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Alternate Cover For ASIN BQQOA Sometimes Love Hurts In Ways Than One, And Maya Joy Summers Would Learn This Lesson The Hard Way When Fate Brought Her And Caleb Greyson Together For The First Time With Her Car Out Of Gas And Her Cell Phone Out Of Juice, Maya S Only Concern Was Avoiding The Pouring Rain On Her Way Home That Night She Should Have Been Worried About The Danger That Lie Ahead Pulled Into A Secluded Alley, Held Against Her Will, Maya Fought Her Captor With All She Had But Would She Have Any Strength Left To Fight The Man Who Came To Her Rescue Caleb Was A Powerful Man Who Was Determined To Change Maya S Life Forever, Even If It Was Against Her Will Would Maya Have The Courage To Accept A Lifestyle Completely Adverse To Anything She D Ever Known Could She Endure Caleb S Unbearable Demands If It Meant Finally Having The Family She Had Always Longed For Would Her Heart Survive Accepting His Proposal This Full Novel Is NOT A Sweet Romance This Book Contains Dubious Consent, Sexual Arrangements Outside Of The Main Character Romance, And Explicit Scenes In Addition To Firm Spankings Given With The Intent To Discipline, Not Arouse It Also Includes Light Bondage And Other Situations That Some May Find Difficult To Read If You Are Averse To Severely Dominant Men Who Are In Complete Control Of Their Women, This Book Is Not For You, And I Urge You To Please Find A Book Suited To Your Taste

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    How many times have you read a book and wished that just once the author would actually read the reviews and take on board the criticism well it s happened, it really has Willow S Brooks has taken note and rewritten this book.Thank you Willow for listening and responding Now I have to be honest I originally read this book back in April 2015 on the recommendation of a friend, she d loved it and suggested I check it out and I ll be honest I had issues with it but I think firstly I took it way too seriously and secondly it s the first book I ve read like this because while I ve read books with discipline in them I ve never read an actual domestic discipline book.I don t think I was quite ready for this book when I first read it It s intense.So I struggled, a lot and I gave the book 3 which I felt at the time was fair and I left a very honest review Most of my problems came down to the fact I just didn t really like Maya, I had other issues as well but she was the main one, its no secret that I struggle with stupid women and Maya ticked all the boxes but now she s back and she s much relatable than before, she s softer and comes across so much better.I also wasn t ready for this book it s a different kind of read and while I d previously read a whole host of bdsm books this was my first domestic discipline book.The key to enjoying this is to go along for the ride which I didn t do the first time Caleb is larger than life and knows exactly what he wants and he always gets what he wants and now his attention is firmly fixed on Maya.Maya, despite her attitude is totally innocent and she s no idea what she s getting into with Caleb and she soon finds herself in over her head.If you re considering reading this book take note of the warnings, this is not a sweet little romance and the warnings are there for a reason If you ve previously read this book then try it again it s a much better and sharper read, the editing is spot on and it makes a fabulous little read especially if you re looking for something a little different.I will warn you that there s cheating in here Yes there is I ve had long discussions with friends over this some feel that since she signed a contract this doesn t class as cheating Obviously this is rubbish cheating is cheating but it s makes for an unforgettable read and very lively conversation.

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    Cheating asshole and spineless doormat

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    3.5 StarsI ve really struggled to review this book because I just don t know what to say I think it is a well done story, with great writing, but it s not really my cuppa and not typically something I would pick up on my own I struggle with the billionaire bad boys and virgin heroins and this story was kinda one of those Maya is na ve and still a virgin, and Caleb Greyson is a rich self obsessed man who contracts with women so he can have his way with them and then dump them when the term of the agreement is over This is basically how this story starts I did enjoy that Caleb remained Caleb throughout the entire story, and didn t magically turn a 180 when something happens and become a completely different character I always find that so unrealistic Someone may change temporarily because of some incident in their life, but rarely does a person change that significantly and stay that way Maya was the one that really grew throughout the story Given that she had so little experience in basically anything, almost every moment was a learning moment for her I do appreciate that she gets tougher and fiercer as the story goes on, and that she doesn t just become a weeping willow of a character I especially loved her last scene with Lexie, at least I think that was her name That s what I get for waiting so long to review things Essentially the Lexie character is a girl that the Greyson family keep around to help them deal with the oh so difficult gigantic penises they apparently all have She has been trained to take it, so she is used to satiate those needs It turns out she is quite the brat, and again, I love that last scene with her and Maya because Maya has finally had enough and shows herself to be a woman, not a love struck na ve little girl.If I m being totally honest, the reason why this didn t get four stars is for one reason A reason many of you will disagree with and think I m being overly harsh on, but it seriously is just not my thing and I typically don t read any books where this is a thing This is a spoiler for the end of the story so if you don t want to know, don t click view spoiler babies I don t do babies, I don t like babies, I don t like stories or story endings that revolve around babies As someone who doesn t especially like kids, and never wants any of their own, I severely struggle with relating to those characters that are so into being a mom and being pregnant I just don t get it And how Maya and Caleb both react about her being pregnant is just not something I can understand because I would be seriously pissy if I ended up pregnant at all, let alone by that man Babies do not an automatic happy life make hide spoiler

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    I ve been meaning to update this review for a while now I know the author updated the book, and I reread the storybecause how could I resist I loved it before Now I LOVE it That s why this is getting a 5 smooch from me now The story was moving along with a whole lotta twists in the first version I read, but it wasn t as polished as it is now And the ending is to my satisfaction is how I d phrase it without giving anything away Before it felt like a high speed train that got me to my end goal which I was than happy with , but now it s like a leisure train speed that gets me to a sweet spot while also allowing me to enjoy all the sites along the way I didn t know I was missing that until the brilliantly brained Brooks gave it to me I love that It wasn t just a rereadit was a new journey What I said about it beforeThis was a fun, HOT read Caleb is over the top and all alpha, not afraid to be who he islove that Maya is sweet and funnyoh, and a handful It s a unique take on DD and I really liked the storyline that developed with the other friends and family No pressurebut I d love a prequel on Trevor Kristin or maybe a next book on Daisy findin her man hint hint The view spoiler sex with other women bit hide spoiler

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    Spank and spank some This is a great book for lovers of domestic discipline Caleb was raised believing in the power of the adjustment room and all the men in his family have contracts that stipulate the right to pull their women over their knee anytime, anywhere After saving Maya from an assault, Caleb immediately sees what chaos her life is in and how much she needs his guiding hand He completely takes over and lures her in, using her need for family and acceptance to his advantage Once the contract is signed, all bets are off and poor Maya Her backside is sore, view spoiler she endures his infidelity, hide spoiler

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    Rating 2.25 Stars Could have been much better The story of Caleb Dominant, rich guy and Maya Innocent, virgin and their attempt of a domestic discipline relationship.Maya s character was sweet, innocent and a dab of sass By reading the story, it became lost on me that Maya was African Americanwhich is a good thing I was pleased that the story did not really focus on the racial aspect of their relationship I liked Maya, but also found that she was a total push over when it came to her boundaries Caleb, Caleb, Calebhe was the worst book boyfriend ever While I absolutely love a very dominant, alpha male, I could not find it in me to get with Team Caleb Why Not 5 Stars Caleb hated him While I just love an anti hero, this guy did not make the cut for me I did not find him sexy, strong, or powerful I think the author showed too much of his mean side and not enough of his tender side when dealing with Maya I did not feel that he redeemed himself at all in the book, so it made me sad because I really did not want to see him with Maya He was just cruel Storyline was under developed While I thought the initial idea of the story was interesting, I also felt that it fell apart along the way The Candice angle was never explained I thought she was added for some additional angst The Switzerland connection also did not make much sense How often did the Grayson men go to Switzerland for relief Women being raised to take it from the Grayson men Really What did they do in the US for relief This was so far fetched in my book Anddon t even get me started about Caleb s view spoiler massive organ and Maya s small passage hide spoiler

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    This book has a hefty dose of Domestic discipline, and some smoky moments, just what I like Some bits I found confusing and some of the language not to my personal taste The image of bow legs because of such painful episodes, just no..not for me Also the references to him being so so big It was like a guy bragging.I found it hard to see Maya as a hard working, black independent woman who then has to submit, be spanked and accept it She does fight in some way, but for me not enough She faught like crazy against her thug of an attacker at the start, who wanted to rape her, yet she accepts spankings and no control as the norm,She acquiesced far too quickly at times I was hoping for a bit fight from her She s had to fight all her life for everything she has She s a woman, on her own and she s Black, she gas it all against her, and yet she s fine, 24, her own job, house, it all accept a boyfriend, and she s a virgin, then she signs this all away, fir some guy, who happens to help her out on one occasion..why I thought she would have internal tearing which may require medical intervention after her first sexual experiance it was eluded to, then disappeared I was hoping then Caleb may have felt some sympathy Also I felt he just changed so much after finding her expecting, why such a change , when he seemed so set in his ways It was a good story, and I did like the fact that the Domestic Discipline was explained to her and she signed up to it She may not like, or agree, but she had committed herself, maybe for the strangest of reasons, but at least she saw she had agreed I loved the storyline , I like its about a Black girl for a change with a white family, not that its referred to, or an issue I liked the sex scenes and the DisaplineI didn t like Calab cheating, but then we re not supposed to I found myself getting ratty at times with both characters, wanting to knock their heads together.but at least it has a lovely HEAI was given the book by the author for an honest review, and I did enjoy this and would read from the author.

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    Very Real This book read like a true story with a touch of dark to it.A young lady named Maya is on her way home from a club with her friends when she runs out of gas Her cell phone battery dies and she goes looking for a phone to call for help.Typical Yes, but not the way it s told A crazy biker tries to kidnap, rape, and kill her but just in time she s saved by Caleb Greyson who is rich and gets what he wants Mmm.Maya is attracted to Caleb but she is also attracted to his family The decision she made kind of seemed like it was for his family than him, but it made the story work.After Caleb tricks Maya into signing his contract her life goes crazy I had fun living it with her.Spankings, Spankings, and Spankings I loved it To top it off, Caleb is way to big for her so it took a very long time for her to get used to his size I kept reading because I kept having to know what happened next.This book didn t jump right into sex, it built it up for a while then BANG This was a different kind of spanking story Be warned that this book may be a little closer to BDSM than a sweet romance but it was well written, and very good for the price.

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    Hello Everyone I am Willow Brooks the author of this book and I rated it because I love it This version has been professionally edited with additional material included as of 9 30 2016 If you downloaded or purchased an older version, please update your copy through your Kindle or contact to have the revised version sent to you It is my esteemed pleasure to announce that I am releasing this new, professionally edited, and enhanced version of Accepting His Proposal For all those who loved this story, and for those who will love it in the future, I feel like you deserve the very best of me Accepting His Proposal has been transformed, and while the characters remain the same, I hope you will enjoy the professional editing and some new scenes written in just for you This full novel will be available to purchase free on Kindle November 20, 2016 through November 22, 2016.Enjoy

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    Spank and spank some This is a great book for lovers of domestic discipline Caleb was raised believing in the power of the adjustment room and all the men in his family have contracts that stipulate the right to pull their women over their knee anytime, anywhere After saving Maya from an assault, Caleb immediately sees what chaos her life is in and how much she needs his guiding hand He completely takes over and lures her in, using her need for family and acceptance to his advantage Once the contract is signed, all bets are off and poor Maya Her backside is sore, she endures his infidelity, and the sex is punishing but, in the end, his dominance is exactly what she needs Despite their rocky start, they find common ground and get their HEA.