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Half Man Half Machine All Hers Rage, The Humanoid Alliance S Most Primitive Cyborg, Has Two Goals Kill All Of The Humans On His Battle Station And Escape To The Homeland The Warrior Has Seen The Darkness In Others And In Himself He Believes That S All He S Been Programmed To Experience Until He Meets Joan Joan, The Battle Station S First Female Engineer, Has One Goal Survive Long Enough To Help The Big Sexy Cyborg Plotting To Kill Her Rage Might Not Trust Her But He Wants Her She Sees The Passion In His Eyes, The Caring In His Battle Worn Hands, The Gruff Emotion In His Voice When Joan Survives The Unthinkable, Rage S Priorities Are Tested Is There Enough Room In This Cyborg S Heart For Both Love And Revenge Rage, a cyborg, was created to fight and to breed As his name implies, he has a lot of pent up anger caused by the humans who have tortured him throughout his life After he kills his human handler, cyberengineer Joan is brought in She s been tormented by her male colleagues who would like to see her dead and hope the cyborg will finish her off And Rage intends to.until she gets under his skin Releasing Rage was really a fast paced read, and I couldn t put it down I devoured every page The Domination submission element of this book surprised me I kind of did a double take I wasn t expecting D s, but the overall story kept me enthralled I would definitely read the next book in the Cyborg Sizzle series. DNF 75% What does the hero do when the heroine gets gang raped He fucks her, of course While she s unconscious and covered by blood and other unwanted bodily fluids Yeah, sure, it s for medicinal purposes scoffs but seriously, why did it have to be magical, medicinal sex Why couldn t the writer come up with a healing kiss or something Because really, having sex with someone who just got raped and is near death is distasteful as hell.Oh, did I mention that he genuinely wanted to kill her at the beginning Yeah I rest my case. First of all, I loved everything about this story Rage and Joan freaking OWNED me Their initial meeting, with the threat of certain death almost tangible, and yet they still found themselves irresistibly attracted to each other and falling so deeply in love WOW Second of all, why did no one steer me in this authors direction before Rage threw back his head and roared, rattling the metal fragments scattered around him, filling the chambers with the sounds of his horror, his regret, his sorrow They did this to her, the humans, and they would all die. Joan was an intelligent and perceptive engineer who garnered no respect from her peers From the overt mysogyny and physical abuse from her coworkers, her life was far from ideal She cared deeply for cyborgs, especially because one saved her life many years ago She was living on borrowed time and she knew it and counted herself lucky to find love and passion with Rage in the meantime As for Rage, he was one of the last of the older model cyborgs left and had endured tortures that boggle the mind He had no love or trust for humans and no one could blame him So when Joan became his new engineer, he let her know her life was over He couldn t have predicted his instant connection to her or her innate submissiveness She was utter perfection and a contradiction to everything he believed These two were sweet forbidden love at its finest Rage bent over and brushed the soft curls away from his little engineer s beautiful face The tendrils coiled around his fingers, embracing him, strands of red interwoven with the brown Even her hair knew she belonged to him. When I picked out this book, I thought it would be a smutfest of robotic proportions I was prepared for very little story and lots of hot sex I couldn t have been wrong While the intimate moments between Rage and Joan were pretty incendiary, this book had such an intricate and detailed plot The author didn t miss a point Every time I thought the story would go in a much easier direction, the author showed me that she was willing to dig deeper I got a story about hope and freedom A story that delved into the utter desolation of oppression and the determination to be rid of the shackles I was enthralled by the characters and this story controlled every one of my responses I couldn t think beyond the next moment I couldn t feel anything other than what I was directed to feel And I loved every moment of itWe ll survive this, female He pressed her face against his body armor Because that s who we are Survivors, she mumbled against the hard material. I m 100% dedicated to every character introduced in this book I m excited to meet each one in their own story and I m eager to find out how they navigate their newfound freedom Cynthia Sax is a new to me author and she s most definitely found a new fan in me. Female When I read, I find myself engaging both my heart or, if you prefer, emotions, and intellect I am also of the belief that intelligence cannot exclude the human heart emotion The impetus to reproduce, create life, is seated in the emotions even if the holder of said emotions wishes to deny this intellectuallyand, even if sometimes the emotions aren t all that productive and healthy Most of the eminently acclaimed scientists know that there is a point in the study and investigation of our universe that knowledge and logic fail in the absolute understanding of things It is at this point that an emotional decision is made to ascribe meaning to our human condition or not It is not an entirely logical or informed decision, it is a human decision Love, belief, grace and mercy are qualities that allow us to transcend the limits of the infinite reality that our scientific minds place before us Where the limits of our knowledge and logic confine us to the limits of that reality we observe It is belief, love, grace and mercy that lift us up out of these limits and allow our minds and hearts to soar in other realms that we cannot actually prove exist.Pardon me, I digress This book came out of the imagination of a skillful author who imagined a future world of new planets, new discoveries, new technologies, new alien enemies , half human half machine sentient beings Some of the ideas were enchanting Some made my blood run cold Ultimately she fell a bit short in the actual world building.I recall seeing a movie titled A.I Artificial Intelligence The screenplay by Steven Spielberg was based on a screen story by Ian Watson and the 1969 short story Supertoys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss Wikipedia This was a futuristic world wherein a technology company finally created a thoroughly convincing android with human emotions that imprinted upon its primary user emotionally and as it turns out, irrevocably for eons The movie depicts how humans treated this android of a little boy as disposable when they had no longer any use for him and disposed of him as others disposed of their useless androids Their owners thought to simply release them to be on their own instead of decommissioning them These androids continued to learn from each other in their own rogue communities They were rounded up, pulled apart and treated in grossly inhumane fashion They were machines, right Who cares It was a spectator sport where folks visited their outrage at all the machines blamed for every misery or resentment at technology harbored by the Average Joe or Jane The androids from earlier to later models would huddle and comfort each other as the raucous patriotic crowd did their worse to these beings It is as if the intelligent the androids became, they began to exhibit empathy, a thoroughly and completely human emotion Again I digress but there is a point.One of my guiltier pleasures is reading about the idea of a beautiful cyborg man and all the lovely possibilities that can be had if this half man half machine loves, yes, his choice, loves and pleasures a woman To this author s credit, she can write some mighty fine delectably dirty cyborg sex scenes that impart some incredible side benefits.For example, Rage, the Model C Cyborg was a fierce beautiful, but really scarred battle and breeding machine His new cybernetic engineer, Joan Tull is reverent of his being, aware of his sentient intelligence but startled at his lack of trust and overall hatred of human beings Joan has dealt with the extreme of male misogyny She had to literally physically fight to be trained as a cybernetic engineer Males in her world where of the extreme view that females did not have the capacity to be engineers Their brains were not capable as male brains Echos of a treatise recently written by a male engineer at Google At her duty station in space, along with openly calling her demeaning names, they were violent about it Her commander instigated hate and violence against her with impunity.When she met the violent cyborg that was to be her responsibility, she felt instant awe and began to experience desire for him In her careful ministrations to clean and upgrade his mechanics, she discovered that his previous male handler had physically and sexually abused this being to the point of mutilating his genitalia Further, she discovered that the other male cybernetic engineers assigned to each cyborg did the same or worse to the half human half machine beings that fought for them, provided them safety and kept them alive I was sickened.Is this going to be one the dangers to our human soul of having androids with artificial intelligence For the most part, there does not seem to be an impulse by man to abuse any other machine or equipment used to insure survival within our story or without Of course the author maintained continuity of the character of these particular men in their stupidity at abusing the lone female in their midst as they continued in their abuse of the the half human machines entrusted to their care.So while this was an erotic and futuristic tale of cyborg love and romance Eventually our heroine, Joan endures the absolute worse a woman can endure The manner in which she was made whole again may upset some In fact, the whole scenario of her attack is yet, another cause for concern ultimately, after I read this book, I felt a chill go up my spine and whether intentional or not, there are some warnings made plain by this story.Judge your leaders by how they treat the most vulnerable around you Sooner or later you will be vulnerable yourself Speak out against cruelty to sentient beings Cruelty is neither logical or good Cruelty in the end destroys lives, characters and snuffs out the flames of compassion Maybe if the human worldand the times before this futuristic time in the human world depicted in this book had the intellectual and emotional intelligence of female there would not have been so much war with interplanetary species and unnecessary killing The cyborgs could go back to simply breeding Make love not war Alwaysalways have the courage, whether man or woman, to speak out against language, actions and policies that hurt or injure another and have no basis in intellectual understandingcannot be supported logically with that which we know to be empirically true Perhaps in this way, our interstellar and interplanetary future will be far brighter than what is imagined so far.I give this book a 3.5 stars Again the author clearly has imagination The erotic scenes sizzled I thought a derogatory phrase ascribed to the human males was overused to the point of irritation A huge plot hole or dilemma existed in my mind surrounding the healing substance the cyborgs had in their saliva and body secretions Surely the men were not that stupid The creation of new life was not given full attention, and the opportunity to say was lost here The ending felt rushed, the story incomplete and little was said about anything changing the future outlook of these worlds after all the meaningful drama.I take no pleasure in expressing my negative impressions I m still soothing my broken heart wondering if all the trauma suffered was worth the read I, as usual, tend to round up with my 3.5 to 4 stars.