The Teddy Bear Agreement eBook –

Ah yes, the days when I had the time and patience to discover Wattpad gems such as this. kawaii as a chibi cupcake Great Read Really loved the humour and romance Don t have much to say but I did have quite a lot of fondness for this novel I believe it was creative to think of The Teddy Bear Agreement and putting a story to such absurd statements Suggested to those who are in to contemporary romance humour stories The only thing I wasn t a an of was that Cassandra s character seemed like a whole complete different person and she changed in what seemed to be a short period of time. Amazing Earth to Cassie and Will They got my mind This story is like a guide for how to love their Bae upon all their flaws even tho sometimes their flaws are unforgivable, And how couples have to give respect and gain respect between each other to maintain a good relationship Needless to say that Lot of things gotta learned from this story You got my words I m not even going to bother writing a long and detailed review for this one Ending this book feels underwhelming because I expected so much and literally didn t get a single thing from my expectations The beginning was good but this dragged out, and it became a pain in the ass for me to read it because there were too many unnecessary parts Also, I had a difficult time trying to like the characters They felt a bit too superficial to me Also, I understand that this is a character driven story but the way it was executed was so bland Too bad. I Was Just About To Push Myself Away And Sneak Out Of The Room When His Arms Tightened Just A Fraction Around My Waist Wait, Not Yet, I M Awake Will S Breath Tickled My Ear As He Brought Me Closer And Even Threw One Of His Legs Over Mine He Backed Us Both Away From The Edge Of The Bed And I Was Pretty Sure He Was Hitting The Wall With His Back You Ll Make It Harder For Me To Sneak Out Without Waking You Up I Whispered, My Slight Annoyance Edging In My Voice The Quick Exhale Of Breath Coming From His Nose Was A Probable Chuckle As He Murmured Back To Me That S The Point THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND CUTE AND ADORABLE AND IM DYIN I want my own Will pls HAHA This is a good read and totally worth it 3,5 stars