Download pdf The Wedding (Lux, #5.5) Author Jennifer L. Armentrout –

Now I'm all emotional again. I just can't get enough of these two, and yes I just found this scene like 10 minutes ago. So much cuteness in so little pages!
Love them to death! 💜💕 "This Is The Never Before Seen "real" Wedding Between Daemon And Kat From The Lux Series This Should Not Be Read Unless You Have Read The Lux Series"

Found On Wattpad here IM CRYING WTF!
sorry for the caps & all the feels I just adore these characters so when someone sent this to me via twitter I freaked out Sweet baby aliens everywhere ^^ !! It felt so good being back, if just for a few minutes, with one of my all time favorite couples, one that honestly has me smiling like an idiot each time I reread the Lux series, thing that happens very rarely for me ;D ! Love this series and couple to no end !! Why am I only finding this now!!!??
Yesssss yesssss yesss this was just the ending I needed for Lux
Amazing, strong and just Wow!
I love them all, it's like they are all a part of my family Daemon, Luc, Archer, Dawson, Katy ,Dee, Beth and now baby Ashley!
Perfect ending for an outstanding series xD
Loved it The wedding of Kat and Daimon.
Kat is the most beautiful bride and Daimon is the most impatient groom.

I would like to say that the wedding was beautiful and everything was perfect, but the story finishes before the wedding concludes.
So, I can imagine the Arum breaking the windows and Lotho grabbing Kat and flying away.
This would have been interesting....
But I am sure nothing like this happened hahaha Daemon&Katy's wedding...<3
This was a cute little story about my favorite alien couple!
I love Daemon and Katy so I always enjoy reading something new about them...
Katy was nervous about the wedding but once she saw Daemon she was captivated from his amazing green eyes and his cute dimples!!!
That's how I feel everytime I read about Daemon&Katy...A HUGE ASS smile on my face...although after it hurts from smiling so hard...but I'm not,no,no,mmhmmm...
Ohh my God I think I need my own Daemon or
"I do."Daemon
"I do."Katy
"Of course."Daemon
Enjoy loves!xxx A happily ever after for Daemon and Katy!

Only ten minutes ago when I discovered that there's a short story about Katy and Daemon of the Lux series, and I was so stoked because I miss this series so bad. It's one of my ultimate favorites!

This story is of course, a very happy one. We get to see Daemon and Katy one last time. Cliche as it may sound but I find their happily ever after satisfying and swoony. I love seeing this cute couple together.

I also love seeing the secondary characters who really became close to my heart: Dee, Archer, Beth, Lesa, Luc, and the rest of the gang.

Reading this short story felt so refreshing to me. It's like I'm attending a gettogether reunion party. Ah, sweet memories! Love, love, love this series to bits! Cute. There isn't much substance to it, but when suffering from Daemon withdrawal, it does help.