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The Ultimate Historical Romance One Love Story Unfolds Over Many Centuries And Many Lives In This Captivating Pageturner From Suzanne WeynFrom Prehistory To The Present, Theirs Was A Love For The Ages It Starts With A Fight In A Cave Over An Elusive Green Jewel And Then Travels Over Time And Lives To Include Egyptian Slaves, Greek Temples, Massachusetts Witch Trials, Civil War Battlefields, Paris On The Eve Of World War II, America In The S And A Pair Of Modern Day Teenagers For Readers Who Believe That Love Is Stronger Than Time Or Death, This Is An Unforgettable Novel From A Wonderful Storyteller

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    From the moment they first meet, this young man and woman have a powerful connection But circumstance will not allow them to stay together a fight for a green jewel ends both of their lives However, their bond is so strong that it surpasses the boundary between life and death and they continue to be born into new bodies until they can finally be together.Reincarnation is quite a unique story, and I have never quite read anything like it Each story of these two lovers connects back to the previous ones in obvious ways, so it is easy to tell which character was reincarnated into which new character, although this was a little confusing when the girl became a guy The easiest way for me to recognize who was who was with the details that carried over from setting to setting For example, the main young woman always had a pet cat named Baby, a hurt ankle, and a great singing voice, and the main young man always had headaches and a skill in archery I really enjoyed how all the characters were interconnected and also the various historical settings A lot of research must have gone into this novel, and I am nearly positive that it is all accurate.The idea behind Reincarnation is a philosophical question, and Suzanne Weyn attacks it head on I really liked how she incorporated many major religions, according to their region, and their views on death and the afterlife However, I found it kind of ironic how the two lovers were never reincarnated as people in India, which is where the two main religions believing in reincarnation, Buddhism and Hinduism, originated But this can be forgiven since the characters read many books on Buddhism in the novel.The ending of the story was bittersweet for me, because I did not feel that the story lived up to its full potential Suzanne Weyn leaves a lot of the story up to interpretation, which is good for making the reader think about the concept of reincarnation, but it did not leave me with a sense that the young lovers would stay together in love for all of eternity The one redeeming point was how the other two characters that are also reincarnated get together All in all, I was a little disappointed with Reincarnation, but it was a beautiful story nonetheless I do recommend it, because it is a highly unique and thought provoking read, and I hope that other readers will find it as sweet a love story as I did.reposted from

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    Reincarnation is about two spirits, or whatever, that meet again time after time, until eventually they can be together because stuff, like death, usually keeps them apart.Where to begin First off, there was WAY too many stories in this book We are barely introduced to the characters and circumstances before we are whisked away to another story And in between each story is a vortex of confusion and shit, where the Wheel of Rebirth is mentioned, and a whole bunch of seemingly meaningless POVs are shown Too confusing.On the one hand, I liked the similarity between the stories girl that sings and has bad ankle, boy in slavery who writes songs, jealous boy with aching jaw, jealous girl with red hair, the green jewel that changes everything because between the confusing bits, I knew what was going on, I knew who each character was supposed to be On the other hand, the stories got a bit old after a while, and predictable It would have been tons better if there only was, say, four stories, and not ten.There were several scenarios where I found the love to be a bit weird, and totally unrealistic And the cover of two white people almost kissing is totally inaccurate, because the two characters are rarely of the same race, let alone white.This story presents the ONLY scenario where instalove is acceptable It still stinks, but the way the reincarnation worked and how the spirits had already met and loved each other before made it okay.There were several historical inaccuracies Athena wasn t the matronly goddess, Hera was no one was burned in the Salem Witch Trials, all the victims were hung etc that I could easily pick out, and it took away from the story If an author writes historical fiction and this was the least he she can do is make sure it is historically accurate.In conclusion, the book wasn t the best out there, but it kept me somewhat engaged, so it wasn t THAT bad.

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    For people who enjoy books set in historical times and romances, this one is for you This book goes forward in time historically following two souls through their many lives There are also secondary characters who accompany them and a few unifying themes to help readers follow which soul is in which body In a book where little could happen as destiny seems to be stronger than free will, Weyn does a good job making the characters still seem in charge of elements of their lives The book touches on issues of race and gender but is not overly preachy I found this to be a quick, enjoyable read The cover is steamier than the material inside the text Overall, the middle section is a tad muddled, and the end is maybe a bit too neat Even so, I had fun reading it and did not feel engulfed in fluff I could see recommending this book to both middle and high school students

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    It was an okay book.While it bothers me that I can t call the characters by name since it changes and not by gender because it switched once, the fact that their past lives influenced their present life was good because without that I would just have assumed they never switched genders.To me, it was basically a simple love story cut into pieces and each piece put in a different time period.But the ending seemed a little too easy to me.

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    About halfway through this book became an eye roller with each page that is read The idea of the book is neat that s why I read it I thought the author did not execute the idea as well as she should have.

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    This book is going in to my very own entry in to the list of books with so much potential but only if some one was wise enough to uncover it Reincarnation is the kind of book you could have loved but only ended up liking in the end It is not so much that it lacked interesting ideas or innovative concepts but it is the lack of focus that damaged this book Personally I believe that the author could have created a much captivating book if she had reduced on the number of past lives and increased on their length Instead the number of past lives that the characters are put through leads to a very confusing read and gives the book the feel of a collection of short stories regardless of the fact that it is the very same characters that we are reading about The story begins in the prehistoric times when a Neanderthal man encounters a Cromagnon woman while they of trying to steal a green emerald ultimately leading to their death Then the story moves to ancient Egypt where they are reborn as an Egyptian singer and a slave who find comfort in each other The mysterious green emerald makes an appearance in this story also From there on their tale takes us through ancient Greece, the Incas, Salem Witch trials, America during World war I, The Jazz age in France before World War II and many life times in the end settling into the modern era with the characters being a couple of teenagers Though the book takes up through different time periods it has not done justice to any of it One of the reasons being the length, the stories are too short which makes a bit difficult to capture the essence of the time period The second reason being you never feel any real love between the characters other that the fact that the writer keeps on insisting that they are soul mates The characters don t fall in love in their first life They fall in love in one of their later lives and after that in every other life they meet they fall for each other mainly due to the reason that they feel like they have known each other for ever It kind of goes on to say what the characters feel in their past life becomes a part of their soul and is carried on to their next life This was especially true for some of the secondary characters that gets reincarnated with the main characters But special points have to be given to the author for not shying away from reversing the gender or colour of her main characters The linking of the present life characters with their past life characters by blood was something that could have been avoided because it ultimately ended up making the story complicated The high points in the story however is the changing mythological beliefs From the great bird that come down to lead the souls to the after life to the Egyptian s pyramidal afterlife followed by the boat ride through River Styx ending up finally in the pearly gate of St Michel Which each death the souls take a different path to the after life with the changing beliefs of the people which kind of feels that the like after life is a figment of one s belief The changing ideology of the great mother from Isis to Athena to Virgin Mary all accounts for a compelling read This book appeal to those interested in theology and spirituality, for those interested in history would not find this book to their taste I would recommend this book to those who don t mind constantly changing view points with a little bit of philosophy thrown in to the midst, other better stay clear of it.

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    I enjoyed reading this book I liked the concept of the story I enjoyed them going through all of the different time periods throughout history and that their where others that where other characters that was in those periods with them I liked how the characters developed over time What I did like was how the author had things they could do or that may of affected them in one life continue in another Such as singing, archery, good at sports Also the problems they may of had such as headaches, afraid of fire, ankle problems, jaw hurting Also enjoyed how the author covered issues throughout history slavery, civil right the wars throughout the different time periods.What I was disappointed in was the ending It just felt kinda of rushed You had these people meeting through time and living different lives but the last chapter current day all happened within one day I just wished the last story with the characters where longer.

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    I read this book almost three years ago but it still sticks with me today The compelling love story and beautiful historical details, combined with repetitive cameos from the same lovable and dreadful characters make this a great read.It starts in the pre historic era and goes all the way up until the present day It s heart wrenching and beautiful and frustrating because you just want them to be happily together It makes you wonder if there s someone waiting out there for you who you ve already known for years and years and whom you re destined to be with It s short and sweet but gives you a lot to think about The ending left the story wanting, but it works and leaves you with a lot to consider It s a great book so give it a read some afternoon

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    Reincarnation was an interesting concept it follows two people through centuries as they continually discover their never ending love for each other only to be tragically separated They are continually reincarnated most of the times the story inter twining with previous lifetimes until they meet and successfully unite as true loves for a lifetime Sounds like a great love story Maybe I was expecting too much as this is a YA novel, however, it was dry I was hoping for a powerful Twilight esque moving story that makes you believe in the power of love Not so much In the end, interesting concept, mediocre results.

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    And the award for THE MOST FRUSTRATING BOOK I HAVE READ FOR 2016 GOES TO Reincarnation by Suzanne WeynDon t let that one star rating fool you though The book was engaging and a pageturner I just couldn t help myself from turning that next page Suzanne s writing is captivating But the story was insert hair pulling gif here giphy is disabled at work sorry Suzanne Weyn makes us travel through time But these two characters who get reincarnated time and time again just can t get their break Either one or both of them die early Or one s stuck in the convent Or they meet at the wrong time IMHO, Suzanne overdoes it with the viewing of lives The only conclusion we had for the MCs present life was in ten pages, where they were the same age, but with no real finale Knowing the history of these two, one will die of cancer or get hit by a bus Seriously.