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The ultimate historical romance one love story unfolds over many centuries and many lives in this captivating pageturner from Suzanne WeynFrom prehistory to the present theirs was a love for the ages It starts with a fight in a cave over an elusive green jewel and then travels over time and lives to include Egyptian slaves Greek temples Massachusetts witch trials Civil War battlefields Paris on the eve of World War II America in the 1960s and a pair of modern day teenagers For readers who believe that love is stronger than time or death this is an unforgettable novel from a wonderful storyteller

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    From the moment they first meet this young man and woman have a powerful connection But circumstance will not allow them to stay together a fight for a green jewel ends both of their lives However their bond is so strong that it surpasses the boundary between life and death and they continue to be born into new bodies until they can finally be togetherReincarnation is quite a unique story and I have never quite read anything like it Each story of these two lovers connects back to the previous ones in obvious ways so it is easy to tell which character was reincarnated into which new character although this was a little confusing when the girl became a guy The easiest way for me to recognize who was who was with the details that carried over from setting to setting For example the main young woman always had a pet cat named Baby a hurt ankle and a great singing voice and the main young man always had headaches and a skill in archery I really enjoyed how all the characters were interconnected and also the various historical settings A lot of research must have gone into this novel and I am nearly positive that it is all accurateThe idea behind Reincarnation is a philosophical question and Suzanne Weyn attacks it head on I really liked how she incorporated many major religions according to their region and their views on death and the afterlife However I found it kind of ironic how the two lovers were never reincarnated as people in India which is where the two main religions believing in reincarnation Buddhism and Hinduism originated But this can be forgiven since the characters read many books on Buddhism in the novelThe ending of the story was bittersweet for me because I did not feel that the story lived up to its full potential Suzanne Weyn leaves a lot of the story up to interpretation which is good for making the reader think about the concept of reincarnation but it did not leave me with a sense that the young lovers would stay together in love for all of eternity The one redeeming point was how the other two characters that are also reincarnated get together All in all I was a little disappointed with Reincarnation but it was a beautiful story nonetheless I do recommend it because it is a highly unique and thought provoking read and I hope that other readers will find it as sweet a love story as I didreposted from