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The One Guy She Shouldn T WantHonor Mitchell Has Lived With Guilt And Regret For A Long Time, So When She Promises To Do The Things On Her Dying Best Friend S Wish List, She S Determined To Follow Through And Do Something Right For A Change But When She S Thrown Together For Wedding Duties With The One Man Who Complicates Her Vow Just By Looking At Him She Has To Put Her Faith In Bryce Bishop S Pledge To Help Her, No Strings AttachedBryce S Near One Night Stand With His Ex Girlfriend S Best Friend A Few Months Ago Might Have Been A Mistake, But Helping The Beautiful, Free Spirited Honor With Her Promise Isn T His Trust In Women Is Shot, But He Can T Help But Play His Best Man Card To His Advantage And Help Honor Tick Off The Items On His Ex S List, Even If It Puts Him In A No Win Situation Because His Assistance Might Get Honor What She Wants, But Suddenly Being The Do Good Guy Puts His Plans And Heart In Serious Jeopardy

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    There s a reason Robin Bielman is one of my go to authors Ten books read.48 stars in total THIS is why The lady never fails from the romantic first kiss which induces a serious case of the butterflies, to the grand gesture that will leave your heart singing, she has a gift of bringing her reader a captivating story and couple to become emotionally invested in Blame it on the Kiss is no exception With an undeniable chemistry, Bryce and Honor s journey brings everything from fun and flirting to passion and intimacy And, as the bond between them builds, it brings the emotion to the forefront as these are two people who are both afraid of being hurt This couple will have you cheering them on from the very start I laughed at the humour and sighed at the romance but I appreciated Honor and Bryce for the people they were real, relatable, frustrating at times and loveable And with Sophie and Zane featuring throughout, along with a great cast of secondary characters it brought that close knit family feel I love Blame it on the Kiss is a superb addition to Robin s Kisses in the Sand series and I look forward to seeing what she treats us to next 4.5 stars Copy generously received courtesy of the author for an honest and unbiased opinion and it was my absolute pleasure.

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    3.5 We ve come this far Stars The second book in the Kisses in the Sand series focuses on a couple whose connection causes than a few feelings of guilt as they also try to navigate their grief for the loss of a loved one.I think the subject matter in Blame it on the Kiss is one that any author is going to struggle to get the right balance with, in that Honor s best friend was also Bryce s ex girlfriend, and she died Honor cannot deny her feelings for Bryce after running into him months after it happened, and trying to avoid him for the most part, but feels like she is betraying her best friends memory because of it Like what you see. I don t know what you re talking about I could show you Bryce sees things a little differently, not in a callous or unfeeling way, but seeing as Payton had dumped him prior to her death, the feelings of grief and guilt are for slightly different reasons, especially as he comes to realize that his feelings for Honor are completely different and a whole lot stronger than the ones he had for her best friend I may be clean cut on the outside, but make no mistake I like to get very, very dirty when nobody s looking There were parts of this book I loved the banter between the guys when they were together, the progression of the series as a whole, and there were parts where Bryce and Honor were together that were really emotive and heartfelt But for me the balance I previously mentioned was a little bit off in relation to the inclusion and use of the deceased but not forgotten best friend, and the reactions Honor had to some of her interactions with Bryce, especially in the first half of the book There were points where I struggled to understand Honor s motivations, she was a little inconsistent in her direction, and guilt seemed to be used as an excuse than the truth in explanation to than one scenario when she wanted to back away from dealing with her feelings for Bryce No one has ever thought about me the way you do This was still a pretty easy read, and for the most part enjoyable, tropes used than writing played a part in the lower rating, and on the whole this series has been a really enjoyable reading adventure.ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.

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    Hi everyone My heart s feeling kind of full today and so I just rated one of my books for the first time I love this book I love all my books, of course, but this one is special because it s book 10 Ten That is just crazy pants and means so much to me because I never imagined it happening So, huge thanks to all of you for reading my books I never imagined that either Happy June Happy reading I can t wait for you to get to know Honor and Bryce.Thought I d share a couple of teasers hopefully it works Please feel free to share them if you want to xoxo image error

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    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI appreciate a book where both the hero and heroine have to overcome some past issues to move forward but they do it without a lot of whining or big blow ups or a whole lot of drama While it took a little time, I was extremely happy that they both figured out what they wanted about the same time and both were willing to risk a lot to be together For two people, a shared past with one woman, leaves them questioning everything especially the growing feelings for each other and makes Blame It On The Kiss a complicated, sophisticated and sexy story that I could not put down.With every good deed and every unselfish act Honor Mitchell proves to everyone around her what a good person she is but an event from her past keeps her from forming relationships and allowing herself to love but fulfilling the wish list of her dead best friend is something she knows she can do with the possible exception of one item but she ll deal with that when she gets to in for now she has to deal with the man that she has no business thinking about much less wanting, the man her best friend ditched before she took her last breath.Ever since his near miss one night stand with his ex girlfriend s best friend in which he finds out his ex has passed away, Bryce Bishop has found it hard to trust women But there is something about Honor that sets his blood on fire and makes him want to help her cross of a few items the wish list especially the one about a one night stand.There was so much I enjoyed about this book from the way these two circled around each other and tried to not give in to the heat between them, to the time they spent together as friends to their agreed one night together that turns into so much In between it all you saw their defenses crumbling, their hearts opening up, and some feelings developing even though it scared them both and had them questioning everything they were doing.I always appreciate a complex storyline and this book was not only that, but there was an underlying sweetness to it that made me smile and a simmering sensuality that rounded it out and made it one simply outstanding romance.Review copy provided for an honest review.

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    Robin Bielman once again wrote a sweet, fun, flirty and emotional story that I couldn t put down Honor is a girl living with regrets, she believes that she is too spontaneous to finish a thing, she believes that she hurts others and she doesn t think that she is capable of loving Bryce on the other hand has been hurt by his past and though he is a man that wants a family and a steady relationship, he doesn t want one now.He doesn t want his heart to be broken again When they share a kiss their passion combusts but they are both reluctant to invest They cannot resist though their attraction so they start a game of flirting, with no strings attached relationship.The time they spend together brings them close and slowly love is in the air They cannot turn down their feelings but both being afraid of getting hurt are they going to give it a chance I loved Honor because she is a girl sensitive and caring and Bryce because he is a decent guy, a man that is protective and sexy and wants to give everything to Honor I loved all the time they spent together and Robin had amazing ideas about their dates We also saw great scenes about the characters from the previous book and they were so sweet.It was so good to connect with them again This was a sexy book with humor and an adorable couple that will steal your heart arc kindly provided by the author

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    With each book by Robin Bielman that I read, I fall in love with her characters and their sassy, sizzling, fun, emotional journeys Blame it on the Kiss is one of my favorites Honor and Bryce are such good, likable people who really deserve a happy ending I laughed with them, cried with them and cheered them on throughout the ups and downs of their emotional journey.I enjoy the sizzle and these two do sizzle but I love the heart of the story so much So many FEELS The supporting cast is terrific, adding humor, tension and realism to their small, friendly beach town Outstanding read Copy provided by NetGalley for review

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    Awesome read This is a sweet, fun, and very emotional book A beautifully crafted story that shows us the characters vulnerabilities, regrets, hopes and aspirations Honor and Bryce are characters that you can t help but like and you want to see them get their happily ever after Treat yourself to a wonderful afternoon and grab this one I highly recommend it.

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    4.5 starsBlame It on the Kiss was a beautiful and heartfelt read, loved it.Loved the characters, the storyline and the chemistry between Honor and Bryce was very believable and hot I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it You too will be left with a heart full of love Thank you Entangled Bliss via Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts

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    Sam s top 3 reasons for LOVING Blame it on the Kiss 1 It is a damn fine kiss, and you get to start blaming it right there in Chapter 1 Read it and weep 2 A heroine committed to completing a very naughty bucket list, and a hero torn between preventing her or participating 3 A Scrabble game that will make you stand up and cheer.Before I started Blame it on the Kiss, I expected to adore it, because I adore everything from this author, yet I was secretly thinking, Sorry, Robin Bielman I can t possibly love any couple than I love Sophie and Zane, from Keeping Mr Right Now, book 1 of the Kisses in the Sand series She proved me wrong Bryce and Honor s story is an emotional roller coaster Yes, my pulse pounded and I got breathless in parts this is a Red Hot Bliss, after all Their journey includes giddy highs and heart stopping lows, but like any great ride, you re going to love every second Strap yourself in and enjoy.

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    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimFirst off, I have to say Blame it on the Kiss is my favorite Robin Bielman book to date I even have to admit that Honor and Bryce are also my favorite couple That s saying a lot since I generally love all of her couples.Bryce Bishop is truly a good guy He oozes the forever vibe A family and a white picket fence is him He thought he was on track to have all that and until Payton dumped him via voicemail Now, he doesn t trust his heart or women.Honor Mitchell is a free spirit with a heart of gold Unfortunately, she s been living with regret for way too long It s this regret that she s been using as a crutch and holding herself back She s so accustomed to failing or thinking that she s going to fail, that she doesn t even try But when her best friend since kindergarten passes away, she s determined to fulfill the promise Payton asked her to.Payton s list of Things to Do Before I Turn 25 consists of 1 Have a one night stand 2 Get a tattoo 3 Take a hot air balloon ride 4 Open an antique store with my best friend 5 Fall in love.Honor is actually in the process of working to checking one night stand off her list when she meets a guy named Bryce Before things go too far, the two realize who the other is and backs off But there s no denying there are sparks between them Turns out, Bryce was Payton s boyfriend, before she died Things for Honor and Bryce get complicated when they try to avoid each other Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for them, that s impossible when they have to spend the weekend together at their best friends wedding I need to kiss you, Honor One kiss the way I want to kiss you, and then we can be done One kiss will just never be enough for these two At the time when Payton broke up with him, he never knew why she did it Honor keeps thinking of Bryce as belonging to Payon and feels bad about thinking about Payton s guy that way Blame it on the Kiss is special in that it s an unbelievable story of friendship Robin takes the readers along Honor and Bryce s journey of recovering from the loss of someone they both cared about You get to see Honor struggle to keep a promise, learn to trust and have faith in herself, and forgive herself for things she thinks she s done wrong You see Bryce falling head over heels in love with Honor and willing to do anything to see her spread her wings and discover who he and everyone knows her to be I can t forget about the chemistry They totally have chemistry I may be clean cut on the outside, but make no mistake I like to get very, very dirty when nobody s looking What Wow What happened to mister nice guy Trust me, he is still definitely there Bryce manages to make eating waffle fries sexy There are a couple of secondary characters I would love to read about, so I am definitely looking forward to returning to White Strand Cove Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.