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Often Go Awry Is A Collection Of Poems Upturned The Book Works Its Way From The Center Outward, While The Poems Themselves Examine The Meaning Of Unraveling The Styles Vary Greatly, But All Of The Pieces In This Collection Insist Upon Attacking Determinism In One Form Or AnotherThis Is The Fourth Book Of Poetry From Author Brian S Ellis, But It Is His First Collection Of Poems Written In His Present Voice While He Continues With The Same Obsessions That Have Pervaded All Of His Work, This Is Fully In The Now Than He Has Ever Been I Ll Meet You There Where Everything Is, We Will Be

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    I really wanted to like this book but in the end, I simply didn t The poems didn t carry any emotion for me and so I didn t really care about what the poem was trying to sayif it was trying to say anything It felt like these poems were written for a very specific audience many people are called out by name in the poems Troy and Jessie and Allen and Jason, etc and maybe if the poems had the ability to appeal to someone not named in a poem they would have been better Overall, these poems read like rough drafts that hadn t yet been workshopped or edited.