things about their beliefs and way of life.The adventure with the buffalo was improbable and somewhat worrisome I grew up not far from Yellowstone National Park, and we d visit at least once a year So perhaps it s my perspective of having don t go near the buffalo ingrained into me for as long as I can remember, but their adventure seemed reckless, and the magical rescue misleading Ugh, I sound like a grown up