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The Longawaited First Cookbook From The Creator And Host Of The Internet’s Most Popular Baking Show, Nerdy Nummies: A Collection Of Rosanna Pansino’s Alltime Favorite Geeky Recipes As Well As Sensational New Recipes Exclusive To This Book

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook Is Quirky, Charming, And Fun, Featuring The Recipes Behind Rosanna Pansino’s Celebrated, Oneofakind Creations, As Well As Beautiful, Mouthwatering Photographs Throughout It Is The Perfect Companion That You’ll Turn To Whenever You Want To Whip Up A Delicious Treat And Be Entertained All At Once And Best Of All, These Treats Are As Simple As They Are Fun To Make! No Need For Costly Tools Or Baking Classes To Create These Marvelous Delights Yourself

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook Combines Two Things Rosanna Loves: Geek Culture And Baking Her Fondness For Video Games, Science Fiction, Math, Comics, And Lots Of Other Things Considered “nerdy” Have Inspired Every Recipe In This Book You’ll Find The Recipes For Many Beloved Fan Favorites From The Show, Such As Apple Pi Pie, The Chocolate Chip Smart Cookie, And Volcano Cake; As Well As Many New Geeky Recipes, Such As Dinosaur Fossil Cake, Moon Phase Macarons, And The Periodic Table Of Cupcakes The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook Showcases Rosanna’s Most Original And Popular Creations, And Each Recipe Includes Easytofollow Photo Instructions And A Stunning Shot Of The Finished Treat In All Its Geeky Glory: A Delicious Confection Sure To Please The Geek In All Of Us!

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    A few years ago, my son introduced me to Rosanna Pansino's YouTube cooking webshow called Nerdy Nummies and we have been logging in to watch every week since. Rosanna is the cutest little chef you will ever see and she makes fairly simple-to-follow snacks and treats that are themed with all things nerdy. Over the years, my son and I have recreated several of her recipes with fun success! When I saw she had a cookbook coming out, there was no doubt we would be adding a copy to our kitchen. And... she went on a nationwide book signing tour in the U.S. so we were able to catch her for a meet and greet! To say my son was in heaven is an understatement and after it was all over the excitement continued as we devoured her cookbook. The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us is super cute, it has gorgeous photos, and the recipes will have youth, adults, and families all excited for the next opportunity to cook!

    If interested, you can find Rosanna's YouTube channel HERE. Also, she has filmed two holiday-themed shows for the Cooking Channel called Ro's Tasty Treats so keep an eye out for reruns or any future shows. Enjoy!

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    In theory, I love this book. It has the cutest sweet treats I've ever seen. Some of them are too pretty to eat, but that wouldn't stop me.

    But in reality, this book makes me angry because never in my life would I make any of it. I don't have that kind of time. And as nerdy as I am, when it would come time to actually assemble everything, I know I would suddenly just stop caring.

    So essentially: Cute in theory, time-consuming and tiring in practice.

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    Clear instructions with lots of photos, the foods look delicious, and it just feels kind. No backhanded stabs at other types of nerds, or jocks, or people who aren't up on the latest memes. Just fun cute delicious nerdy baked goods.

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    Yum yum yummy in my tummy! ❤️💙💕

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    This was absolutely adorable. I love Ro's Youtube show, and this cookbook is just as awesome as her show. The recipes look great, and the cookbook itself was a joy to read. I can't wait to make these recipes. I also think a lot of these would be great for kids to make (I'm thinking about making some of these with my niece!).

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    The recipes in this book looked very ascetically pleasing, but the recipes were actually very complicated and involved. This book seemed to focus more on the look rather than the taste. I would describe this more as a decorating book, not a cookbook.

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    The cookbook is filled with the most nerdy and creative treats of the whole cookbook history. Sometimes, I just wanna eat the whole book. Yes, it's that delicious.

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    Great cookbook with cool, geeky, treats.

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    This is a cute cookbook to look through, but it will only be really useful if you've got a very specific need to make a nerdy dessert. The cake that looks like a computer's motherboard and the apple pi pie were my two favorite recipes that I think I might actually make some day.

    The most ridiculous was the Periodic Table of Cupcakes, because no one in their right mind is going to tackle a project that requires you to make 8 dozen cupcakes, like 8 different colors of buttercream frosting, plus 80+ white chocolate tiles on which you have to pipe each of the (unique!) element symbols. In the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!" Not even the most talented of all the Pinterest Mavens.

    But she gets props for creativity and colorfulness and a dead easy recipe for fondant made from marshmallows that I will use forever!

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    So cute!! Only 4/5 because the purpose of this cookbook is more to just look at all the cute recipes, but none of them are feasible to make. A solid 75% of these recipes (easily more) all deal with fondant, like I have the time to fuck with that? And every single one uses tons of food coloring, which is really not healthy and is super annoying if you've got food coloring allergies. Would've been cool if she added a blurb about natural food coloring options, like beet juice or turmeric, etc.