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The Torn Skirt Is A Hot Book, A Thrilling Romance Of Teen Rage And Longing Like SE Hinton S The Outsiders, Except About Girls Mary Gaitskill, Author Of Two Girls, Fat And ThinAt Mt Douglas Aka Mt Drug High, All The Girls Have Feathered Hair, And The Sweet Scent Of Love S Baby Soft Can T Hide The Musk Of Raw Teenage Anger, Apathy, And Desire Sara Shaw Is A Girl Full Of Fever And Longing, A Girl Looking For Something Risky, Something Real Her Only Possible Salvation Comes In The Willowy Form Of The Mysterious Justine, The Outlaw Girl In The Torn Skirt The Search For Justine Will Lead Sara On A Daring Odyssey Into An Underworld Of Hookers And Johns, Junkies And Thieves, Runaway Girls And Skater Boys, And, Ultimately, Into A Violent Tragedy

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    This is such a beautiful book I loved its originality and storyline, I loved everything It really inspired me as a writer because of how different the author wrote it, and it made me realize that books don t necessarily have to be written a certain way This book is a work of art, it s poetry, it s delightful, and moving If you haven t read it, do so.

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    Though i finished this novel some weeks ago, i had mixed feelings about its significance At some times it was hard for me to suspend my disbelief in regards to some of the situations the narrator got herself into, and at other times i just wanted to roll my eyes becasue of her blatant stupidity passed off as teenage confusion and naivet by the author Sara was not naive, in fact, she mentions several times that all she wanted to do was fuck it all up And that sums up my qualm with the entire novel I couldn t help but feel that the author s intention was to make it seem as if Sara winded up in these situations by accident or due to lack of proper guidance, when in fact Sara s narration suggested that she was looking for trouble She was looking for that grungy, raw, unapologetic, unaffected way of life She was so fascinated by Justine s untamed wildness that she fashioned a life for herself in the same likeness while having conflicting emotions all the while.That aside, her relationship with her father and the dissolution of it was heartbreakingly hard to read, i loved the characters of the lost girls she wanted to, but couldn t quite emulate Although i feel like some of the story was contrived, what did inspire me was Godfrey s writing There was a simplictic honesty in Sara s narration even if i couldn t quite believe it all that made me want to get out a notebook and write my life like that.So the only reason that i gave it two stars was because it wasn t made clear or written between the lines why someone whose life was so unsable and desperate for connection would continually search for instability, her explaintions, although well written were just not convincing enough for me.

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    This is no tired, typical young adult novel filled with teen angst While the protagonist is a sixteen year old girl struggling to find her place in a hostile environment, Godfrey s storytelling goes far beyond plot Books about teenage girls dealing with pressures of authority, peers, sex, drugs, etc are a dime a dozen But rather than relying on a shocking plot to compel her audience, Godfrey digs deeper to present that tired story from a different perspective Sara Shaw, the main character and narrator, is neither whiny nor emotional Like Caulfield, she tells us what she sees, feels, and experiences by removing herself and letting the audience figure it out for themselves Instead of whining that she is scared and abandoned, searching for someone to trust and love, she tells us coldly and mechanically of the hooker she has just become friends with I couldn t leave China in a room where men knocked on her door, never knowing, never caring, never asking about the maps she drew and saved Call her what you want She was the first girl to befriend me, and I would have done anything for her She explores an underworld of drugs, prostitution, people being used and exploited and thrown away, but manages to remain on the outskirts, seemingly untouched But again, it is that hard shell of hers that gives away how damaged she already is.My first love being poetry, this novel is in my top five favorite books of all time for Godfrey s exquisite talent for language With sentences as lovely as, Lose the necessary innocence And what good was it anyway It was just like a library card or a set of spare keys, something small you lose and then realize you never used I envisioned innocence as a small trinket falling out of the King s Hotel and down onto the rainswept streets The use of subtle but compelling internal rhyme and rhythm, assonance, and alliteration in her prose has led to my rereading the book about a dozen times Even though I ve memorized the plot by now, the pleasure I find in the structure and art of Godfrey s language allows me to enjoy the book again and again the same way a favorite poem can be read infinitely, deepening the reader s appreciation with each reading I recommend this book to anyone who loves the art of language, even if you don t love young adult novels.

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    This is my favorite book by far It explores teen angst much like Catcher in the Rye, good imagery and very interesting Characters Sarah possesess key personality traights that are very relatable to alot of teens or at least to the extent that they can identify with her feelings at one time in their lives I think that many teens have felt at some point in their lives fuck it and want to give up Though this is not an original thought in literature it was done in a very refreshing way I may have some attachments because I happen to live in the place where the book was set I loved that when Sarah referred to specific places I knew exactly what she was talking about If your a like me, once you read a book you get a picture of the setting in your head so it was interesting to not have to imagine every setting Although as a reference since the book takes place in the 1980 s not all buildings are standing Ming s corner store is gone, we have a restaurant called Ming s but not in the same location or any reference to the corner store with the same name Also the King s hotel is no longer here to my knowledge But as far as China Town being just a street and weird cobblestone downtown areas, those are still here today Ye olde England is still as true today as it was then One of the best Authors and best reads, a great escape from the typical teen books for girls and their fickle problems, like the popular boy not liking them, and the whole story of it Good for anyone who is or was a teenager who didn t make the cut in highschool.

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    this book is really exciting the writing is very good, too, strong imagery and a lot of cool people one of the lines i especially liked was Broken locks and bruised knees and borrowed lipgloss and rain on the streets also, shards of glass fell down like lacerated rain , just really good sentences like that which were very descriptive and beautiful i think china alice the prostitute was my favorite character and i understand why sara was so fascinated with her and justine, because they seemed to live on the edge and seemed to be having freedom and fun than her although all these things that happen to the main character, sara, seem so crazy and impossible she is so disbelieving of it all, making all the experiences much shocking and real than if it had just been a bunch of crazy stuff that was just too unbelievable to really shock anyone at all, like i think gossip girl is anyways, read this book, its exciting and thought provoking and all that jazz.

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    This book was okay It has a good story line but, things just happened way to quickly and at times I found myself wondering WHAT JUST HAPPENED , WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN or OH NO.THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN If it was much slower, I think I would have enjoyed it Also there were some things that could have been left out Some of the events that took place in this book were a little to shocking.Sometimes I felt that she was a bit dumb for her age, like how she didnt know the meanings of some very easy words I dont know if she was just being a smart ass or if she genuinely just had no idea about things She made some of the worse decisions EVER To me she was sticking up for people who she barely knew and would probably throw her under the bus if the tables were turned The ending really made me mad I dont think Ive ever been as disappointed with a books ending as I am with this one.

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    I am usually a fan of YA, and I also tend to like books that focus on characters on a downward spiral of drugs, drinking, mental health, etc I did not enjoy this book I never felt like I got to know the main character, and therefore never really understood some of her choices Some of the other characters were stereotypes, although in some of the situations it could work since Sara knows some of these people for a short period of time It was slow, and tawdry in a surprisingly boring manner A student in my school requested that we get this book While I have no problem with putting a book with a risque subject matter in the library if it is well written and realistic, this one will be moving on to the used book store.

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    This book reminded me a lot of the film Thirteen It s a fast read and keeps your attention but I found it kinda trite So what is what I thought when I was done.

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    I bought this book based on its description on and found the description didn t come close to representing the power of this book I wish I could just describe the ending because it entirely blew me away But getting there is at least half the ride I was born with a fever, but it seemed to subside for sixteen years With this iconic understatement Sara begins her struggle to describe her life in terms outsiders will understanding Her weird, wild fascination with the wily girl in the dirty torn skirt who enters, influences and ultimately determines her life s course is so obsessively overwhelming that as the reader you are often just as confused as she is But there is a richness and innate decency to Sara s character that slowly makes sense of it all and as she arrives at the one great deed of her life the climax you are impressed by this most unlikely heroine and the effect she ends up having on the whole society round about her for better and for worse.

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    I ve read both of Rebecca Godfrey s books and I think what is most interesting about her is the way she is able to capture an adolescent emotional state of being It makes sense, as her other book which I think is better than this one is a true crime story about a group of 14 year olds that killed a classmate It is really well put together I d say the writing style is somewhat like Truman Capote s In Cold Blood Both books, the nonfiction and the fiction, are about the town she grew up in so there is this sense that she shares something biographically with them She tries to capture the essence of the place and what it is like to be trapped there as a young person If you read only one of her books though, I d go with Under the Bridge FYI as I write any reviews, I tend to rate books high because I feel like I always get something out of them, and if it s crap I generally won t make it through.